Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1149: A sudden storm! Spirits?...

The pillar of light lit up everything. When the laser dissipated, Arbatel is already slowly crashing into the ground in a fiery ball of broken parts and smoke.

If one focused on the fragments then they would discover the red airship is slowly turning into glowing feathers that fell down elegantly.

Witnessing the destruction of Arbatel, Ellen's eyes widened in shock. Her pupils also shrank in fear.

Wu Yan lowered his arms, dispelling the destructive red magic formations like he just smacked a fly. Ellen still couldn't process what just transpired.

"One hit... you destroyed the airship in one hit..."

Wu Yan pursed his lip.

Channeling Saint George's Sanctuary and then firing a Dragon Breath, he used the dragon-killing attack to destroy the airship.

"Just as well, saved me the trouble of locating it..."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"I guess that's that. I win so I took my prize..."


Ellen's breathing started turning erratic. She also struggled against her bindings. With the stamina she recovered, she tried to use Pendragon's thrusters to speed away.

However, those are no ordinary chains on her, she's bound by the chains of Commandment.

Even in her optimal state, the bindings were never something she can break free from, how can she break free when she's still in an injured state?

With her thrusters at maximum output, Ellen's body shook, even the chains jiggled but she still couldn't break free. The Chains of Commandment jingled but they didn't show any signs of breaking at all.


She's hurting herself from all the struggling but the chains aren't budging. Despair started clouding her mind.

Is she going to meet her demise here?

Wu Yan can see the frustration and anxiety brewing in Ellen's eyes.

"I see, even the strongest magician in the world fears death..."

At the same time...


A faint breeze interrupted them. The breeze steadily grew into intense winds.

The clear skies Wu Yan and Ellen fought in started turning dark as whistling gale surrounded them. Thick rainclouds encroached upon them.


Ellen and Wu Yan can tell something's wrong. They looked around before flinching in surprise.

"What's going on?"

Ellen forgot about her resistance. She was confused by the sudden change of weather.

Wu Yan looked around at the dark clouds surrounding them, he knitted his eyebrows.

Next, the clouds started swirling as a storm kicked in.

It's like there is a gigantic invisible hand churning the clouds around them. Soon, they found themselves at the edge of a storm.

The sudden change of weather surprised the two fighters.

A sunny sky just turned into a stormy weather in less than the span of an hour.

The peaceful sky got turned upside down by the incoming storm.

The calm sea also started rumbling under the influence of the wind.

In less than a minute, it looked like somebody placed a curse to turn the sky into a ghoulish scene.

Even normal humans can tell this is an abnormal weather pattern, why couldn't Wu Yan and Ellen tell something's wrong?


The two exchanged a look.


With a storm brewing near them, the two looked in the direction of the thunder only to see two figures clashing against one another.

Upon closer inspection, it seems like there are two humanoid silhouettes fighting beyond the thick clouds.


Ellen cried out.



Wu Yan looked at the two clashing figures and he recalled something.

Judging by how things played out in the original work, it must be those two spirits....

"Captain! Captain!"

Wu Yan's recollection got interrupted by the voice coming from his earpiece.


"Finally! I thought we lost contact with you!"

Yatsuki sounded happy to hear from Wu Yan. Then, he used a serious tone.

"Where are you? The situation on Arubi Island is chaotic!"


Wu Yan pressed his earpiece.

"What happened?"

"DEM's Bandersnatch units!"

Yatsuki reported.

"DEM just sent Bandersnatches to capture Tohka!"

Wu Yan turned grim.

"Are Tohka and Shiori okay?!"

"Relax! Captain."

"When Arubi island communications went down, Kannazuki sent Mana to defend Shiori and Tohka. A few minutes ago, the Bandersnatches suddenly stopped moving. Kannazuki noticed this and told me to contact you. He said the situation is already under control, I didn't think I could contact you like this."

"Kannazuki, huh?"

Wu Yan sighed in relief.

"As Kotori said, he's actually more capable than he looks..."


Yatsuki echoed his sentiment.

"I wonder what obstructed our communication lines? Why did the interference stop all of a sudden?"

Wu Yan looked at where Arbatel fell before laughing out loud.

"Probably because I destroyed the jammer..."



Wu Yan shook his head. He turned his attention towards the ladies fighting in the eye of the storm.

"I just encountered something here. I need some time to wrap things up. Focus your attention on keeping Tohka and Shiori safe, get Kannazuki on the job."

"Okay, captain!"

Wu Yan turned off his line. He raised his hand against Ellen.


Magic power swirled around his arm.

"I have no time for you..."

Ellen clenched her teeth while Wu Yan grinned.

"Let's play another game..."

Wu Yan sneered.

"It's a simple game involving your survival or death."

Wu Yan didn't care what Ellen had to say.

"Survive this attack and I will go see Westcott when we next meet..."

The magical flames burst forth!


Hit at point-blank range, Ellen started falling into the boundless sea in a plume of smoke, the Chains of Commandment also dematerialized. She fell like a kite with its strings cut.

After confirming Ellen's disappearance in his field of vision, Wu Yan looked at the silhouettes fighting in the center of the storm. In a flash, he vanished...


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