Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1079: A surprising event under the sunset

When consciousness returned to him, Wu Yan slowly stirred into consciousness while groaning.

He shook his head while struggling to get up. He slowly opened his eyes with a hand to his head.

The first thing that entered his eyes was the setting sun.

Wu Yan flinched.

"Sunset? It's already that time?"

Wu Yan tried to steady his blurry mind.

He was stuck in a land of green colors. He lost consciousness within the green fog area.

Why did things return to normal?

"Is the fog gone? The land actually looked like this?"

Wu Yan tilted his head.

"So there are normal places in the Domain of Gods..."

Wu Yan threw out that sarcastic remark before remembering someone very important.


Sylph's gone!

Wu Yan looked around in shock. The scenery astonished him once more.

Not only is the green fog gone, the land of verdant greenness also disappeared. It looked like the environment transformed, only the setting sun is here to accompany him.

Wu Yan noticed that he's on red carpet. There were long benches to his sides. Floral decorations were all around him, the chapel bell tolled with a melodic tune. The tune lifted one's mood.

Wu Yan couldn't believe the scenery he is looking at.

"Wh-where is this? Why am I in a place that looks like a wedding venue?"

"People come to the Domain of Gods to get hitched?"

Wu Yan scratched his cheek only to notice another thing.

His sleeve is white.

No, he's wearing a white coat.

Specifically, he's wearing a white tuxedo.

Wu Yan was flabbergasted.

"Wait, I am the one getting married?"

"Yan! Gosh, what are you doing here? Don't you know everyone's waiting for you?!"

A light voice called out to him. He turned around to see another amazing scene.

The one who called out to him is a very beautiful lady.

Her chestnut-brown hair danced in the wind. With the petals flying all around, she smelled really nice although one couldn't be certain if that's her perfume or the flowers around her. Her eyes were as brown as her hair. The most enchanting feature of this lady was her breathtaking face.

She stood with arms akimbo. It's like she's scolding a brat who wouldn't listen. She puffed her cheeks. But, this act couldn't hide the bliss brimming from within her. She is truly the most joyful girl on earth.

She wore a white wedding dress. The dress accentuated her captivating figure. The hem of her dress also fluttered with the wind.

She's in a wedding dress. Wu Yan called out the name of the lady who yelled at him.


That's right.

She's Asuna who he hadn't seen in a long time.

Wu Yan's true fiancée.


Wu Yan resisted her entrancing figure, joy and excitement started taking over. At the same time, confusion also rose within.

"Wh-why are you here?"


Asuna gave him a dangerous look.

"Don't tell me you don't remember why you're here?"

"I mean..."

Wu Yan started awkwardly laughing.

"If you will tell me that will make me very happy..."


Asuna leered at Wu Yan. She placed her palm to her forehead.

"I thought you're just klutzy when you woke up from your vampiric sleep..."

Asuna shrieked at him.

"Don't tell me you seriously forgot this is our wedding day?!"


Wu Yan paused for a second. He roared.


"What's with that face?!"

Asuna is mad at Wu Yan for looking like he's having a hard time believing this.

"Is something weird about us getting married?! Are you getting cold feet?!":

"No no no!"

Wu Yan shook his head. He wanted to marry Asuna, that he is sure.

"You know my true feelings..."

Asuna's expression turned better. She marched over and grabbed his arm.

"Anyway, everyone's waiting for us, let's go!"

Asuna pulled Wu Yan along by his arm. Wu Yan also doddered along.

A beautiful church appeared before the two.

There are people waiting for them. When they heard the two most important VIPs, they turned around to cheer.

"Yo! Good job making us wait! The model husband and wife duo!"

A pretty boy who looked like he would have a fine career as a gigolo waved at Wu Yan and Asuna.

"Haha! I thought you guys would be late to your own wedding!"

A guy with a messy goatee teased them, he looked like he needed a lesson in personal hygiene.

"Yan wouldn't be late for something like this.

Said a young guy with a friendly smile.

"Well, don't tell me you guys are embarrassed? You already threw such a grand ceremony back in SAO..."

A macho-looking African American said.

Wu Yan gasped.

"Kirito! Klein! Souta! Agil!"

"Onii-san, you came..."

A shy-looking young lady beamed at Wu Yan.

"If you guys didn't come we would have gone looking for you two..."

"Look, didn't I tell you guys? I totes said they would be coming!"

A vibrant lady said with a smirk.

"Yan might be guilty but Asuna is the one who couldn't wait for this day to come sooner!"


A cute girl with twintails bobbed her head.

"Weddings are great, no way would Wu Yan-nii and Asuna-nee forget this day..."

"They should thank me!"

A girl puffed out her chest in pride while standing with the three girls.

"This wedding event was drafted and executed by yours truly!"

"Sachi... Liz... Silica... Shion..."

Wu Yan wasn't sure what to say.

Although he didn't say anything, the others were moving things along.

"Alright, let's start the wedding ceremony!"

"Let's go!"

"Hurry up!"

The groomsmen and bridesmaid pushed the two along. Wu Yan was still a bit puzzled while Asuna had a flushed smile on her face.

Soon, they were at the altar. A young girl with jet-black straight hair waited for them here.

The petite girl immediately bloomed radiantly when Wu Yan and Asuna approached.

"Papa! Mama! Congratulations!"

Yui is here too.


Wu Yan panicked with Asuna giggling by his side.

"Thanks, Yui..."

Yui shook her head.

"I am Papa and Mama's daughter. I am the one who is the happiest to see Papa and Mama getting married. Don't thank me..."

Yui walked over to Wu Yan and she presented a box with a pair of rings in it. She gave him a sweet smile.

"Papa, take care of mama, mkay?..."

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