Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1106: Getting it on with other girls?

Giant Beast Forest, forward operating base...

Situated outside the Giant Beast Forest, the base looked no different than it was in the past. There are soldiers working hard for the empire, ensuring a stable supply of resources for the Ailu empire. The chaos Wu Yan & co created before has more or less faded from memory.

It's not to say there weren't troubles for the camp. For instance, the dark lights' interruption where a squad of soldiers got wiped out. Indeed, going into the Giant Beast Forest is an act of gambling one's life.

There are still deaths by the maws of savage beast among the soldiers.

This didn't concern Wu Yan & co as that is the base's affair. Wu Yan & co also slowly faded out of the camp's attention.

They are so low-key that almost nobody noticed the gradual decrease in Sister sightings and core members of Wu Yan's harem. A lot of the tents here were vacated slowly but surely.

At this point, there are less than 1000 Sisters in the base.

Hinagiku and Mikoto oversaw this transition. They weren't anxious because this is exactly what brought joy to their hearts.

Each Sister moving out of the base means an additional resident in the home base they are building within the Giant Beast Forest.

They won't need to sponge off the base of a foreign power. They can finally live in a place they can call home.

Since it is their home, all the family members should be there, what's to say of the man of the house?

The ladies waited for Wu Yan to come back even while they supervised the completion of the base's construction. They either thought about the base or Wu Yan.

In the main tent, the ladies were discussing the base's construction as usual. From time to time, one of the girls would glance at a nearby magic crystal only to be disappointed each time. That didn't stop the girls from looking in the crystal's direction each time.

At least, excluding Yukari who sipped tea nonchalantly and the vice-captains Shokuhou Misaki and Kotori, the other girls kept looking at the magic crystal.

That crystal isn't a priceless artifact, it's just a normal tier 8 magic crystal harvested from a demon's core. It might be precious to normal humans, it's not rare for the ladies.

No, they were focused on it for another reason.

It's the waypoint Wu Yan tagged with his Return to Town scroll.

Wu Yan said he will return after finishing his task in the Domain of Gods. This is his point of return.

The ladies were expecting Wu Yan to return near this crystal.


Shokuhou Misaki placed the progress report down after obtaining it from a Misaka Sister. Brushing her blonde locks, she revealed an enchanting smile.

"At this rate, the base will be finished before long."

Kotori also nodded after reading the same report. She chewed on her candy with a cool look.

"The completion of the construction project isn't far now..."

"We are already at the finishing line."

Shokuhou Misaki touched her lips, her eyes glimmered like stars.

"Once the base is constructed, we can move in and figure out our next move from there..."


Kotori agreed.

"I am so done with living in this base."

The other ladies nodded too. They didn't like living in this base because they felt like they are sponging off other people.

Yukari placed her teacup on the table, with a flap of her fan, she chuckled.

"Since the construction is almost done, I am guessing we are only waiting for Yan-kun to get the ball rolling?"

They shifted their attention toward the demonic core. Mikoto also started complaining.

"He went there half a month ago, right? Is his mission so hard to finish?"

"If it were that easy we wouldn't be waiting here, now would we?"

"He's probably still busy with whatever he's doing over there, no?"

"How long?!"

Mikoto got tired.

"It didn't take him this long when he went to the transcript worlds!"

"That's because the transcript worlds have time dilation effects, Misaka-san..."

She revealed a sly grin.

"Do you miss Yan-kun that much?"


Mikoto denied that on the spot. Unfortunately, no one believed her.

"Maa maa, Misaka-san, you have to train your patience..."

Shokuhou Misaki started advising her.

"A man's got to do what a man's got to do. All we can do is wait at home to welcome him when he comes back. Misaka-san, you throwing a hissy fit isn't a fit behavior for a housewife..."


Mikoto turned her red face the other way.

"I don't care what he's got to do outside. I ju-just don't like how he left us here while he flew off to god knows where. Yeah, that's right..."

"Ara, Misaka-san, is that so?"

Shokuhou Misaki curled her locks before covering her mouth with her dainty gloves-covered hand. With a playful smile, she continued.

"Well, what if Yan gets infatuated with some other women outside and forgets about us? What if he doesn't return?"

Mikoto's face went stiff.

Hinagiku, Astrea, and Tohka also looked upset. Astrea started laughing wryly.

"M-master... would never do that, right?..."

"Ara, I wouldn't be so sure."

Kurumi chimed in with her villainous smile.

"Though I don't reckon he would run off with some hussies outside, I wouldn't discount the chance of him bringing a cute girl home. Not like it's the first time he did that..."

The temperature in the tent immediately dropped to freezing point. The air became heavy with silence.

Yukari shook her head while amusing herself with the ladies' interactions. She stretched her back, her voluptuous figure showed through her clothes.

"Looks like Yan-kun isn't coming back today. We should go take a shower..."

"Count me in."

Shokuhou Misaki stood up.

"I am sticky after sweating all day..."

Kotori frowned. She hesitated before standing up.

"I am coming too..."

"Let's all go!"

Yukari invited everyone in the tent.

"There are probably no sisters around this time, how about it?"

The other ladies exchanged tempted looks. They didn't turn her down. Flan bounced a few times while everyone's leaving.

"What if Onii-chan comes back?!"

"It's okay..."

Yoshino raised her arm meekly. She explained while Flandre looked on with curious eyes.

"That magic crystal is still there, Onii-chan will return before you know it..."

"That's right."

Hinagiku patted Flan's head. She let out a giggle.

"When we come back, maybe Yan would be back already..."

Flan followed the other girls out of the tent although she's still confused. However, she stopped suddenly, turning towards the magic crystal.

"The crystal is what Onii-chan will use to return?"

Flan suddenly had a bright idea. She flew over to the crystal. Grabbing it while giggling furtively, she walked out of the tent as she ran back to the other women.

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