Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1157: Almost went overboard

It's unknown if it's because the spirits had smaller tongues or the lewd wolf's tongue is just larger. In any case, when Wu Yan drew their tongues into his mouth, he had just enough space to accommodate them.


Yuzuru and Kaguya moaned, they didn't think they would come so far. Their eyes turned misty as they blushed harder. Soon, their consciousness started turning muddy.

With three tongues coiling around in his mouth. He started working their tongues with his. As they slowly descended into the pits of pleasure, the scintillating sensation struck their minds.

Not only are the twins doing this to someone of the opposite gender, but they are also tonguing the other twin.

Even if the twins are basically inseparable, this is still the first time they are tasting each other's saliva.

They are currently kissing a guy under the pretense of seduction. Plus, the two spirits are starting to see a whole new world behind this intimate exchange.

They are enraptured by the kiss.

The twins also enjoyed each other's tastes.

Wu Yan can't say he doesn't like this.

Kissing isn't a strange concept to him.

Kissing multiple girls at the same time, now this is new.

This high-difficulty motion is probably only something he can pull on the Yamai twins who were originally a single entity.

They can't tell where their tongues started and where they ended. Tiny streams of saliva flowed out from Yuzuru's and Kaguya's mouths.

It's already incredibly difficult to handle three tongues in a single oral cavity, to make this work, Kaguya and Yuzuru kept sticking their tongues into Wu Yan's mouth.

It's only because they are so assertive that this bold maneuver is successful.

The spirits couldn't keep their own saliva from overflowing, the lip smacks and squelching sounds gave the air a pink and lewd mood.

Finally, the smoochers parted lips...


Kaguya and Yuzur heaved while their minds are still somewhere else.

"Haa... what is this feeling?..."

"Surprise, this pleasure is a first time for me. It's the first time I thought being intimate with another person felt nice..."

The two spirits exchanged a look. When they recalled how they also kissed each other, the two lit up in a bright red flash.

It's entirely possible for a third party to misconstrue the relationship between these twins.

The twins averted their gaze as if they wanted to hide their own emotions. They turned towards Wu Yan.

"How was it, Shido?"

Kaguya heaved while grinning at Wu Yan.

"Were you subjugated by mine skillful ritual?"

"Question, was that satisfactory?"

Yuzuru looked at Wu Yan with her meek eyes.

"Actually, Yuzuru can still continue..."

"I... Me too!"

Kaguya also chimed in. Her blush wouldn't fade no matter what.

The hands on the twins' waist started being naughty. He caressed their spines before licking his lips. He remembered how he just French-kissed the two gorgeous spirits. His eyes were lit.

"I am far from satisfied..."

The twins successfully lit the carnal flames within Wu Yan. He leaned forward before whispering into the twins' ears.

"How about we climb the stairs of adulthood for real?"

"Stairs of adulthood?..."

The twins' hearts started racing when they thought about the implications.

"F-fine with me!"

Kaguya answered first.

"I shall grant you the chance to pledge loyalty to me, Shido!"


Yuzuru looked entrancing when she used her misty eyes on Wu Yan.

"The third step, allow the man to take over..."

It's obvious what this meant. Wu Yan can do whatever he wants to them.

As the carnal infernal lord incarnate, Wu Yan stared at the two spirits with his burning eyes. He imagined the movesets he is going to use on the blushing spirits, their bodies glistened in the light of the hallway.

Then, Wu Yan recalled that they are still in a hallway.

"Ugh, I hate being a teacher. Doing night patrols is just the worst. I wonder if everyone's still up..."

They heard footsteps and mumbling coming from around the corner. They were only seconds away from doing it in the corridor. The three of them looked at the end of the corridor.

From the flashlight and shadow cast, someone's drawing closer to the corridor they were in.

Wu Yan inhaled deeply.

If the patrolling teacher saw him embracing two lost lambs in the corridor then he's done for.

Without thinking about it, he looked around before spotting a large closet in the corridor. He hoisted the twins up and he used his right foot to magically open sesame the closet.

Wu Yan hid inside the closet with the twins.

"Eh, why are there 2 robes here?"

When they sneaked into the closet, the twins held their breaths when the patrol spotted their robes. Next, they released a faint moan suddenly.

There is a hand on their jugs. Those nasty hands are changing their milkers into different shapes.

In an instant, camp party balls got seized.


At about the same time both twins almost leaked out another moan. A sound right outside the closet stopped them.

"What was that noise?"

Kaguya and Yuzuru covered their own mouths with their hands on reflex. They also resisted the waves of pleasure hitting their minds. Their bare bodies shivered.

Although the closet is unlit, the twins can still feel what's happening with their bodies despite not being able to see. The warm hands continued assaulting their howitzers.

The twins had to pinch their knees together because the nasty hands continued to send pleasure by rubbing their thighs, gazongas, and skin. The hands slowly inched towards their crotches.

The twins wanted to moan but they can still hear footsteps from outside the closet. The patrol teacher is still nearby.

To avoid detection, the twins can only endure as they silently begged Wu Yan to have mercy on them.

Wu Yan didn't entertain their requests. His large hands finally touched down on their bare gardens down under.

The twins had to press their hands harder to avoid leaking a moan. They closed their eyes and resigned themselves to their fates.

Inaudible moans started echoing in the closet.

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