Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1087: Real dreams, real illusions

They were in a white place.

When the intense light struck him, Wu Yan raised his arms on reflex. He also raised his guard because anything could happen.

When the light dimmed down, Wu Yan is the first one to lower his arms. He looked around in astonishment.

He's in a pure white place.

In this space, there are only two individuals...

He's one of them.

The other individual hovered in the air. She's wearing a gothic lolita dress that's half-red and half-white. She had a beret cap and crystals dangling off her tattered wings. She also had a devilish tail despite her petite stature.


Wu Yan cried out.

Isn't that Flan?

Flan raised her head, showing the visage hidden beneath her bangs. Her cute looks threatened to dazzle everything in this place. She also had a deep red pair of eyes just like Wu Yan.

When the two stared down each other's barrels, Flan's eyes lit up. She started giggling like a little girl her size. It seems she's overjoyed, her bliss is contagious.


Flan cheered as if she's finally reunited with her long-lost relative. One couldn't help but notice the absolute elation in her voice. She glomped Wu Yan with might that could shatter boulders.

"Why? Why is Flan here?..."

Wu Yan frowned after noticing this anomaly. He turned grim.

"Another dream realm?!"

Flan's next sentence confirmed his suspicion.

"Hey, Onii-san..."

A savage glint flashed in her playful eyes. Malicious aura and bloody aura rose at the same time as the flash of red light in her eyes.

Flandre showed Wu Yan a bone-chilling grin. Her eerily tender voice echoed in this space.

"Come play with Flan..."

That familiar look, attitude, and words...

It's like when he first met the unstable Flan.

Wu Yan's pupil shrank instantly.

"Flan, you..."

Flan snickered, with a wave of her hands, bloody tendrils rose up from the ground. The tendrils shot towards him, rapidly expanding in his field of vision.

Wu Yan tilted his head to the side at the last second.


The bloody tendril shot past his cheeks, scratching him. He floated a grave expression.


Flan clapped her hands like a playful child.

"Come play with me! Let's play!"

Flan reached out, she spread her palms open.

Wu Yan's hair immediately shot up straight.

Don't pull this on me!

That's Flan's signature move, the destruction of Eyes ability.


Wu Yan clicked his tongue, this isn't the time to hesitate. A flash of lightning arced around him.

Before an epic fight ensued, a similarly youthful voice rang in his mind, albeit this voice carried more authority and disapproval.

"Now's not the time for this!"

Wu Yan stopped as the white space shattered into a million pieces...

Wu Yan stood before the door. Suddenly, his eyes opened and he jumped backward, he stared at the shining door with a dark look.

When Wu Yan woke up, the door also closed. Much to their surprise, the doors started shuffling around, after about a dozen seconds, the doors finally stopped moving.

Excluding Wu Yan, even Sylph wasn't amused with this revelation.

The doors actually shifted after an opening attempt?!

This means the process of elimination will not work.

Sylph closed her eyes, she steadied her mind while asking about Wu Yan's state.

"You okay?"

Wu Yan touched the spot where he got cut in the white space. He saw blood on his finger.

That's the leftover blood from when the fake Flan cut him.

His wound already healed up but he still laughed at himself.

"Maybe, I think we can call this trouble..."

He got hurt in that dream realm, that damage was reflected here in reality.

"A real dream?"

Sylph roamed her gaze over the doors that just shifted locations.

"This means we aren't supposed to open the door randomly..."

Wu Yan wiped away the blood on his face.

"Nope, I am going to try it a few more times. I don't see any other way..."

But, those doors will re-shuffle, no?

Sylph didn't say that though.

Indeed, there seems to be no other way.

"Let me try."

Sylph suggested.

Wu Yan wanted to shoot her down but he relented after seeing the resolute look she's sporting. He nodded after a brief pause.

"Don't close your eyes. If you close your eyes then I will go wake you up immediately!"

Sylph nodded. She started walking towards the general direction he was moving in.

The doors will reshuffle, it really doesn't matter which door they try.

Unlike Wu Yan, Sylph didn't give herself the chance to regret her actions. She pushed open the door closest to her.

There were no lights, no dreams...

What was waiting behind the door was a mirror.

"A mirror?"

They both flinched at the same time.

The Sylph in the mirror started moving instantly. She took out a knife and stabbed at Sylph's chest much to her surprise.


A hand stopped the blade from reaching Sylph. The masculine hand gripped the blade so hard that blood started sipping through his iron grip.

The Sylph in the mirror took back her knife.

At the same time, the door slammed shut as the doors started shuffling once more.

Sylph didn't mind the situation. She looked at Wu Yan and his bleeding hand.

"Don't worry, I did that on purpose..."

Wu Yan pursed his lips when he noticed Sylph staring at his wound. He showed her his recovered palm to assure her he's fine.

"Looks like we are facing dreams and illusions not unlike the one we faced back in the land of green mist..."


Wu Yan pursed his lips, he waved the blood off his hand.

"We can't treat them like normal dreams or illusions..."

He suffered damage from both dreams and illusions.

They were faced with illusions and dreams on another level.

"Real dreams and real illusions...."

Natsuki mused out loud, only Wu Yan can hear her though.

"Things just got troublesome..."

Nodding, both Wu Yan and Sylph exchanged a quick glance. They opened the door in front of them after the doors stopped shifting.

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