Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1070: An important person to Lady Yukari, the orders of the protector gods.

Strong gale assaulted everything.

When everyone raised their heads, there were three figures standing on the topmost platform like solid pillars that held up the sky. They stood shoulder to shoulder as they roamed their gaze over the field.

Gurda, Kate, Weya, and Entel bowed in deference.

"Greetings, protector gods!"

The others also greeted the protector gods after awakening from their stupor.

"We respectfully greet our protector gods!"

Their clear voices echoed on the platform. They all bowed towards the protector gods. Only Wu Yan continued gawking at the demigods with an awed mind.

Jarl Ailu: Level 96

Markelnob Baruba: Level 95

Linya Feya: Level 95

Of the three demigods, Wu Yan recognized the one in a purple robe, he's Jarl and they met once in the treasury of the Ailu empire. The demigod Jarl is the protector god of the Ailu empire.

The other two are an old guy in a white robe and a middle-aged noblewoman. Wu Yan doesn't recognize them.

The System's scan told Wu Yan enough to guess who they were.

The protector gods of the Baruba empire and the Feya empire.

They are demigods too!

Three demigods!

This is why Wu Yan is awed.

It's not the first time he met demigods. He even has one demigod near him, doing as she pleased when she's not sleeping. This demigod will cling to him like a spoiled child if she can get Wu Yan to cook more meals.

A scene where three demigods stood together was new to Wu Yan.

There are only five demigods in Silvaria. Six if one included Yukari. Adding Beast King to the equation would bring the total to seven.

With half of all demigods in this world standing before him, he's not sure what to feel.

This is one of the reasons why Wu Yan didn't follow Yukari into the Giant Beast Forest. He would have been in for a shock had he seen all human demigods converging in one spot.


Wu Yan sighed. He calmed down the astonishment within himself. Attracted by this sigh, the demigods known as Jarl, Markelnob, and Linya also noticed him. The youngster stood next to Entel, Weya, Kate, and Gurda. To them, he's so young he had no business standing there.

All the guests present bowed down, even Entel and the emperors bowed except for Wu Yan. It's pretty rude for someone to be standing and sighing while demigods are present.

Everyone looked at Wu Yan.

Kate, Weya, Gurda, and Entel started panicking. Sylph's pupil also shrunk as the other imperial members gasped.

The Guardians are smirking, they wanted to see Wu Yan crash and burn. Ensi even snickered like a villain.

Such rudeness in front of demigods, Wu Yan's dead meat now...

Markelnob and Linya furrowed their brows. Displeased, Wu Yan's first impression is already bad in their eyes.

Jarl is the first one to chuckle upon seeing Wu Yan.

"Wu Yan, my boy, we meet again..."

The demigod should have been mad but he's greeting Wu Yan with a radiant smile. The crowd's stunned.

"Wu Yan?"

Markelnob and Linya also recalled something when they heard his name.

"That Wu Yan?"

With all three demigods focused on him, Wu Yan scratched his cheeks. This is awkward.

Do they know me? Am I that famous?

Wu Yan beamed at the demigods.

"My humble greetings, demigods of the Baruba empire and Feya empire. Also, good to see Sir Jarl still so energetic..."

Jarl started guffawing.

"No, I wouldn't call this energetic. I am just happy to enter the Domain of Gods, it opens up once a decade after all!"

Jarl grinned towards Wu Yan.

"I didn't think you would come to a place like this, especially with an objective like that. You sure know how to hide..."

Wu Yan looked away awkwardly.

"I must look like a fool..."

Wu Yan thought of something.

"Since you already know why I am here, why aren't you taking back the Ring of Power?"

If the prophecy of the Ailu God does come to pass, Silvaria will be in for a storm.

If the Ring of Power can avert said disaster then its importance would become critical to any nation.

Since the safety of Silvaria is at stake, Jarl & co would be wise to collect the Ring of Power, find the key to open it, retaining the risk and rewards themselves, no?

A demigod would be a better candidate than a random tier 9 fighter, right?

The Ailu God also left the Ring of Power behind. Since the Ailu Empire is formed by the descendants of the Ailu God, it would be well within their rights to continue the mission of their ancestor, right?

Wu Yan is half a mind to throw the Ring of Power back to them. It would be nice to stroll around in the Domain of Gods rather than think about how to save the world, let some other schmucks do it.

Nobody is even mentioning the Ring of Power, let alone demand its return.

Maybe they doubt the prophecy? Maybe they think I just made up the calamity?

Jarl sighed after storing away his smile. Maybe he read Wu Yan's mind.

"I was planning on taking the Ring of Power and entering the Domain of Gods to find the key. After some thought, I gave up on that idea."


Wu Yan blurted out.


"The Ailu god didn't leave the Ring of Power and the prophecy to his descendants or put it in the treasury. This must mean he does not wish to see us meddling in this affair."

Jarl continued with a stern look.

"I don't know what is in the Ring of Power but since he decided to leave the item outside and let a third party open the ring then this must be within his divine providence. Thus, I don't intend to interfere."

"Young fellow, the opening of the Ring of Power will be a task for you..."


Wu Yan wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry.

"You guys are giving me too tall a task..."

"It's hard not to take you seriously."

Linya chimed in. She giggled lightly.

"Since Lady Yukari favors you greatly."

Wu Yan is surprised to hear Yukari's name from Linya.

"Lady Yukari? Do you mean that Yukari? You guys know her?"

"Well, let's just say we had a brief encounter before this."

Markelnob placed his hands behind his waist.

"In any case, we choose to believe you. Do not disappoint our expectations..."

Wu Yan had more questions on his mind but seeing as Jarl, Markelnob, and Linya already finished, he decided to stop here as further queries would most likely not be answered.

As for the others who watched Wu Yan chat up a storm with protector god-level beings, they were already at a loss of words.


Jarl, Markelnob, and Linya turned around at the same time after sensing something.


The Guardian Tree started trembling.

A green light burst forth!

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