Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1097: An end, the gains...

User experienced great enhancements, System will now give EXP commensurate with the User's increased abilities.

Congratulations, your level increased to 81.

Congratulations, your level increased to 82.

Congratulations, your level increased to 83.

Congratulations, your level increased to 84.

Congratulations, your level increased to 85.

Multiple notifications rang at the same time, stunning Wu Yan briefly...

He leveled up 5 times in a row.

For tier 6 or tier 7 cultivators, five levels might not seem much. At tier 9, however, 5 levels is like crossing the gaps between tiers.

There's a reason why Entel & co got so shocked when Wu Yan dueled Entel, a powerful tier 9 mage at the middle stages with his lower stage tier 9 powers. It's also why the girls rained praises on Ikaros and Astrea when they unlocked their Pandora mode.

In tier 9, every level is destined to be hard-fought, it's like the cultivator has to break through every time. While the powerups from leveling up aren't the same as when one entered a new tier, the power increment is still nothing to scoff at.

It's also why it's hard to level up in tier 9.

Forget about the mortals for now, even Wu Yan & co felt like the grind hell just increased to a whole new level.

For example, Flan was summoned at level 82. After so long, after accumulating so much EXP, she is a solid EXP gainer in Wu Yan's group, carrying Wu Yan & co by leveling them up and even making it easier for them to break through.

Flandre is just Level 85 despite all that EXP accumulation.

"Ailu's right, that pool is miraculous. The System probably sells that kind of stuff at high prices..."

He looked around to see the pool is almost all but gone. Wu Yan scratched his cheek.

"Moreover, I don't think I can buy a pool's worth of that kind of enhancement with all the items in my Ring of Gold..."

Wu Yan sighed after taking another look at the pool of miraculous water.

The pool was spectacular. His True Ancestor Bloodline got purified and strengthened. He awakened a bloodline ability. He got a major boost to his mana pool.

If only he can absorb more...

The pool is miraculous but its effects differed depending on the recipient.

A normal cultivator would still experience a tremendous boost in capabilities. However, that cultivator's advancement will lag behind when compared to Wu Yan.

The water from the pool can strengthen and cleanse an individual. However, since native cultivators don't have ESP and OP bloodlines, there's only so much the water can do to improve the cultivators of this world.

Moreover, the other cultivators also lacked Wu Yan's ridiculous magic power. Their bodies are also weak compared to Wu Yan's physique. They won't get as much out of a dip in this pool.

From this perspective, demonic beasts can benefit more from this pool.

Demonic beasts rely more on their bloodlines than humans, they are also generally stronger than humans.

If the Beast King found this pool, he would probably treat it like a national treasure.

At this point, the boiling intensity of the pool reduced to almost a standstill.

Soon, the pool became clear once more. The water flowing into Natsuki, Kanon, and Avrora slowly halted. They opened their eyes with stunned looks.

Natsuki looked at herself, Kanon, and Avrora. Finally, she looked at Wu Yan with a nod.

"It seems we had our fill..."

Kanon and Avrora also nodded bashfully, they tried to cover what little they could with their hands. They sneaked glances at Wu Yan as they were not brave enough to bare themselves in front of Wu Yan in their birthday suits like this.

Wu Yan shrugged when he saw their reactions. He wanted to tell them that he can still see their secret gardens because the water is very clear. Hiding in the water is useless unless the pool is bubbling.

That would end this little show so he decided to feign ignorance. He turned his attention towards Natsuki.

"How do you feel?"

Kanon and Avrora couldn't reply at the spur of the moment. Natsuki nodded, she knew what Wu Yan was referring to...

"The pool didn't do much for us although the effects are still miraculous. My powers have increased greatly, I think you're the reason..."

"Yeah, I got way more than I bargained for."

Wu Yan said that with a chirpy tune. Avrora and Kanon couldn't help but grin when they saw this refreshing look on Wu Yan. Natsuki also loosened her expression.

"The water in this pool didn't boost you girls much..."

Wu Yan rubbed his chin.

"But, Hinagiku and Mikoto should benefit greatly from this, right?"

"I don't know. That's probably true."

"Anyway, you should bring the water back..."

"I will."

Wu Yan waved his hand. A portal to the Gate of Babylon opened up above the pool.

A tiny magic formation rippled outwards from Wu Yan. He manipulated the formation before pointing it at the pool.

The water started churning. It turned into a pillar of water that flowed into the portal. It didn't take the portal long to absorb the pool.


Avrora and Kanon shrieked at the same time. Without the protection of the pool, they quickly covered their mammary glands with their hands while squatting.


Natsuki leered at Wu Yan with a frosty look.

"How long are you planning to gawk at us? Let us return!"

Wu Yan pursed his lips. Though this is regrettable, he cut off the mana supply, sending the trio back into himself. The girls disappeared from his sight in a magical poof.

He waved his hand again and the clothes he threw to the sides flew onto him. He dressed up while exiting the empty pool. He looked at the Guardian Tree Sapling.

After 5 days, the seal on the Ring of Power was already broken. It is hovering inside the sapling. Power also stopped flowing into the ring unlike at the start of this endeavor.

Standing in front of the sapling, he slowly reached into the trunk.

His hand pierced through the invisible trunk. He retrieved the ring from the Guardian Tree Sapling.

He sank his consciousness into the Ring of Power. It's unknown what he saw in the ring. He furrowed his eyebrows with a look of bewilderment.

He gave up thinking about the contents of the ring and its implications. Sighing, he threw the Ring of Power into the Gate of Babylon. Looking at the sapling, he grinned.

The Guardian Tree is a treasure.

If it's a treasure then it can be turned into a Noble Phantasm, right?

However, that would probably get him attacked as the Tree will try to defend itself from what it perceives as an attack.

If it's just a sapling with special abilities, it should be fine to do just that...

He reckons the tree will be of great use if he planted it in the base they are building in the Giant Beast Forest.

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