Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1075: Your clothes are wet too, take them off

"Anyway, let's get those clothes off you."

Although the volume he used to say that line wasn't particularly loud, the silent environment caused his sentence to echo. The mood also sank into freezing temperature.


Wu Yan and Sylph looked at one another. The guy is grinning while the girl spots an expressionless look. Maybe she's pale because she calmed her blood qi down, in any case, she stared at Wu Yan without saying or showing any visible emotions.

A drop of sweat started flowing down the side of Wu Yan's head. His smile also became rigid as time went on.


Still, Sylph stared at Wu Yan. She hugged her body tighter as if she preferred to have her clothes stick to her. It also looked like she's afraid someone might do something to her clothes. Even her eyes were slightly cautious.

Wu Yan's awkward smile returned to normal after a brief pause.

"If I say I don't have any bad intentions would you believe me?"


Sylph didn't reply. However, she did cross her arms tighter, which told him what she thought.

Wu Yan's head sagged down in dejection. He pulled away from Sylph.

"I will turn around. Hurry up and change out of those wet clothes."

Wu Yan wanted to turn around but Sylph stopped him with a good question.

"Clothes to change into? Where?"


Silence greeted them once more.

Wu Yan said nothing, Sylph said nothing, it feels like they were sent back to the Ice Age, the mood kept chilling. If a stranger stood here then the stranger would be too scared to move under this awkward mood, right?

Wu Yan inhaled deeply. He asked just in case.

"You're telling me you didn't bring a change of clothes?"

Sylph didn't give him a direct answer.

"I came to the Domain of Gods..."

Sylph's saying she didn't come here to sightsee, she's here to advance herself along the route of cultivation through chance encounters.

Wu Yan rubbed his aching temples. He bitterly laughed.

"I didn't think trivial matters would bedevil us before the big events..."

Sylph's condition worsened as she trembled harder. She looked as pale as a ghost. She's not far from reaching an enfeebled state where fever and cold will beset her.


Wu Yan couldn't believe he has to deal with this situation. He waved his hand.

"You're engaged to me anyway, just lose the clothes."

The air turned still.

It's obvious to Sylph that Wu Yan's at his wit's end. Her eyes wavered with hesitation.

Engagement, huh?

She recalled the scene where she forcibly kissed him. She took another look at Wu Yan and she sighed silently.

Honestly, she didn't know what she was thinking, there was no way she would do that to another man.

However, she did that to Wu Yan.

Seriously, she still couldn't comprehend why she did that. However, it didn't feel weird to her when she intimately went to first base with Wu Yan.

She's also okay with getting engaged to Wu Yan.

No man has ever had this big a spot in her heart.

She recalled the decision she made after seeing Wu Yan and his entourage of beautiful ladies.

She reckoned that she can always annul the engagement after she booked him.

If she found him to be desirable then she wouldn't mind serving Wu Yan along with the girls around him.

She sifted through the memories they shared together. In an instant, Sylph understood one thing.

Excluding the question of suitability and compatibility, he's the closest male acquaintance in her life.

He also touched her body multiple times, the body she rarely touched outside of cleaning purposes. She also gave him her first kiss.

I should accept him...

That thought flashed through her mind. Sylph slowly got up to her feet despite her severe shivers.

"What are you doing?!"

Wu Yan screamed as he approached her in an annoyed manner.

"If there's something bugging you just tell me, I can..."

He couldn't finish his sentence. Sylph did something that utterly stunned him. His eyes bulged while his jaw dropped.

Her water-soaked clothes dropped to the ground in a wet splash. Droplets and dust flew everywhere.

She slowly undressed in a set pattern. The wet sloshing of her soaked garments reverberated.

When she lost the last piece of clothing protecting her dignity, Wu Yan saw an unforgettable scene.

Her white skin dazzled under the green light of this sub-space. Like a precious gem, her ivory legs glistened without any blemish. She looked like an untarnished jade.

Her perky cans defied gravity as they stood proud. Water continued to run down her chiseled collar bones and down her curvy figure. He heard something within his heart.

Wu Yan watched the whole thing unfold. She showed him her secret garden, the places a young lady should keep hidden from public eyes, Wu Yan saw. His mind went blank.

Under Wu Yan's intense stare, even Sylph couldn't help but blush. That's about the only reaction one can get from her.

She lost her strength after revealing her pristine body. She slowly slumped downwards.

Wu Yan regained his senses and he jumped into action. He hugged her before she fell face forward.

The bouncy sensation made him almost push her away in reflex. He stopped himself from doing that, his mouth opened and closed, he didn't know what to say.

It appears Sylph used all her strength to remove her soaked clothes. She panted while looking weak.

"Let's find a more private spot, people might come here."

He said something suspicious.

Wu Yan stopped his own mind from going to dirty places. He nodded while scanning the surrounding. He picked up Sylph as he dashed into a tall bush that barely covered them. There is a tiny spot within the tall grasses.

Hidden behind tall bushes, Sylph's tense body calmed down.

"Start a fire, I am still cold despite losing my clothes..."


Wu Yan stuttered, he hurriedly took out the lighter he bought from the system. He started setting a burning array before a warm fire started.

Sylph slowly stopped shivering. She eyed Wu Yan who is still too flustered for his own good before sighing.

"You're wet too, remove your clothes..."

Wu Yan's mind stopped working once more, as if he could process everything before this point.

He nodded with a dumb look.

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