Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1096: Transformation, major upgrades

Inside the ancient palace. The Guardian Tree's sapling continued emitting a soft glow. It lit up the palace by itself.

Wu Yan, Kanon, Natsuki, and Avorora were inside the pool. Their eyes were closed as if they entered a deep state of slumber. None of them moved. The water of the pool boiled while flowing into the four recipients. The water continued enhancing their bodies.

This was after Wu Yan executed a harsh punishment on Avrora, as for the details, it's better if no one knew.

The four didn't exchange a single word. They didn't open their eyes, they just sat there while accepting the augmentation effects of the pool. Anyone unaware of the current scenario would have assumed they passed out or something.

The palace returned to its silent state. The only signs of life were the Guardian Tree Sapling that continued infusing the Ring of Power with its unsealing powers, and Wu Yan & co who accepted the blessing of the miraculous pool.

Just like that, five days went by.

The water level decreased greatly, the boiling waters also didn't churn around as much as they did when they first started.

The water reached Wu Yan's chest at first. Now, the water is only around his abs.

Five days had passed, the four people in the pool isn't showing signs of waking up. The water also seeped into them at a slower pace than before.

Before long, the purification and enhancement will stop.

At which point, Wu Yan, Natsuki, Kanon, and Avrora are bound to wake up!

Actually, although their eyes were closed, the ladies were aware of the situation around them.

They kept an eye on their own changes as well as the changes happening to Wu Yan through the master-familiar connection.

Including Avrora who got taught a lesson by Wu Yan.

As for whether Wu Yan did the same thing, only the person himself would know.

The boiling pool started calming down. Soon, clarity returned to the pool as well.

At the end of the fifth day, the last trickle of water entered Wu Yan.

At that moment, the air stopped still.


A booming sound like that of a giant heart echoed in the bronze palace.

Wu Yan's eyelids quivered before they slowly opened.


He sighed, exhaling all the gunk in him in an instant. Wu Yan started moving his body.

Crack snap

It sounded like firecrackers were going off inside Wu Yan. Like an android left to rust in the ruins, any slight movement made the owner look like he's familiarizing himself with motion once more.

Wu Yan started grinning when he heard his joints and muscles popping.

He can feel the swirling magic power within him. He also felt his blood coursing his body with much more vitality than before. He balled his palms into fists, his physical abilities were also greatly enhanced.

He assessed the changes in his body.

His basic strength improved, his other parameters also improved greatly.

Even his magic power cultivation speed got upgraded several notches.

His magic power reached a new level of density and purity. This directly affected the powers of his familiars.

He hadn't a clue in regards to the upgrades Kanon, Natsuki, and Avrora got. However, the black and white dragons within him reported a greater power than before.

His augmented bloodline also affected him.

His already OP vitality and regenerative speed were elevated to a higher level.

His bloodline abilities also got a boost.

For instance, Wu Yan had three Red Jades: Kurumi, Flandre, and Yukari's Red Jade mode.

The duration his Red Jade mode can stay active has increased.

Originally, Wu Yan can only use Yukari's power for 10 minutes. Now, he can use it for 20 minutes.

20 minutes is enough time to fight several battles in the realm of demigods.

Also, the pool's blessing gave rise to another bloodline ability.

He can now create blood servants.

Blood servants are special existences in Strike the Blood. They are pseudo vampires created by Primogenitors.

Blood servants are loyal subordinates or marriage partners. They are immortal just like their masters. Don't let the vampire title fool you, they are still technically humans. They are just humans with vampiric abilities. In other words, Blood servants are also humans infinitesimally close to demons.

Moreover,  blood servants largely inherit traits from their masters. They aren't separate entities like other vampires who can only rely on their own powers, they can't borrow powers from others.

Blood servants can unleash their masters' familiar after obtaining prior approval.

It's also rumored that depending on the compatibility between a servant and the master, one can create a blood servant stronger than pureblood vampires.

It's almost as if blood servants are partners and guards for Primogenitors.

Unlike vampires born through other means, blood servants are created with a high chance of possessing great abilities.

Wu Yan obtained the ability to create blood servants.

Almost all vampires in Strike the Blood can create blood servants.. Alas, Wu Yan's True Ancestor bloodline gave him access to too many potential skills, he has to slowly increase his own powers to awaken or delete skills he wanted. This was a measure to prevent his bloodline from going chaotic.

With his improved bloodline, he unlocked a new ability.

Wu Yan won't be using this ability much but it's a satisfactory outcome.

This bloodline ability solved a certain trouble he had.

Of course, other than his bloodline, physique, and magic, he also improved in other areas. For example, his computational abilities increased greatly leading to increased proficiency in ESP abilities.

Wu Yan's overall power increased as all his abilities got a boost.

A notification arrived in his brain.

User experienced great enhancements, System will now give EXP commensurate with the User's increased abilities.

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