Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1120: Fearlessness? Miku attacks!

Her mesmerizing voice echoed across the stadium, the divine melodies reverberated among the fans holding glowsticks. They cheered at the top of their lungs like the devoted fans they are...

Wu Yan frowned as he listened to the magical voice trying to invade his mind. The zealous fans were also a cause of concern.

She didn't infuse too much Reiryoku into her voice. However, it's enough to affect normal humans. The fans' reaction must be partly due to her Spirit powers, right?

Indeed, it's not just her Spirit powers, her singing and songs were also incredible.

Wu Yan examined the girl who is lost in her own singing world.

Izayoi Miku: Level 73

"She's Izayoi Miku, huh?"

Kotori mumbled as she watched Wu Yan's video feed. He can hear her grinding her teeth on the other end.

"She's using her Astral Dress in front of so many people? Is she out of her mind?!"

"Saa, who knows..."

Wu Yan pursed his lips.

"Maybe she's trying to pass it off as a fancy dress? Maybe she doesn't mind people finding out about her identity as a Spirit?"

"Seriously, Miku is too reckless for her own good..."

Kotori snorted.

"Well, what's the plan?"

"The plan?"

Wu Yan scratched his cheek. He's suddenly at the end of his wits.

He arrived here without a solid plan to approach Miku.

She treats men like virus. Forget touching her, even getting her to look at him is a tall task.

Wu Yan sighed after glancing at Miku who is still dancing on the stage.

"Why are hot girls always so crazy? She's a tougher nut to crack than Kurumi..."

"And, you made short work of Kurumi, didn't you?!"

"Stop complaining and settle that Yuri girl!"

"Do you even listen to yourself?"

Wu Yan almost fell face-first onto the floor.

"Why are you telling your husband to go after other girls? You're probably the only one who would do this!"

"Shut up!"

Kotori sounded more embarrassed than mad. The other Ratatoskr members gasped whereas Kyouhei shrieked like he's experiencing the End of Days. Kotori screamed at Wu Yan.

"Just finish her!"

"Sheesh, at least give me some time to prepare? Miku is a hard case to solve..."

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

Suddenly, the melody stopped.

The fans also stopped cheering. They whispered in confusion. Wu Yan felt something off as he looked up. He caught the gaze of the silver-eyed singer on stage.

His heart throbbed.

Miku lost her singing smile, she froze up in shock. Stopping in the middle of her choreography, her eyes widened with surprise until disgust replaced it.

Miku lowered her head, her bangs covered her expression. Her fans murmured in astonishment.

The place exploded into an uproar...


Kotori cursed.

"Miku's familiarity is dropping rapidly. It's approaching zero... No, it went into negative territories!"

Wu Yan also turned grim.

"In the end, this is how it ends, huh?"

At the same time...


Her sweet and hushed tone entered everyone's ears.

Miku stared at Wu Yan who is still in the entrance hallway like he's a disgusting bug.

"Why is there a dirty vermin in my concert?!"

Her yell turned into a physical shockwave that cascaded outwards.


Her fans got blown away by the shockwave. They were hit with chairs or smashed against walls. Her fans suffered injuries immediately.

Wu Yan got incensed at the sight of this.

She's taking her anger out on everything around her?!

She hit her own fans!

As her fans moaned in pain, Wu Yan's heart burned with rage, he stared at Miku in a frosty manner.

"Don't use your dirty gaze on me!"

She's beautiful and her voice is just as captivating, her words, on the other hand, are not.

"Damn, to think an unsightly maggot like you heard my voice, that makes me sick to the bones!"

Miku inhaled deeply, her already bountiful chest swelled further.


Miku unleashed a sonic roar at Wu Yan. Her voice turned into visible shockwaves that barreled towards Wu Yan.

Her attacks blew her audience away. They got thrown around once more!

Wu Yan didn't dodge the attacks, his eyes were now shining a sinister shade of crimson red. That stare chilled Miku to her core. She grimaced slightly.

The shockwaves hit Wu Yan and ruffled his clothes. However, it couldn't budge Wu Yan even an inch. Like an immovable object, he stood unfazed.

"What the..."

Miku's eyes widened. She stepped back slightly.

Her Reiryoku enhanced scream did nothing to him. This is unprecedented!

Not even the magicians in AST can tank blows like this. How did that man do it unarmed?

Is he an AST magician too?

He's not wearing special equipment...

Is he another spirit?

She lost track of Wu Yan for one second. When she looked again, the man was gone.

A masculine voice came from behind her, she couldn't have misheard that brash, disgusting, and annoying voice typical of males.

"Where are you looking at?"

Miku quickly turned around.

Wu Yan stood in opposition to her. He is smiling faintly but this wasn't because he's amused.

Wu Yan is smiling in anger.


Miku growled, she pulled some distance away.

She's not afraid of Wu Yan, she just can't stand the idea of being so close to another man.

Kotori and her Ratatoskr crew got a front-row view, Kotori's expression sank.

"Onii-san's mad, this is going to be troublesome..."

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