Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1109: Decision, revisiting Date A Live

Giant Beast Forest Ailu Forward Operating Base, lake...

The calm lake reflected the sunlight like a giant mirror. One would have to squint against intense rays like these. The faint sound of flowing water reverberated wonderfully in one's ears. There must be a stream feeding into this lake.

It's a beautiful day, there are only a few clouds in the sky as the sun rained down just the right temperature, providing everyone with a warm source of energy. The sun lit up the cliffs overlooking the lake.

What took the cake was the red portals hanging over the lake. The portals rained down clear water into the lake.

Splashing sounds accompanied the spatial ripples of the Gate of Babylon's portals. The lake slowly lit up as the clear water suffused the lake.

A miraculous power started acting on the lake. This mysterious power expanded as more and more miraculous water seeped into the lake.

It was clear that the miraculous water caused this strange change in the nature of the lake.

Wu Yan sighed while pouring what remained of his miracle water reserve into the lake.

He looked at the ladies standing near him.

"You ladies sure about this? The diluted miracle water will have diminished effects on you all..."

"Well, nothing much we can do about that..."

Yukari grinned while holding up her parasol.

"You and your vassal beasts used up a third of the water. This is under the condition where your vassal beasts didn't use much of the miracle water. You soaked up most of the miracle water."

Yukari turned her attention towards the lake. She tapped the handle of her parasol with her fan.

"Granted, you're a True Ancestor with a huge magic power pool. You also came with multiple abilities so I guess it made sense that you ended up soaking up so much of the miracle water. However, we have multiple superhumans here. Without dilution, I don't think we have enough miracle water to go around..."

"Yukari is right."

Mikoto nodded.

"Since it's a treasure, we should all enjoy it together, even if the quality of our power-up will diminish."

"Yeah, this way, we can all grow stronger together..."

Hinagiku patted Wu Yan on his shoulder. This is her way of cheering him up.

"Yan, stop complaining..."

"I am not complaining. I just think it's a shame..."

Wu Yan sighed once more.

"Well, whatever, as long as you girls are fine with it, we don't have enough miracle water to spare after all..."

"Think of it from another perspective, the dilution will benefit us because..."

Shokuhou Misaki giggled.

"You used 5 days to complete your enhancement session, right? I am guessing we won't need so long after diluting the magical water..."

Wu Yan agreed after giving it a slight thought.

"True, I am not comfortable leaving the Sisters out of our sights for a few days..."

"Don't worry about that."

Mikoto crossed her arms.

"We will take turns entering the lake, there will always be people looking after the Sisters..."

"I see..."

"That's how it is, Yan-kun, don't stress yourself out over something like this..."

Shokuhou Misaki giggled while touching her lips with her fingers.

"Kotori, you guys will have to wait until you come back from the transcript world..."

"Fine with me."

Kotori nonchalantly nodded. There's a vibrant light in her eyes, signaling her joy over her impending trip.

"We're going back to our world, I can't wait to go back."

Kotori thought about her sister in her original universe.

Yes, Wu Yan's going to another world once more.

However, this isn't a foreign world to him. It's where Kotori, Kurumi, Tohka, and Yoshino came from, the world of Date A Live.

The reason isn't homesickness. No, it's because of what Kotori pointed out yesterday.

She mentioned Realizers.

It's special equipment in Date A Live.

The technology came from unknown origins. At some point in time, humans came into contact with this eldritch technology.

It's equipment that can realize the formulas and algorithms in the real world. In other words, it's a technology that can turn achieve magical effects through science. It is called Realizers for that reason.

Only a select group of humans know about this technology. Initially, it was used by AST members against Spirits. After that, its use expanded into medical, construction, and other fields. Its use spanned an entire menagerie of practical usage.

AST members can fight against spirits while being fundamentally human thanks to Realizers. Realizers gave them superhuman abilities.

For example, Tobiichi Origami and Takamiya Mana can fight on par with spirits because they equipped Realizers.

Because its effects are so magical, Realizers are called equipment that can manifest science in the form of magic. People like Origami and Mana who can fight using Realizers are called Magicians.

Wu Yan wanted to go back to the Date A Live universe in order to procure a large quantity of Realizers. Obtaining the method of production would be the optimal outcome.

If normal humans can use Realizers then Sisters who are Espers should have no problems using them.

With Realizers, even if their battle capabilities won't soar, Wu Yan reckons it will yield much better results compared to now where they are fighting without any equipment.

Synergizing with their Esper powers would also empower them further.

Plus, Realizers can be used for purposes other than combat. Installing it in the base will improve the base's functionalities severalfold.

Wu Yan wanted to turn the sisters into his Blood Servants in order to boost their powers.

Alas, creating a blood servant with blood is easy enough, creating a strong blood servant, however, required important tributes from the host vampire.

For instance, ribs would suffice since ribs can create blood from the marrow within. Blood is a source of power and life for vampires...

However, giving up an organ in this fashion meant the permanent loss of that body part, it cannot be regenerated.

Moreover, how many organs can Wu Yan give? How many ribs can he donate?

Blood alone isn't enough as the sisters are already in tier 7 power.

This is why he turned his attention towards the Realizers.

Infusing the last drop of miracle water into the lake, Wu Yan closed the Gate of Babylon.

"Okay, you girls should take turns entering the lake..."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"Kotori, Kurumi, Tohka, and Yoshino are going to go into Date A Live with me..."

Kotori, Kurumi, Tohka, and Yoshino nodded in response. The other ladies had no issues with this. But, Ikaros opened her mouth much to Wu Yan's amusement.

"Don't worry, Ikaros..."

He rubbed her head.

"I will be back before you know it..."

Ikaros gazed into Wu Yan's eyes. After a while, she finally nodded.

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