Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1078: Green Mist area, falling into a trap...

The thick green smoke looked like they came down from above. Green flashes can be seen within the smoke. One can only see vague figures of trees and boulders hidden within the blinding fog.


Wu Yan and Sylph exchanged a look. They hesitated before the green mist.

Should they go in?

There shouldn't be any danger inside, the Domain of Gods wouldn't do them dirty like that. There is only one thing to note.

The trial was given by the Guardian Tree.

There is no telling what trial will be given. With no clue, there is no way one can predict a solution.

They can only be sure of one thing. If they messed around in the Domain of Gods then they will most likely fail the test and make this trip pointless after time's up. They would have to wait a decade to enter once more.

The trial comes before any consideration for danger.

If there is a chance this is a trial by the Tree then both of them have to enter.

With their vision so heavily hindered, the chances of mishap increased drastically...

"Let's go in..."

Sylph said, stirring Wu Yan awake from his own thoughts.

"Don't forget we only have 10 days, we wasted one day..."

Wu Yan sighed.

"You're right, we can't waste time dragging our feet here."

Wu Yan slowly descended to the ground with weak flashes of lightning.

Walking would be safer than flying around.

He grabbed Nietono no Shana while Sylph equipped the Meteor Shower. They held hands as they slowly wandered into the green fog.

"Don't let go of my hand when we enter..."

Wu Yan growled.

"I don't want anyone to go missing..."

Sylph nodded while tightening her hold on Wu Yan's hand.

Wu Yan inhaled deeply after confirming Sylph's voiceless agreement. Then, the two entered the deep green mist.

Maybe it's their mind playing tricks on them, the two felt like the fog's slightly cold.

The fog also looked like it's poisonous so the two slowly moved forward with vigilance in mind. They also slowed down their pace.

Nietono no Shana is blazing but this didn't help with widening their line of vision. The fog didn't clear up despite the blazing temperature. Visibility is still a crippling issue.

The encroaching fog's color got morphed by the flames Nietono no Shana's giving off. They can't hear birds or bugs in the environment. Wu Yan felt a certain pressing feeling inside himself.

"Hey, Sylph, is it really fine to continue like this?"

Wu Yan said with an anxious look.

"We can't even see where we are going, aren't we going to lose ourselves in this place?"

Wu Yan waited for Sylph to reply but she didn't say anything. Not even after minutes had passed.

Wu Yan felt a bit helpless.

"Look, I know you're not a talker but you can at least speak a few words. Don't treat me like you would treat strangers, that's just going to make me feel bad..."

Sylph still didn't say anything.

Wu Yan felt a bit annoyed, he turned around.

"I say, don't..."

He was expecting Sylph's cold face but that wasn't the scene he saw.

No, he didn't see Sylph's enchanting figure. Rather it's an entity made of green fog, thick vines wrapped around the entity. It also had vipers for arms, one of which is currently being held by Wu Yan.

Where Sylph's exquisite mien should have been was placed by a beehive-like skull with snakes wriggling in and out of it.

Wu Yan's hair stood on ends as his pupils shrank.


The viper Wu Yan's holding sprang to life all of a sudden like a released spring. The viper bit Wu Yan's on his forearm.

Wu Yan felt a sharp pain coursing through his arm. His chaotic mind started letting its battle instinct take over. His eyes emitted a sharp glint.

The flames on his sword blazed hotter, covering Wu Yan in an instant.  The viper also got burned along with the green fog entity and its tiny viper compatriots.


The green fog entity cried like a baby when it was engulfed in flames.

It didn't take long for Wu Yan to burn the green fog entity into nothing, not even a scrap was left.

The flames receded, revealing Wu Yan and his disgusted look.

"When did..."

Wu Yan suppressed the anxiety within with clenched teeth.

He had tier 9 power despite the magic seal. How did he fail to notice he's holding a viper and the green fog monster that tagged along with him.

More importantly, this is the Domain of Gods, this much should be expected from the Guardian Tree's trial. Yet...

Where is Sylph?!

He can't see a single person with all the thick fog around him.


Wu Yan gripped his sword harder. He was trying to come up with a solution when a dizzying sensation hit him.

Everything started shaking in his vision, his thoughts were also clouded. A paralyzing sensation to sleep hit him like a truck. He can't even maintain balance as he fell onto one knee.


Resisting the urge to sleep. Wu Yan turned towards the two recovering bloody holes on his arm. That was where the viper bit him.

This drowsiness must be related to the snakebite.

Wu Yan's expression turned grim.

That viper shouldn't have been able to bypass Wu Yan's True Ancestor level regeneration and vitality.

This means the viper's poison isn't life-threatening. It probably had a hypnotic effect.

That viper can't kill anyone, it just had the ability to put people to sleep.

If that's the case then he would rather the viper came with toxic poison.

Poison's pretty much useless on him. The hypnotic effect actually had more effect on him. Even a True Ancestor like him fell for a trap like this.

Worse yet, he can't dispel the hypnosis with his magic sealed away. He also can't use status effect spells to resist this.


Wu Yan forcibly laughed as a drop of sweat flowed down his temple.

"This is bad..."

The drowsiness took over as Wu Yan succumbed to the Sandman's lure. He sagged down like a sack of potatoes.

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