Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1119:Concert, the voice of that girl

At a plaza in a certain part of Tengu City...

While the plaza isn't particularly large, it's only about the size of a schoolyard. The people passing through here didn't stay long.

Not only is this plaza rather tiny, but they're also aren't any facilities here. There are also no shops near this place. There are only a few benches here for people to rest before moving on. In essence, this place was boring.

At least, it's normally lifeless around here...

However, the plaza experienced a deluge of pedestrians. Almost all the turnout here were females.

On closer inspection, the women heading here didn't come here by chance. They wore looks of excitement and glee.

They are also holding LED sticks and fans. They hugged their accessories as if they were afraid they might lose these treasures.

Looking at the crowd, an image immediately came to mind.

They looked like fans who were going to a concert hosted by their favorite idol.

It just so happens there's a building near this place that can serve as a perfect stage for a concert to be held.

Wu Yan pursed his lips when he looked around to see girls heading towards the concert in groups of two or three.

Izayoi Miku, a rising singer who debuted half a year ago.

Her voice has been described as narcotics for the ears. Her enchanting songs and alluring voice made her soar through the charts, easily beating long-established singers to eke out a loyal fanbase of her own.

However, this particular singer avoids television and magazines like she's avoiding the Black Death. She also never revealed her true looks in front of others. Her activities are impromptu, the only regular rhythm in her life as a singer is her ability to release CDs on a fixed schedule. Only select fans are invited to her concerts.

And, all the invited fans are females.

Despite her incredible fame, few have seen her face. Her mysterious existence made many question her existence.

In the entertainment area of this stadium, Izayoi Miku is prepping for a concert.

Wu Yan got the information from Mana and Yatsuki. He came here although he's dragging his feet.

His reluctance could be understood.

After all, Miku is a Yuri girl.

Her gender preference isn't a problem. The problem lies in her hatred towards men.

She immediately treats any male she meets like an existence lower than a cockroach.

Wu Yan can see how an encounter with Miku would end: Very poorly.

"Is this fine?"

Kotori tried to dissuade him.

"She hates men, you're going to antagonize her if you go into that place looking like that. Just listen to me..."

"And dress like a girl?!"

Wu Yan interrupted Kotori.

"No way."

"Sheesh, why are you so stubborn?!"

Kotori couldn't believe this guy.

"It's just a tactic against her, I am not actually asking you to turn into a girl, why won't you compromise on this?!'

"If I did that then I would lose something more important!"

Wu Yan didn't hide his disgust towards this idea.

"Let Yatsuki do this if you insist on crossdressing, you're not getting it from me..."


Kotori sighed. Sounding absolutely tired, she continued.

"Alright, what's the plan then? You know you won't be able to conquer Miku's route like this..."

"Who says I am going to conquer her route?"


Kotori couldn't believe her ears.

"I am not Shiori, I don't need familiarity to seal a spirit's power..."

Wu Yan pursed his lips. Kotori is still confused.

"But, the Sealing Ring needs both parties to consent, you still need to get on her good side, right?"

"You've got that right..."

Wu Yan shook his head while rubbing his temples.

"Anyway, there are other ways to do this than crossdressing..."


Kotori clicked her tongue.

"Whatever, let's see how you do it. As long as you seal her power in the end..."

"I can't guarantee my success..."

Wu Yan walked out of the plaza and headed towards the concert location.

"Anyway, I will improvise depending on the situation..."

Wu Yan tailed the fans holding glowsticks before arriving at a certain location with a semi-circular dome.

The ladies all queued up to get into the building. The pedestrians nearby gawked at this lineup. They wondered if there is an activity going on inside that building. Those who fell prey to their own curiosity approached the ladies to ask about the event.

The ladies who asked were met by friendly fans. The guys who asked, however, were told off by the angry fans who looked like they would start beating them if the guys didn't run away. Wu Yan felt speechless.

Izayoi Miku must really hate men if she doesn't even want men to hear about her event.

"Looks like I can't enter that place looking like this..."

He started chuckling after glancing at the ladies. The doors closed after the last of the fans entered the building.

With a flicker, Wu Yan disappeared on the spot.

"Miku~ Miku~ Miku~ Miku~"

The moment Wu Yan appeared, deafening cheers hit him. He almost jumped back in shock as he quickly roamed his gaze over the crowd.

He could see a legion of fans with glowsticks.

The hall is dim despite the light coming from the glowsticks the fans brought. The spotlights on the stage are also the only other light source.

Wu Yan's currently standing in front of the entrance door, he can see the stage from this hallway.

On the stage, there is a ridiculously well-endowed girl in flashy clothes.

She wore a sleeveless dress with floral patterns adorning it. She's wearing a pleated skirt that looked like it was made out of light. Indeed, she's attention-grabbing just by wearing her current attire.

Her bluish-purple hair glistened under the spotlights. She wore moon-shaped hair accessories, her hair looked like the night while stars and moon hair accessories complemented her beautiful hair to accentuate those beautiful silver windows to her soul.


She's very beautiful.

Wu Yan is stunned by her otherworld beauty.

The girl's dancing elegantly while singing a song. She never forgot to wear her enchanting smile.

She's singing a very alluring song.

Wu Yan couldn't help but discover something mixed into this song.

In the middle of this beautiful song is a ripple of Reiryoku.

She's using her spirit powers to achieve a mind-affecting effect similar to Shokuhou Misaki's Mental Out. It can hypnotize and charm people.

In other words, the beautiful singer is using her Spirit powers to subtlely hypnotize her fans.


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