Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1089: The entrance, a beautiful scenery

"The door to the core palace, it's over there!"

All sounds died down. His words echoed in this wide cave.

Sylph closed her eyes, she tried to sense the correct door but she didn't come up with anything. That's just a set of very orderly doors.

Even so, she's not mad that she can't find the clue. Instead, hints of praise, bliss, and pride could be seen in the windows of her soul.

She nodded while scrutinizing that set of doors.

"Can you ascertain which is the correct door?"

"I am sure, that's why I said we were fooled..."

Wu Yan bitterly replied.

"Who told you the true door is one of those doors?!"

Sylph flinched.

Wu Yan said the door leading to the core palace is over there.

She slightly frowned. She's waiting for Wu Yan to explain himself.

"If I am right, the door leading to the core palace should be in that area..."

Wu Yan chortled when he saw Sylph casting doubt his way. He looked at the set of doors over there before turning his attention to the tunnel that led them here.

"I was just like you, I assumed one of the doors over there should be the correct one. However, there are close to a hundred doors over there. It's kind of pointless to know the direction but not the exact location. The Guardian Tree wouldn't do us dirty like that."

"Moreover, if the correct door was one of the neatly stacked doors then there wouldn't be a need to shuffle the walls. The Guardian Tree could have made the doors randomized, yes?"

"Why move the walls around if it's not going to move the correct door away?"

Sylph started catching on. She looked at the tunnel that led them here.

Wu Yan laughed once more.

"Ah, looks like you caught my drift..."

Wu Yan looked at the same tunnel.

"Right, why move the walls when it can just move the doors around?!"

He pointed at the tunnel. With his other hand, he pointed at the neatly stacked doors. His thunderous voice reverberated in the cave.

"The walls are moving because it can move the tunnel beneath the set of neatly stacked doors. That's the real reason why the walls, not the doors got shuffled.

"I believe when the tunnel is aligned with the neatly stacked set of doors then we will find the entrance to the core palace.

"That's what I am thinking..."

Wu Yan shook his head.

"This is why I said we were played. That was the clue all along, the entrance. We had to find the entrance, not the door."

"Truly, the Guardian Tree took us for a ride..."

"Ah, of course, it's only my idea at this point..."

He scratched his cheek. He shrugged somewhat unsteadily.

"As for the verification, it's still too early to say anything."

"No, I think you're onto something here."

Sylph encouraged Wu Yan.

"With all the identical doors here, the shifting tunnel does give one a reason to suspect something fishy. Also, the doors closed immediately after springing their trap on us. There is no chance to go through before the door closes. The tunnel is the only accessible entrance here."

"I agree with your idea."

"Then, let's do it!"

Wu Yan grinned while nodding.

"Yeah, let's try it!"

Wu Yan and Sylph tried opening doors once more.

To make the walls move, there is only one method: Opening doors.

The doors will close and the walls will shuffle around, making the tunnel move after Wu Yan and Sylph dealt with the dreams and illusions from the doors.

After an hour, they opened about 100 doors. Wu Yan settled the dreams and illusions that assaulted them. At long last, the tunnel aligned with the neatly stacked set of doors.

Wu Yan and Sylph looked hesitant.

It's all just a hypothesis at this point, that the aligned tunnel will be the true entrance to the core palace...

The tunnel didn't look particularly special after aligning with the set of neat doors.

Wu Yan inhaled deeply. He used a sharp gaze before ordering Sylph into mobilization.

"Let's go!"

Sylph nodded.

They walked into that tunnel with Wu Yan leading the way.

When they both entered the tunnel, ripples started spreading in the air. It's like multiple pebbles struck the surface of a lake. The ripples formed beautiful crests of light in the air.

It looked like they walked into a lake that's perpendicular to the ground. They disappeared beyond the spatial ripples.

The cave went silent.

A strong flash occurred the moment Wu Yan and Sylph entered the tunnel. They could only block with their arms. After a brief moment, the strong flash settled down.

When they opened their eyes, they saw a completely different scene compared to the dark and damp cave from before.

It was a scene straight out of a fictional work.

There are no walls, no ceilings, even the ground looked ethereal. They can only see ripple-like light formations around them.

Wu Yan and Sylph looked like they stood on water, the smallest movement created ripples that cascaded into beautiful patterns. Thick roots shot up into the sky, forming a natural ceiling that shielded them from the waters along with the ripple barrier around them.

They aren't sure how wide this special area was, it looked big and small at the same time. Truly, a work of wonders...

In front of them were seven pools of different colors.

The pools were red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and indigo, all the colors of the rainbow. Indeed, when these lights hit the walls, they formed a surreal environment. Calling it a magnificent scene would still be doing it a disservice.

After slowly recovering from astonishment, Wu Yan and Sylph exchanged a look. They confirmed they were in a different location compared to the dark cave.

Wu Yan started laughing again.

"Don't tell me we are in another dream realm?"

"No, we're not."

Natsuki denied.

"You are in a state of clarity, I can sense that much."


Wu Yan bitterly grinned.

He couldn't help it, the scene's just too breathtaking. It makes one question the line between reality and fantasy.

He would be forgiven for thinking they were stuck in another dreamland.

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