Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1168:

“Hey! Get up!”

“Beckon, please get up…”

Those sweet voices were not compromising in the slightest. The sounds the twins made started stirring Wu Yan’s muddy consciousness. His brain is still trying to start up with its long boot time.

“Hey, how long are you planning on sleeping? Wake up now!”

“Agreed, get up or we are going to miss the breakfast time.”

Wu Yan felt two soft bodies pressing up against him. Then, the two girls started shaking him violently. Wu Yan woke up although it’s only because he couldn’t sleep with two people nudging him simultaneously.

It’s about 7am in the morning, this is still sleeping time for Wu Yan. His consciousness is still far from returning at this point.

When he saw orange locks and mercury-blue eyes staring back at him, his sleepy face froze as his eyes went wide in shock.

The twins were smiling at him. He took a look at their beautiful faces before greeting them.

“Kaguya… Yuzuru…”

Indeed, the twins woke Wu Yan up from his sweet dream. The very same twin spirits he persuaded to put on the Sealing Rings yesterday.

Today is the second day of the school trip. The students of Raizen High will be packing up at around this time tomorrow as they make preparations to return to Tengu City.

After sealing their powers, Yatsuki and Mana brought the twins back to Fraxinus which was perched in the skies of Arubi Island for a routine checkup and they assigned human identities to the twin spirits.

In other words, the twin spirits were whisked away after he brought them back to Arubi Island.

Wu Yan assumed he would only be seeing the twins when he’s back in Tengu City. He didn’t think he would see them here, literally the next day after sealing the spirits. Moreover, the twins were in his boudoir.

Furthermore, the twins also straddled him.

“Finally up, huh?”

Kaguya grinned.

“If you kept sleeping I would have been forced to punish you.”

“Agreed, that sounds like a perfect solution.”

Yuzuru also chimed in. Unlike in the past where she would bicker with Kaguya at every opportunity, she’s actually cooperating very well with Kaguya.

“Kaguya always came up with the best punishment, I am sure it would have been fun!”


Kaguya scratched her cheek in a fluster. She’s happy to hear someone praising her.

“I am sure Yuzuru would have been able to come up with a better idea…”

“Denied, there is no such thing…”

The two might sound like they are about to start a fight but their expressions told a different story. Wu Yan who is still beneath them felt embarrassed for the twins. He bitterly chortled.

“Why are you two here? I thought you twins are supposed to be on Fraxinus getting your checkups and ID assignments?”

“About that, we are already done…”

Kaguya looked at Wu Yan. She started grumbling.

“Just who in the world does the Ratatoskr personnel think they are? They were measuring and touching us like body’s business. If Yuzuru wasn’t there with me I would have blown them away!”

“Additional information, after finishing our medical checkups, Yuzuru and Kaguya returned to your side…”

Yuzuru respectfully answered Wu Yan.

“Before leaving, someone told us that master liked being woken up by people who are straddling you.”

“Well, I am just going to ignore that needless comment, I don’t even want to know who told you that.”

Wu Yan had a front-row seat to 2 pairs of beautiful porcelain-white legs on his body.

“However, what’s the deal with the master honorific?”

“What are you talking about?”

Kaguya stared back at Wu Yan. She crossed her arms.

“We are your slaves, of course we are going to call you our master.”

“Appreciation, master is not only master. Master is also our greatest benefactor.”

Yuzuru sounded more meek compared to Kaguya who liked speaking like she’s an heiress.

“Yuzuru and Kaguya will keep their promises and become master’s slaves.”


Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

“I was only bluffing at the time, you didn’t have to do it for real…”


Kaguya cut him short.

“We are children of Typhoon, the spirits of storm, Yamai, we would never do something as disgraceful as going back on our promises.”

“And, you twins are also sealed spirits, you’re technically human.”

Wu Yan’s lip twitched. He formulated a weak defense.

“You two aren’t spirits anymore, yes?”

“Rejection, that explanation is very sly…”

Yuzuru looked very serious.

“This is a dual matter of keeping our promises and repaying our debt of favor. Shido is Yuzuru’s master, that is an indisputable fact.”

“Mah, that’s how it goes. From now on, Yuzuru and I will be servicing you. With my identity, it’s inappropriate for me to serve under someone but for Yuzuru’s sake, I will compromise on this.”

Kaguya yanked Wu Yan’s blanket away.

“First, you need to get up!”


Yuzuru also pulled Wu Yan’s blanket away.

“Taking care of master’s daily life is my essential duty!”

“Wait! Wait wait wait!”

Unlike slaves, the twins acted more like Wu Yan’s personal maids.

Wu Yan wanted to pull the blanket back.

Males have a particular bodily phenomenon in the morning. A certain extremity is rather active during this period of time. If the twins pulled away his blanket, they would most likely see his Excalibur.

Wu Yan awkwardly tried to laugh it off while holding his blanket.

“I can get up just fine, you twins should get out…”

“It’s an honor to have the Yamai twins service you. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have us wake you up.”

Kaguya started tugging on his blanket.

“Just accept our gracious offer!”

“Apologies, pardon Yuzuru for what she’s about to do.”

Yuzuru also pulled on Wu Yan’s blanket.

“Yuzuru also wants to serve master properly…”


The Yamai twins pulled the blanket slowly but surely away from Wu Yan. He had to increase his strength to remain in control.

This sudden increase in strength also pulled over the twins who only had mortal strength. They fell on top of Wu Yan’s bottom half.


Kaguya was about to get up in order to protest the brute’s strength when she touched something weird. She started fondling the object with intrigue.

“What is this? It’s so hard…”

Yuzuru also tilted her head when she heard Kaguya’s finding. She also grabbed the hard bulge in curiosity.


Suddenly caressed by the twins when he’s at his most sensitive, Wu Yan let out a weird moan.

It’s not only because the twins were fondling his junk. No, it’s also because the twins, in their weird sense of curiosity, reached into his blanket, slipped past his bathrobe, and grabbed his unsheathed Excalibur.

“Hey, Yuzuru, do you have any idea what is this?”

“Answer, Yuzuru has no idea. However, the object appears to be inside the blanket and it’s on master’s body.”

“Let’s pull away the blanket to check. Oh my god! It just moved! Is it a snake?!”

“Frightened, there’s a snake on master?!”


Wu Yan stopped the twins before they can pull his junk out. His soul almost flew out when the twins started tugging on his groin.

“Shido, wake up~ It’s morning…”

A cheerful voice interrupted them. The source was from the door of Wu Yan’s room.

“Shiori said she made something good for us…”

Tohka saw what was going on and her volume decreased over time.

Her smile froze when she saw the twins making a ruckus in Wu Yan’s bed. The room turned deathly silent.

Then, an enraged shout echoed throughout the hotel.

“What in the world are you guys doing?!”

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