Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1090: Movement, the rainbow-colored pools...

"It's not a dream..."

Sylph also voiced the same thought as Natsuki.

"The scenes here might make one think we are in a dream realm. However, this sense of existence, it's not something a dream realm can replicate..."

Sylph fell into countless dream realms. She's sure she can tell reality from illusions.

Although it's not convincing to hear it from her, Sylph won't say something unless she has a degree of confidence in it.


Sylph slowly closed her eyes, a surge of blue mana spawned. Sylph started glowing blue with magic.

"My magic power recovered..."

The blue magical sheen gave her an otherworldly feel. Wu Yan recovered and raised his arm.

His sealed magic power also started blowing up when he channeled some of it. This surge of magical power created a tiny storm in the area, his magic power blazed like magical flames.

He only had his magic sealed for two or three days. Even so, this feeling of channeling his own magic power felt nostalgic. The magical flames moved and swayed as per his directions.

This terrifying control over magic power is something only those apex beings specialized in magic can do.

His magical power control was enhanced by Eternal Arms Mastery. Otherwise, he wouldn't have this kind of control unless he trained for dozens of years if not hundreds of years.

Wu Yan isn't the only one playing with his magic power, Sylph also channeled her magic power to check things out. After a while, the two stored their magic power back.

Next, they turned their attention towards the rainbow-colored pools near them.

"Are we in the core palace of the Domain of Gods?"

"I thought the treasures were in the core palace? Why don't I see any treasures?"

Sylph nodded. She started drawing closer to the mesmerizing pools of various colors.

Wu Yan shrugged before tagging along.

The pools varied by color and size. The waters were also still. The dynamic flashes of lights made for a very beautiful sight.

Wu Yan and Sylph checked out the red pool first. It's the smallest pool. They peered into it.

The color's oddly glaring yet clear, they can see the bottom as there were no impurities in it. A magical series of lights formed a sentence when they drew closer.

' Imperial descendants and Guardian clan members of tier 6 cultivation may enter..."

Wu Yan and Sylph stepped back. They looked at the other pools with an understanding look.

It's been stated that those who enter must be of either imperial descent or have Guardian blood coursing through them. They must also be in the tier 6 cultivation realm.

If that's the case then the other pools are probably reserved for tier 7, tier 8, tier 9, even a pool for demigods.

They peered into the other pools.

As expected, the orange pool had a line: "Imperial descendants and Guardian clan members of tier 7 cultivation may enter..."

Yellow Pool: "Imperial descendants and Guardian clan members of tier 8 cultivation may enter..."

Green Pool: "Imperial descendants and Guardian clan members of tier 9 cultivation may enter..."

Blue Pool: "Imperial descendants and Guardian clan members of peak tier 9 cultivation may enter..."

Indigo Pool: "Imperial descendants and Guardian clan members of the demigod tier may enter..."

The pools divided qualified participants by cultivation realms.

Only those that fit the criteria can enter. Those unqualified are barred from entry.

Wu Yan tested this out.

Wu Yan tried stepping on pools other than the green pool, namely, the red, orange, yellow, blue, and indigo pools. He can only stand on the surface. The green pool did soak his feet when he tested the waters. This is probably the pool meant for him.

Meanwhile, Sylph can only enter the yellow pool.

The last pool, the largest pool of violet waters didn't give any hints when they approached it.

Naturally, Wu Yan and Sylph were piqued by this pool.

The other pools required sufficient cultivation levels to enter.

The larger the pool, the higher the tier requirement.

If the treasures were contained in the pools then the treasures will probably also vary according to the strength of the participants.

The bigger the pools, the greater the potency of the treasures within.

What about the violet pool which didn't have any indications on it? What are the treasures contained within?

The two drew closer to the violet pool when...


The pool started shaking as the waters churned.

Wu Yan and Sylph wanted to back away when a ringing sound echoed in this magical space.

Then, much to Wu Yan's shock, his Gate of Babylon opened up on its own.

The portal opened very violently and hastily, it's like something's trying to burst out from within. A jet of light shot forth.

The light escaped the Gate of Babylon like a rampaging beast that just attained its freedom. It flew towards the pool but Wu Yan caught it in time.

It was a ring, specifically, a black ring...

"The Ring of Power!"

The two froze up.

Fwoom ring...

The violet pool started churning harder. It's like the waters were reacting to its child being caught in the hands of a villain. The whooshing sound grew in intensity.

Wu Yan grasped harder.

"It seems the key to opening this ring is in the violet pool..."

"Let's go!"

Sylph said without hesitation.


Wu Yan retorted.

The situation inside that pool is unknown, if there are no rewards other than the key for the Ring of Power then Sylph would waste her winning ticket in the Domain of Gods for nothing...

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