Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1092: At the bottom of the pool, the underwater palace

The water rippled, the purplish hue made the water look like poison...The violet pool looked like a pool filled with a poisonous substance. However, the clear and sparkling water had a strangely vibrant vibe to it. The bubbles also bounced around like playful children. The violet pool is easily over 100 square meters wide. But, it's also way deeper than the other pools. Wu Yan sank into the pool after diving in. He's not using any special skills or teleportation magic. At the rate he's going, he's descending dozens of meters per second.

Even so, after more than 15 minutes, Wu Yan still hadn't seen the bottom of this pool.

He cast an underwater movement spell beforehand. Without that spell, Wu Yan would have probably drowned multiple times already.

Naturally, he would just revive after drowning, he is still a True Ancestor...

His deep-red eyes darted around, he was looking for something. Alas, he can only see the same old purple water around him. This pool is so deep.

While diving deeper, he looked at the Ring of Power on his finger. If it weren't because he's underwater, Wu Yan would inhale deeply to calm his vexed heart.

On closer inspection, Wu Yan's Ring of Power glowed softly.

This signaled multiple things.

Firstly, the key must be somewhere in this violet pool.

Secondly, the Ring of Power will open soon.

The Ailu God told him about this ring back in the treasury of the Ailu empire.

Should calamity befall the Ailu empire then Wu Yan can follow the map given to him and find the key to open the Ring of Power in the Domain of Gods.

The depository holding the Key to the Ring of Power was sealed, only when the calamity is near will the seal be lifted.

The Ring of Power became the key to entering this place.

It's highly likely the Ring of Power's key is somewhere in this pool.

Going by what the Ailu God said, this must mean the seal to this place has been undone.

He also entered this place.

In other words, the calamity will descend soon.

Wu Yan felt anxious...

Calamity, what a troublesome and unreal word...

He bitterly shook his head while suppressing his own thoughts. He raised his speed as he dived even deeper.

Time ebbed on...

After a while, the violet world experienced a change in color.

Wu Yan's eyes lit up and he sped up further. He locked onto the glimmer in his field of vision.

As he descended, the bottom of the violet pool finally appeared.

A glimmering palace entered his vision.


His Ring of Power's soft glow intensified.

Wu Yan used a teleportation spell to immediately shorten the distance between the castle and himself.

The castle looked like it was made from aged bronze. It looked like a relic of a forgotten time, the luster it used to have was gone, leaving only an ancient husk. It didn't take an expert to determine this castle's ancient.

Wu Yan can almost see the long history behind the castle. His mind zoned out for a second. After he recovered, Wu Yan looked at the castle in astonishment.

It's just a castle, to think it had such a stunning effect on Wu Yan's tier 9 mind. This castle is definitely not ordinary.

Schwing schwing

His ring continued shining radiantly, it also started vibrating as if urging Wu Yan to enter the palace without further delay.


The Ring of Power got annoyed by Wu Yan, it started flying towards the castle.

Wu Yan got pulled along for a ride as the ring flew over to the castle.

Wu Yan smashed into the wall of the castle, the ring led him into the castle walls.

Wu Yan was expecting pain from this collision. However, he went through the walls like a ghost. No, it was like the castle walls were mirages.

Hovering in the air, Wu Yan roamed his gaze over his environment.

He's inside the castle.

There were bronze walls around him, the ceiling also looked like it was constructed from heavy bronze slabs. It's hard to believe someone phased through that thick wall like nothing.

There was hardly anything other than the walls and ceilings here.

No, that's not correct.

At the end of this grand hall is a mini-version of the Guardian Tree, an ancient tree of an average height.

There is a small pool in front of the ancient tree.

Other than the weird tree and pool, there's nothing around him.

Shockingly enough, despite being underwater, he can breathe just fine while a gentle breeze caressed his cheeks.


Wu Yan sighed.

"As expected of the Domain of Gods, there are too many surprises here. I learned so many things today..."

He flew towards the ancient tree and pool. He lowered his altitude before landing near the edge of the pool.

The water in the pool looked very normal with no fancy colors, just normal water.

At least, it looked like that from the surface.

Wu Yan lifted his head, he examined the ancient tree.

Ring ring...

The Ring of Power started shaking violently. The intense light coming from the ring lit up the palace.

As if responding to the Ring of Power, the leaves on the ancient tree also started glowing green.

Ring ring Fwoom

The Ring of Power started rampaging. Wu Yan can feel an invisible force acting against his hand.

After a brief pause, Wu Yan took of the ring. He tossed it upwards.


Like a beast that regained its freedom, the Ring of Power shot towards the ancient tree, leaving a trail of light.

The Ring of Power stopped before touching the tree trunk. Next, it slowly merged into the tree.

The point of entry became transparent, one can still see the Ring of Power even after it merged with the ancient tree.

Soft silk-like rays of light seeped into the Ring of Power.


After the Ring of Power merged with the tree, a rustling sound reverberated as the ancient tree shook.

The green light rose in intensity, projecting a figure outwards.

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