Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1074: In any case, let's get those clothes off you

The sky is green, the ground is emerald-green, even the air had a slight green tinge.

With no sounds and no clouds in the sky, the place looked desolate especially when there are no lifeforms nearby. The only signs of life in this area would be the bubbling green lake.

The ripples turned more violent by the second before someone burst out heaving from the center. He must have held his breath for a long time.

Wu Yan pulled Sylph out of the water. He waddled over to the lakeshore.

"Sylph! Sylph!"

He laid down Sylph on the ground. Wu Yan hurriedly slapped her cheeks after seeing that she's drenched with barely any breathing at all.

"Hey! Don't scare me like this, I don't believe a tier 8 mage can die from drowning, don't you pull this one on me!"

Wu Yan forcibly laughed as he suppressed the creeping anxiety within him.

He placed his fingers near her nose. After confirming she's still breathing, Wu Yan sighed in relief. He hesitated when he saw her enchanting face. Sighing, he decided it was time to take action.

"Screw it, not like it's the first time we kissed..."

Wu Yan lifted her chin as he got into position, he gulped when he took another look at her mesmerizing lips.

"You kissed me on your own accord last time, this is payback, alright?"

Wu Yan said as if he's consoling himself.

"Moreover, we are engaged so a smooch or two should be fine..."

Wu Yan inhaled before placing his lips on Sylph's lips.

He felt a cool and soft sensation hitting him. He subconsciously licked her ruby-red lips. Noticing that it's not the time to do this, he exhaled into her oral cavity.

After a few more tries, Sylph finally reacted. Wu Yan felt an immense joy when Sylph bounced up and coughed. She coughed out the lake water choking her.

Wu Yan hugged Sylph. He patted her on the back.

"There, there, you alright?"

Cough cough cough

Sylph coughed again. Her face was pale when she was done. She looked feeble, not a look the lofty Ice Princess should be seen wearing.

She looked around in a daze. Finally, she noticed Wu Yan's wet clothes and the frigid robes coating her. It didn't take long for her to pin together what had just happened. She shook her head in a languid manner.

"I am... fine..."

"You don't look fine..."

Wu Yan bitterly laughed, she's pale as a ghost. He helped her wipe away the water dripping down the side of her head.

"If you're not fine then you should say it. We don't want something to happen later down the road..."

Wu Yan's warm treatment and gentle rubbing made Sylph a bit awkward, she shook her head again.

"I am fine, I just feel cold..."


Wu Yan gasped.

"You're the Ice Princess, you feel cold?!"

Sylph is a mage specialized in ice magic, she shouldn't be able to feel cold.

Sylph also noticed her own words. Yet, she feels a freezing chill from the wet clothes on her. She's not hallucinating.

Sylph examined herself much to her horror.

"I can't channel my magic!"


Wu Yan jumped back. Sylph doesn't joke around. Hence, he tried to use his magic power.

The boundless magic power within him started churning and flowing like a gentle river. There were even magical booms within him. He's probably the only one in Silvaria who can hold this much magic power within himself.

But, his magic power wouldn't respond no matter how he tried to control it.

He still has magic power but he can't use it at all.

Wu Yan's expression turned dark.

"I know why we suddenly fell, magic usage appears to be sealed here..."

Sylph also had the same thought. She nodded without Wu Yan's dark look.

Wu Yan looked up at the verdant sky.

"Are magic and Douqi sealed in the Domain of Gods?"

"If that's the case then father would have told me about this."

Sylph denied that theory.

"However, father did say there are annoying restrictions in every area. We must have somehow wandered into an area where magic power or even Douqi can't be used."

"Now, that's..."

Wu Yan grimaced.


Without magic, Wu Yan lost access to a lot of cards in his trump.

The 103,000 grimoires all require mana to operate. That's out of the playbook now.

The vassal beasts cannot come into existence without magic power to manifest them.

In other words, Wu Yan can only use ESP and peak physical mastery granted to him by Eternal Arms Mastery.

Fortunately, Gate of Babylon doesn't require magic power to operate, the armament inside can also be utilized. The same goes for Red Jade mode so that's good news.

Even so, Wu Yan's composite strength fell.

Wu Yan originally could challenge people levels above him, fighting mid-stage tier 9 fighters with his current level, using vassal beasts would make him even more potent in battle. However, as he is right now, he can only unleash early-stage tier 9 power.

Sylph is in a worse position. she can only use magic so without magic power she's basically just another human.

This is also why she felt cold when she specialized in Ice Magic.

"We need to leave as soon as possible."

Sylph hugged Wu Yan's arm, she advised him with a grave look.

"Without our powers, it will be hard to do anything."

"Can you walk in such a state?"

Sylph started shivering. Her face is also as white as a sheet of paper.

"I don't think you can walk in that state, right?"

"Carry me."

Sylph said with a frigid voice.

"Once we go out of this place, I should be fine."

"We don't even know how big this magic-sealing area is!"

Wu Yan rejected that notion.

"In your current state, you're going to fall sick before we get out of this place. When you're sick I don't think you can fight at full power."

Sylph lowered her head.

Wu Yan also tried to persuade her in a soft tone.

"Adjust your mental and physical state, that way you can deal with whatever comes our way. You wouldn't want to lose out on the boons in the Domain of Gods just because you're rash..."


Sylph retorted in a troubled tone.

"What if enemies appear..."


Wu Yan chortled.

"Magic might be out of the question but I can still fight on tier 9 level without relying on magic and Douqi..."

Sylph loosened her expression. Wu Yan laughed once more.

"Anyway, let's get those clothes off you!"

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