Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1181: Always eye-catching no matter where she goes

Tengu city, Rindouji all-girls high…

Looking at the stern wall made of red bricks, Wu Yan sighed after looking at the similarly red brick path. There is a tall dormitory built like a castle within the school compound.

“In the end, this is how it is, huh?”

This is a private high school for ladies only, it’s also one of the best high schools available in Tengu city.

This school is like Tokiwadai High in Toaru no Majutsu’s universe and Hakuo Academy in Hayate The Combat Butler’s universe. It’s universally known in Tengu city.

The interschool festival committee meeting is also going to take place here.

After being forced onto the committee by the students of Raizen High, he had to come here while everyone was having fun with their holidays.

Due to various reasons like extracurricular activities, interschool meetings, and preparations for the Tenou Festival, the gates of Rindouji high remained open despite today being the weekend. Wu Yan can also see a bunch of students walking about within the school premises.

He can see rich and/or noble ladies walking around in their refreshing blue and white sailor uniforms. The ladies dispersed after entering the school premises. Clearly, the ladies had things to do.

Ignoring the students of the school, there are also students from other schools in Rindouji High. There are probably committee members in charge of interschool liason. In other words, these were Wu Yan’s comrades.

These comrades felt like Wu Yan, they weren’t amused that they have to come here on a non-school day for boring meetings. Unlike Wu Yan, these students are worried about their workloads. Wu Yan’s just being a slacker as usual.

There is also another reason Wu Yan’s sighing. He knows someone at this school.

“Oh~~~ This is an impressive place! Is this also a school?!”

“Amazed, we are apparently at a very fine establishment…”

Wu Yan heard the twins praising the design of the school while he is lamenting his fate.

“This is the kind of place the children of Typhoon should stay at.”

Kaguya’s mercury-blue eyes started flashing with excitement.

“Master, why didn’t we transfer here? Why do we have to stay at that shabby Raizen High?”

“Agreed, Yuzuru thinks so too…”

Yuzuru tilted her head.

“It must be nice studying at this kind of school.”

“Alas, this is an all-girls school. If you girls still want to transfer here I can get the paperwork and admin tasks done. You can study here all you want…”

The twins started shaking their heads vigorously.

“W-well, as much as I like the design of this school, one with a  noble heart such as I can peer past external appearance, Raizen High has its own charm…”

“Explanation, Yuzuru doesn’t want to study in a school without a master around.”

Wu Yan shook his head with a grin.

“Okay, let’s finish that meeting and head home as soon as possible…”

Wu Yan started walking over to the school gate. The twins also tagged behind him two retainers. If they wore maid uniforms then everybody would believe they were maids serving Young Lord Wu Yan.

Rindouji High, inside a meeting room.

There are students with different uniforms in this room, they sat down at their seats according to their schools and names. They patiently waited for the meeting to start.

Maybe because the students were trying to live up to Rindouji’s standards, the students sat with their backs straight and in proper postures. They also kept their attitudes in check unlike Wu Yan, Kaguya, and Yuzuru.

Soon, all the committee members arrived.

It’s as if they timed it perfectly. When all the members were in attendance, the meeting room door opened up once more as students in Rindouji uniform poured into the room. The students stood in two neat lines as if they were welcoming a royal princess.

The students from the other schools had question marks floating above their heads. Meanwhile, Wu Yan facepalmed as the other students whispered with one another.

Next, a lady in Rindouji uniform entered the meeting room with agile but graceful steps. She proceeded into the room like a queen.

Her purplish-blue hair fluttered as she walked. Her silvery eyes threatened to mesmerize anyone who gazed into the windows of her soul. Those regal eyes captured her noble air that wasn’t too overbearing or average. Although she's wearing the same uniform as the other students around her, her unique vibe and voluptuous figure made her the most salient person in the room.

The meeting room fell into silence. Everyone held their breaths as they stared at the stunning beauty who just entered the room.

She looked like the protagonist of this school.

“Welcome to Rindouji High, committee members of the interschool festival committee.”

She beamed at everyone in the room. Her sweet voice crept into everyone’s ears.

“I am the chairman of the interschool Tenou festival committee, Izayoi Miku.”

“Izayoi Miku?!”

The students in the room started gasping and screaming in shock.

Izayoi Miku, that’s a very famous name.

It’s the same name as the super-popular mysterious idol who reached critical stardom in just half a year since her debut.

Could it be her?

The other students stared with wide eyes. They couldn’t believe their eyes. The Rindouji schoolgirls also lifted their heads in pride.

To make the noble ladies so proud and subservient to Miku must be a testament to her charms.

With everyone still locked in astonishment, the twins were the first to identify Miku.

“It’s you!”

The sudden yell caught the attention of everyone in the meeting room including Miku.

Miku’s jaw dropped when she saw Wu Yan who is still facepalming near the twins.

“Why are you guys here?!”

The other students started exchanging looks of confusion.

The three students from Raizen High are Miku’s friends?

They started throwing looks of probing, intrigue, and disbelief in Wu Yan & co’s direction.

They wanted to verify if this is the same Izayoi Miku as the super-popular mysterious idol.

The rich ladies of Rindouji wanted to gauge the relationship between the Raizen High Guests and their Onee-sama.

Wu Yan sighed once more, he could feel dozens of stares on him. He waved towards Miku.

“Can we finish the meeting first?”

Miku nodded subconsciously.

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