Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1073: Journey into the Domain of Gods, unexpected fall

"The more people in a group, the tougher the trial."

Kate's warning put a stop to the plans of many who were planning on using superior numbers to cheese through the trials.

"The number of members isn't the only variable..."

Weya sighed.

"The higher your tier, the harsher the tests."

"If a lower-tier cultivator travels with a higher-tier cultivator, the difficulty will be adjusted to suit the group."

Gurda coldly told the ones here.

"The tests are fair and equal. The Guardian Tree will ensure that everyone gets a fair shot."

Entel shook his head.

"When the tests become harder, the rewards reaped from passing such trials will increase in tandem with the difficulty. It's viable to travel in a group, assuming said group passes their trial then that group will get better rewards than others. In the end, it's up to you how to proceed from this point on."

The experienced emperors advised the others. The crowd lowered their head to think about their options.

Sylph also thought about her options. A large hand fell on her slender shoulder.

"Since the test is fair then I think we should try it out. No matter what test the Tree throws our way, I will make sure to pass it, just you see!"

Sylph saw Wu Yan's confident look. Her cold expression warmed up a bit. Instantly, she nodded.

"Let's go together then."


A sweet but sickening voice rang at the same time.

"Please let Lana go through the trial of love with Sylph-nee-sama!"

Wu Yan and Sylph grimaced.

"Let's go!"

Wu Yan wrapped his arm around Sylph's enchanting waist. Sylph also threw herself into Wu Yan's embrace.

With a powerful jump, Wu Yan turned into a blur while bringing Sylph with him. He dashed for the main door of the Domain of Gods. It didn't take him long to enter that place.

Entel, Kate, Weya, and Kate sighed bitterly at the same time. Amidst the clamor of the peanut gallery and Lana's frustrated shrieks, their sighs reverberated.

The sky stretched on forever as clouds drifted lazily through the infinite sky.

But, this sky is green in color.

The green sky distorted. A maelstrom portal opened up like a sci-fi scene.

A beam of light shot forth. Like a meteor, the beam stopped after traveling some distance. Two humans appeared from within that beam of light.

"This is the Domain of Gods?"

Wu Yan slightly gasped when he saw the green sky hanging overhead.

"I thought the Domain of Gods is a palace? Why does it look like we are outside?"

"It's the Domain of Gods."

Sylph explained nonchalantly despite hugging Wu Yan's neck.

"My father told me that the Domain of Gods is not what it appears to be. It's a domain supported by the power of the Guardian Tree."

Sylph tried to recall the information she got from Kate.

"The palace we saw is the core of the Domain of Gods. The treasures are in that castle."

"However, the Guardian Tree isn't going to let everyone reach the palace so easily."

Sylph gazed up at the green sky too.

"Think of the Domain of Gods as a sub-space between the core palace and the real world. Only by reaching the core palace's true door can we reach the treasures left behind by the founding gods."

"The Domain of Gods is just another space between the core castle and the real world?"

Wu Yan clicked his tongue.

"To think the Guardian Tree can create sub-spaces, it's more terrifying than I thought..."

"The Guardian Tree is a treasure in itself."

Sylph nodded.

"Although the three founding gods imbued the Guardian Tree with great power, the Guardian Tree already had this spatial distortion power in the first place."

"The three founding gods made the Guardian Tree the administrator of the Domain of Gods for this reason..."

Sylph sighed for once.

"The most effective way to reach dozens of kilometers below the sea would be to cut through space itself. Even demigods would find it hard to reach this place without some kind of teleportation or distance shortening skills. It's even harder for people weaker than demigod-level beings..."

"The Guardian Tree is the best treasure in the Domain of Gods."

Wu Yan nodded after obtaining an understanding of things here. He laughed helplessly.

"In other words, the first test's objective is to find the door leading to the core palace?"

Sylph closed her eyes.

"No, we have to pass the trials given by the Guardian Tree. Only those worthy enough will be shown the door leading to the core palace."

"Maybe that's the last test, I am not too sure..."


Wu Yan psyched himself up while shaking his head.

"Let's poke around then."

Sylph agreed with Wu Yan's suggestion.

Something weird happened when the two were about to move.

Wu Yan was hovering above the ground when his magic power vanished along with his flight spell.

"What the..."

Wu Yan tilted over and fell.

When they recovered from the initial shock, the ground was already only 10 meters away.

Wu Yan turned around to put himself beneath Sylph, he wanted to cushion the fall.

However, this was a pointless move.

There is no hard ground beneath them. They were falling into a lake.


The two hit the lake before they can use magic power to coat themselves in a protective layer.

Maybe the water reflected the color of the sky, green ripples echoed outwards. Wu Yan popped out of the water's surface while spewing out lake water. He heaved heavily.

"G-argh, what is with this water? It's so bitter, gosh, it feels more poisonous than Sanlu Milk Powder..."

Wu Yan coughed when his face tensed up.

"Where's Sylph?!"

He didn't see Sylph anywhere near him. He started panicking.

"Don't tell me she can't swim..."

Wu Yan felt like that might be it so he quickly dived into the water.

The clear jade waters gave him incredible visibility underwater. Who would have thought the beautiful water here tasted worse than water used to wash feet?

He held his breath, trying his best not to drink the bitter water, his red eyes darted around to locate Sylph's figure.

The lake is very huge. Although there are no fishes or prawns, Wu Yan couldn't locate Sylph despite scanning almost half the lake. His anxiety grew.

Sylph is an eighth-tier mage.

If an eighth-tier mage like her drowned then it's going to cause a great uproar.

When Wu Yan was about to evaporate the lake in frustration, he spotted someone nearby.

Her icy-blue hair fluttered gently in the water. She slowly sank towards the bottom of the lake. Who else but Sylph and her signature blue hair?

Glad to see her, Wu Yan quickly swam towards her.

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