Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1108: Espers are such a pain...

"Anyway, that's how things went down..."

Wu Yan told the girls about his adventure on the Emperor Island and Domain of Gods. He omitted the stuff he did with Sylph. He looked a bit troubled.

He isn't troubled over the ending of his adventure. No, he's still thinking about the bathing incident...

Wu Yan got lucky but he was immediately punished for appearing there. Hinagiku and Mikoto almost slashed him down in anger, he also narrowly escaped electrocution. Wu Yan didn't want to test his regeneration speed with their attacks.

More than that, since Wu Yan already went all the way with most of them, their naked figures should have been nothing to hide. They only hit him out of bashfulness.

Out of love for Wu Yan, Tohka who got seen didn't particularly complain. Flan and Yoshino are also immature so they didn't mind Wu Yan's untimely intrusion.

As for Yukari, well, he kicked a hard plank on this one.

Yukari might take Wu Yan seriously but they aren't lovers yet.

To Yukari, Wu Yan is like a close friend, he's on the same level as Yuyuko and Reimu.

This is already a very high status when considering Yukari's temperament. However, he's nowhere near the level where he can see her naked and get away with it.

That's why Yukari dragged Wu Yan to a quiet corner in order to interrogate him. After Wu Yan's mind almost went blank, she dragged him back.

Naturally, he's bewildered.

How did he appear near the lake where the girls were taking a bath?

He wanted to get to the bottom of that but the girls shut him down first. After that, Yukari grilled him like a convict. Then, the ladies told him to narrate his journey to the Domain of Gods. The ladies forgot about asking Wu Yan why he appeared near the lake.

Wu Yan sighed as the ladies digested the information he gave them.

If he asked anything now, it would probably not end well for him.

Wu Yan decided to end his train of thought here. He still got the most benefits out of this.

Wu Yan sipped his tea after the ladies were done with his story.

"After returning the Ring of Power to the demigods, I cleaned up a rubbish in human form before returning. That's basically how the trip ended..."

"You just gave it to the demigods?"

Shokuhou Misaki nodded.

"True, that thing would have been better utilized in their hands. If we kept it near us we might have to rush to the frontline if the disaster does strike. It might be a good thing we gave it away instead of keeping it..."

"Well, you still reaped various rewards from this trip..."

Kotori started giggling.

"Otherwise, you would have gone there for nothing..."

"That would have been fate..."

Wu Yan sighed.

"Ailu left the Ring of Authority to the imperial family but I still got the Ring of Gold. In any case, I would have needed to go out of obligation..."

"You're right..."

Mikoto and Hinagiku agreed.

"It's not good to owe favors. It's always good to pay back your favors. Plus, Lulu and Fei Fei are staying in the Ailu empire. For their sakes, a trip to the Domain of Gods would have been necessary."

Wu Yan smiled before nodding. He turned his attention towards Yukari who is drinking tea nearby.

"Yukari, what do you think?"

"Nothing would have changed no matter what you did with the Ring of Power."

"As long as we are staying in Silvaria, the calamity will drag us into the fray sooner or later. Giving the Ring of Power away is just kicking the can down the road. The only way out is to leave this world."

"Y-you have a point..."

Wu Yan scratched his cheek. He shrugged.

"As expected, you can see the greater picture..."

"Hey, all is well that ends well..."

Yukari tapped her fan on the table. She placed her cup of tea down.

"Moreover, I am interested in this Guardian Tree..."

"The part where it is referred to as an invincible existence?"

Mikoto crossed her arms.

"I am curious as to what this Guardian Tree looked like..."

"And the undersea palace..."

Hinagiku shook her head regrettably.

"I should have gone with you..."

"You're not of the imperials. Landing on the island would have earned the Guardian's enmity. The Guardian Tree will also attack to chase off or kill intruders."

Wu Yan frowned.

"I heard this from Sylph, I can't verify the truth of her claims. However, I did confirm the Guardian Tree is level 98. It's good that you didn't tag along, things would have gotten dicey."

Yukari closed her eyes. She's thinking about something. After a brief pause, she lazily replied.

"Ara, nothing happened so I guess it's fine..."

"Yeah, I unsealed the Ring of Power and I even got my hands on some good stuff..."

Wu Yan glanced at the ladies around him.

"Let's head over to the base tomorrow. We are going to plant the Guardian Tree sapling. It should be useful when the right time comes. Also, you girls should try the level-enhancing purifying water. I am sure everyone will get a boost in power!"

Everyone, including Yukari, started looking forward to testing the miraculous water's effect. Especially Yukari, she has been stuck at her current power levels for a while now.

"Alas, we don't have much of that miraculous water on hand..."

Wu Yan pursed his lips.

"If we had more then I would have liked the Sisters to try the water too. We wouldn't need to worry about them if they were stronger..."

The other girls nodded in frustration.

Taking care of the sisters is a task they willingly took upon themselves. Not only were the sisters numerous, they were also woefully ignorant of the ways of the world. They weren't comfortable letting them live on their own...

The sisters got a late start too. Their levels were the lowest among Wu Yan & co despite hunting monsters every day.

If all of them were in tier 8 then Wu Yan & co can finally feel relaxed.

"It will quite some time before the sisters get there..."

Wu Yan rubbed his chin.

"Since the water can increase our powers, then there must be other resources we can use to boost the sisters' powers?"


Shokuhou Misaki denied.

"The resources in Silvaria that can increase powers are limited to magic or dou qi users, rarer treasures can increase cultivation talents. For the sisters who are Espers, the treasures of this world can do nothing for them."

"It's already incredible you increased your levels with the miraculous pool in the Domain of Gods..."

"How about giving the sisters Armaments?!"

Wu Yan suggested.

"We can do that right? That shoulder bolster their strength?"

"I thought of that."

Shokuhou Misaki looked at Wu Yan.

"Same problem, the sisters use ESP powers. Staves are common among the Armament of Silvaria. I don't think magic sticks will do them any good..."

"What? You want the sisters to rush into close-quarters combat with knives, swords, and spears?"


Wu Yan retorted.

"It doesn't have to be Armaments of this world..."

"You're telling me you want to buy Armaments for all 20,000 sisters?"

Shokuhou Misaki chuckled.

"Do you have enough points for that?"

Wu Yan couldn't reply.

"Espers are so troublesome to deal with..."

Kotori interrupted.

"Our world was better, we had Realizers. Although only a few can use them, still they made superhumans out of humans..."

Wu Yan stopped. His eyes lit up...

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