Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1072: Rules in the Domain of Gods.

Dozens of kilometers beneath the sea.

The water rippled gently across the vast expanse of the deep ocean, like magic lamps, the soft glow enchanted anyone who looked at it. This fantastic view made one question the difference between a dream and reality.

The Guardian Tree roots are coiled into different shapes like gigantic coiling dragons. Behind the verdant roots is a lofty palace that reflected the soft glow of the waters around it.

It looked like the legendary Dragon Palace Castle.

Three individuals stood before the grand castle. They looked rather excited.

Jarl, Markelnob, and Linya came here multiple times before. This isn't their first rodeo. They ascended to the demigod tier because of the encounters they had in this place. Still, every time they gazed upon the castle they would be filled with a strange passion.

This passion mixed with their pride.

This place is a miracle their ancestors left behind for them.

It's truly a miracle.

Only God-tier beings can make such an impressive palace dozens of kilometers under the sea.

Only God-tier beings can design pathways for their descendants to come here.

This place is still standing long after the twilight of gods which is a miracle in itself.

Figures impossibly small compared to the giant roots arrived one after the other as they stood behind the demigods. They were captivated by the sight of this lustrous castle.

"Is this the Domain of Gods?"

Wu Yan asked after breathing in the rejuvenating air.

To think they can breathe under the water.

"This is my first time seeing the Domain of Gods..."

Sylph answered from behind Wu Yan. Her icy blue eyes couldn't hide the wavering emotions within herself.

"I have heard tales about the miraculous properties of the Domain of Gods. Seeing is believing, my past beliefs regarding the Domain of Gods is too normal..."

Most of them were expecting too little from the Domain of Gods.

There is a reason why people said this place is a miracle.

There are treasures here that can rejuvenate and morph a person. It's also existing in a rather unique manner.

At the same time, a green beam descended from overhead, it appeared like it was shot all the way down from above. The green beam hit the Domain of Gods.

Soon, the palace doors creaked open under the green light.

"The Guardian Tree opened the entrance!"

Kate yelled excitedly.

"Even going inside that place requires the Guardian Tree?"

"Of course!"

Kate said with a smug look.

"Other than the Guardian Tree, no one else can open this place. Maybe a God-level being can do it. However, only the Guardian Tree can do so in our current times."

Wu Yan nodded. He ran through multiple simulations in his head.

Can Gap be used to intrude on this place?

Maybe I can exploit the entrance by finding the Eye to it?

Can the Power of Boundaries be used to mimic the Guardian Tree's power? Maybe that can open this place?

Wu Yan suppressed his urge to try out his theories. Bitterly laughing, he discovered that he's surprisingly adventurous.

"The Domain of Gods is now open..."

The protector gods spoke after the door's completely open.

Markelnob eyed Wu Yan, Entel, Gurda, Weya, and Kate. He ignored the others.

In the eyes of demigods, only ninth-tier humans are worthy enough to talk to them.

"We will be going in first. I leave the explanation to you guys..."

Entel & co nodded.

Linya stared at Wu Yan. She gave him a gentle smile.

"Good luck with the Ring of Power..."

Wu Yan sighed.

"I will do my best."

"That is all we ask."

Jarl nodded. He patted Wu Yan on the back.

"Anyway, we are counting on you, little fellow..."

Wu Yan nodded once more. The three demigods beamed at him before flashing into the Domain of Gods.

Wu Yan watched as the protector gods disappeared beyond the main door. The emperors watched with complex feelings.

Even the three emperors and the Guardian Clan master isn't eye-catching enough for the demigods to waste multiple sentences on them. Only Wu Yan looked like he was talking to them on the same level. The demigods even had to rely on Wu Yan from what they heard.

Where did Wu Yan find so much luck? Why are the demigods so favorable towards him?

No matter how they felt about Wu Yan, good or bad, they all agreed Wu Yan had it good.

Ensi's jealousy got to a point where it almost drove him mad. He looked at the Domain of Gods with renewed favor and desperation.

To Ensi, Wu Yan only garnered the favor of the demigods because he's a young guy who reached tier 9 power before him.

If Ensi got into the ninth-tier then surely the demigods will take him seriously too!

Maybe, Ensi can even avenge himself and beat Wu Yan back!

"Domain of Gods..."

Ensi looked at the place with avarice in his eyes.

"I will definitely find the encounter to ascend into tier 9!"

Entel also spoke up.

"Remember, you all get 10 days inside the Domain of Gods."

"After this period, the Guardian Tree will eject everyone within and seal the place!"

Entel looked at everyone with his thunderous eyes.

"Whether or not you can transform within those 10 days depends on you."

Everyone including Kaya and Jaafar clenched their fists. Sylph also looked very serious for a brief moment there.

Wu Yan saw this serious look and he asked her.

"You want to tag along with me?"

Sylph hesitated, she finally nodded.

Although Sylph had no idea how powerful Wu Yan is, she's sure he is more powerful than her, having a teammate like him will only bring benefits.

Moreover, Sylph doesn't want Wu Yan to shoulder the fate of saving Silvaria on his own. She wants to help Wu Yan find the key to open the Ring of Power.

Kate continued like he heard Wu Yan and Sylph talking.

"After entering, you will all be randomly dispersed. If you want to move together then maintain physical contact before entering that place."

Kate warned them with a stern look.

"Don't fault me for not telling you this, the chances to advance doesn't come free. You must pass the test of the Guardian Tree. Only those who pass the trial can advance."


Kate looked at Sylph and Wu Yan.

"The more people in a group, the harder the trial."

The others turned grim upon hearing this.

Including Sylph...

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