Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1071: Opening, the Domain of Gods' true appearance

"It's here!"

"The Guardian Tree's shining!"

"The Domain of Gods is opening!"

The older veterans started cheering in joy. This also told the youngsters what is going on.

The first-timers stared with confusion.

"The Domain of Gods opened?"

"Where is it? Where is it?!"

"I don't see it!"

The youngsters tried to find the Domain of Gods with their senses. Some closed their eyes to try to sense anything special in the air around them. They couldn't find the Domain of Gods or any signs of an opening for that matter.

Didn't they say the Domain of Gods opened?

Where is it?

The younger generations were exchanging looks of bafflement. Meanwhile, the older generation started chortled. It looked like the older generation played a prank on the younger generation. Only the higher-ranked people seemed like they didn't want to join this charade.

They looked at the Guardian Tree that is clad in green light with serious looks.

Although Wu Yan wasn't sure how to access the Domain of Gods or where the openings are, he can sense spatial distortions within the soft green glow of the Guardian Tree.

The area in front of the Guardian Tree's trunk started distorting. Green light rippled like someone threw a pebble into the proverbial water surface known as space. Green spatial distortions rippled outwards.

"Wh-what's that?"

The younger generations were shocked to see this. Even the older veterans were watching in stunned amazement. The green ripples in space expanded outwards.


Green lights filled the distorted space. Then, the anomalous distortion exploded loudly.

Intense green light filled the area.

Wu Yan & co had to raise their arms to block the intense rays of light. Markelnob, Linya, and Jarl were nonchalantly looking at the source without flinching.

The light died down. Suppressing their throbbing hearts, the onlookers looked in front.

There it was.

A giant hole in space.

That's the only description for this scene.

The first-timers watched with slack jaws. Wu Yan also gasped for a brief moment.

Wu Yan finally understood why they waited for the Domain of Gods to "open up".

The gap in space looked like an entry point to a sub-space. Or, it's like Yukari's Gap, tunnels between dimensions and space.

Entel confirmed Wu Yan's suspicion.

"This is the pathway towards the Domain of Gods!"

Entel used magic to propagate his message.

"This pathway opens up once a decade. Only through this path can one reach the Domain of Gods."

"Be warned."

Entel roamed his stern gaze over everyone.

"This pathway is something only those recognized by the Guardian Tree like imperial members and Guardians can pass. Other than that, any impostor or intruder will become lost once they enter this path, they will never be able to return."

Audible gulps could be heard. They started looking at the portal with frightened looks.

Nobody wants to become lost in the endless void.

Even if they already have the right to pass.

Wu Yan sighed in relief.

Getting lost in the void would be a minor setback, he has ways to return.

For instance, he can use the Return to Town Scroll. Or, he can enter Yukari's red jade mode to open up a Gap back into this realm.

This threat is useless against Wu Yan.

After Entel's done, the three demigods flew into the portal in 3 rays of light.

"Everyone, please make your way inside..."

Entel said after witnessing the entry of all three demigods.

"Your Majesties, Young Lord Wu Yan, let's go..."

Wu Yan, Kate, Gurda, and Weya exchanged brief looks. They nodded before dashing into the portal.

After the tier 9 cultivators entered, Sylph, Kaya, Jaafar, and their entourage also started running into the portal. Ensi led his Guardians into the portal too.

After everyone entered the pathway, the Guardian Tree shook once more. Slowly, the portal closed...

The platform returned to silence once more.

Wu Yan felt his vision blur when he entered the portal. After that, the scenery changed.

He's stepping on mossy stone platforms. Surrounded by green objects, he could see gigantic roots coiling like dragons, there are also roots spreading all over the place.

Far in the distance, he could see a translucent barrier shielding this place from the outside world. Outside the barrier, fishes could be seen swimming in water.

That's the sea.

Wu Yan digested the information presented to him.

The other first-timers also couldn't find the words to describe this sub-space. They were so astounded by this paradise below the ocean.

To think there was a place like this.

"We are somewhere beneath the Guardian Tree's root complex."

Entel, Gurda, Weya, and Kaya shook their heads. He pointed at the roots that were taller than mountains.

"What you see there is the roots of the Guardian Tree."

Everyone inhaled deeply.

They already know the Guardian Tree's massive beyond belief. They still couldn't believe the roots that were larger than mountains formed the gigantic tree. This tree is truly too big!

Wait, isn't this the root complex?

The root complex is situated at the bottom of the bottomless ocean?!

Wu Yan gazed at the barrier and the fishes swimming outside the barrier. His lips quivered.

"Don't tell me we are under the sea?..."

The others also revealed looks of astonishment.

Entel & the three emperors laughed out loud.

"That's right! We are under the sea!"

Entel & co pointed forward while ignoring the spectators' reaction.

"That right there, that's the Domain of Gods!"

They looked in that direction only to see a lofty palace in the middle of four gigantic roots that looked like heaven-piercing pillars.

Wu Yan wasn't sure what the others thought. As for him, he had his own thoughts.

A palace under the sea?

What do you mean "Domain of Gods"?!

Isn't this the Dragon Palace Castle?!

"The Domain of Gods is protected by the Guardian Tree. Even super-strong cultivators will not be able to intrude without the Guardian Tree's permission."

Entel puffed up his chest.

"The three protector gods are already in there. We should hurry. Don't waste even a second inside this place."

Wu Yan followed the lead of the experienced tier 9 emperors and clan master as they dashed towards the Domain of Gods, the palace under the sea...

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