Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1175: Worry, disappointment, trace?

“Miku! Miku! Miku! Miku!”

In the dimly-lit concert hall, the fans waved their glowsticks like crazy. They are chanting Miku’s name with synchronicity only found in choreographed routines. The venue was blowing up with the deafening cheers from Miku’s fans.

Alas, their cheers never covered one particular type of sound.

The sound of the singer behind the microphone.

Different sets of light lit up the stage. The flashes hit Miku from different angles. She looked like a moon goddess in her white dress.


Everyone started cranking up their volumes. It sounded like the ground might shatter under this intense barrage of cheers.

Miku beamed at her fans from her brilliant stage. She waved at them energetically.

“Good to see everyone here!”


Miku nodded after everyone responded with a loud cheer. She winked at her fans.

“Thanks for coming to my concert. I am very happy to see everyone here! I hope you will enjoy your time here at the concert!”

Miku gave her fans a nice twirl on the stage. She skipped once and the music started playing.

Miku started singing her siren song.

With light steps, she unfurled a mesmerizing dance that she cleared enjoyed. Her sweet smile and smooth moves worked well with the music. She sang to her heart’s content.

The tempo started picking up as she worked her dance routine. The lights also started going crazy.

Her dance became more intense by the minute. She truly gave it her all, her fans also responded kindly with passionate cheers and roars.

“Sh-she’s so pretty…”

Wu Yan & co were watching Miku’s performance from the stage access stairway. They are the closest group to Miku. Everyone had different reactions when they heard Miku sing.

Yoshino watched with wide eyes. She was completely captivated by Miku’s song and dance.

Kaguya and Yuzuru closed their eyes. They appraised her song with closed eyes, their expressions were calm and peaceful.

As for Tohka, her innocent purple eyes were distant.

Idol and songs are foreign concepts to Tohka. However, she still couldn’t resist falling under Miku’s spell. That is just how good Miku was at her job.

Miku showed overwhelming finesse in her dance, expressions, vocal control, and sheer skills. It took her no time at all to capture everyone’s heart.

Her fans who are screaming their lungs out while waving their glowsticks are also a testament to her ability as a singer and idol.

Who would have imagined, she’s just an idol who debuted half a year ago?

Without a question, Miku’s song turned the place into a nuthouse. Her fiery footsteps and passionate fans went like a combo meal. It wouldn’t be weird to see her fans collapsing from excited over-exertion.

The spirits watched Miku perform with awed looks.

Perhaps, there is a tiny spot in every girl’s heart where they secretly wish they can perform on a bright stage just like Miku?

Yuzuru had resistance to this positive energy, that’s why she spotted Wu Yan looking rather nonchalant despite the hype here.

Wu Yan looked a bit disappointed and frustrated for some reason. Yuzuru woke up from her stupor.

“Worry, is the performance not to master’s liking?”

Yuzuru’s question caught the attention of the three spirits nearby.

“Something wrong?”

Tohka tilted her head in confusion.

“Shido, don’t you like Miku’s performance?”

“Oh, is that so?”

Kaguya crossed her arms, she also tilted her head.

“If master doesn't like Miku’s show then we should leave…”


Yoshino tugged Wu Yan’s sleeve, she hinted that she was cool with whatever Wu Yan did.

The four spirits are ready to leave the show just because it looked like Wu Yan’s not enjoying himself. He’s touched by their concern. He beamed at the spirits.

“Nah, I don’t hate this performance…”

Wu Yan rubbed Yoshino’s head. He also grabbed Yuzuru’s hand. He assured the ladies that he was fine. He looked at Miku before sighing.

“I am just worried...”

Tohka, Yoshino, Kaguya, and Yuzuru had their powers and Reiryoku sealed so they can’t detect it.

Miku sang while using her Reiryoku.

Miku is still using her Reiryoku voice instead of her own voice to subtly enrapture her fans.

Miku’s song is good, she probably didn’t need to use Reiryoku to get this reaction. However, her supernatural voice had the effect of hyping the crowd beyond normal levels.

What did this show?

It shows Miku is still afraid.

She’s afraid her real voice might not work as well as she thinks.

Maybe, she’s also worried that her song will be met with jeers and sarcastic shouts from her fans.

In other words, Miku is afraid of her own fans.

This is her way of coping with her insecurity.

Her past trauma is still haunting her to this day.

It is also why Wu Yan felt worried.

He’s disappointed not because Miku used her Diva voice, he’s disappointed because he can’t listen to Miku’s real voice.

Wu Yan’s crestfallen look happened to enter Miku’s field of vision since she’s pausing for a mid-session break.

His worried and disappointed red eyes caused Miku’s heart to throb.

Wu Yan’s reaction caused her to hesitate. She looked at her hyped fans.

Should I try singing with my own voice instead of using Reiryoku?

Miku felt a sudden sense of dread.

She recalled how the crowd stared at her with cold, dark looks, she remembered the toxic fans half a year ago. She remembered how she opened her mouth but no sound came out at all, that despair, that anguish, those feelings magnified her fear.

Miku immediately dispelled any thought to use her real voice. She gave her fans a wave before heading to the stage access hallway nearby.

Miku’s dispelled thought left a trace in her heart.

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