Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1069: Power and status, might makes right

The guests were looking at one another in stunned stupefaction. Entel wasn't joking from the looks of it. Nobody spoke because they had nothing on their minds.

Wu Yan also felt a bit taken aback that Entel invited him to sit with them.

Sylph is the only one who sensed something before she advised him.

"Since the clan master Entel says so, you should go sit there."


He wasn't sure what's going on so he turned towards Sylph.

"What about you?"


Sylph shook her head.

"I don't have that qualification yet."

Sylph parted from Wu Yan's embrace. Like a graceful feather she landed on the platform while coated in her magic power. She joined the ranks of the other imperial members on the ground platform.

Even though she joined the crowd, she's still distinctly noticeable apart from the crowd. Wu Yan pursed his lips as he turned around to begin landing on the lower VIP platform.

But, somebody didn't take this sitting down.


Ensi immediately stood up.

"This is not reasonable!"

Wu Yan stopped subconsciously. Entel also looked like he anticipated this. He glanced at Ensi like he's not his son. He intends to treat him like just another clan member.

"And, just where is the unreasonable part?"

Ensi didn't mind the distant attitude his dad gave him. He is very strict, even more so in public places. He started going off like a punk.

"You are the esteemed patriarch of the Guardians, your status is on par with the emperors, you are more than worthy to sit with the emperors. However, him...."

Ensi pointed at Wu Yan like he forgot Wu Yan is the one who metaphorically spanked him into oblivion each time they met.

"He is just the fiancee of an imperial princess, how is he worthy to sit with the emperors and you?!"

"Yes! He's right!"

The other Guardians chimed in. They were clearly still mad over matters that transpired weeks ago.

They wished they were in those seats, how come Public Enemy No.1 gets to sit there? The Guardians were naturally dissatisfied.

Wu Yan also cast his gaze in Entel's direction. He couldn't care less what the peanut gallery had to say. He honestly wanted to know why he was given a VIP seat.


Entel shook his head. He scoffed at Ensi.

"With no power, you have no standing. With power, why worry about status?!"

The clan members were silenced by his simple point.

His dignified stare swept across each and every clan member here, none of them were brave enough to look the patriarch in the eyes. Entel nodded after confirming that all the clan members lowered their heads.

"Young Lord Wu Yan has strength on par with the emperors and I. As a fellow tier 9 cultivator, why can't he sit with us?!"

"You want to sit here?! Sure, if you have entered the ninth-tier then, by all means, join us!"


Wu Yan is stunned for words while Ensi clenched his fists.

Entel waved his hand as if he lost interest. He invited Wu Yan again.

"Come, my friend, sit for you are worthy."

The place became silent.

Wu Yan floated a helpless smile. He didn't think they gave him this treatment just because of his power.

True, in Silvaria, whoever has the largest fists called the shots. People with powers on the same levels as Entel, Kate, Gurda, and Weya are all big wigs with symbolic status in their respective communities. Only tier 9 practitioners are worthy to enter their eyes.

Wu Yan also adjusted his attitude. He landed next to Kate as he took up the leftmost seat. Kate also sat down at the same time.

All five VIPs of the lower platform are already here.

The Guardians weren't sure how to feel about this. What can they say? Wu Yan is powerful.

Ensi stared straight at Wu Yan who is still chatting with the emperors and his father. He heaved heavily in a jealous fit, even his eyes went red.

He loathed Wu Yan for ascending beyond him, is there something more painful than watching your sworn enemy move ahead in life?

He would rather Wu Yan choked him again than to see him shining in that spotlight.

The other imperial members were looking at Wu Yan like he's their idol. Kaya and Jaafar couldn't help but silently praise the guy.

In their eyes, he's not the insufferable genius. No, he's the super genius who reached tier 9 power despite his young age. He's someone who is already on par with the emperors and the clan patriarch.

Why wouldn't they revere him?

The old veterans of the empires are still relatively fine. The younger generations already looked at him like he's their god. The other princesses were in need of a trip to the water closet to change their moist undergarments.

When they remembered Wu Yan's already engaged to Sylph they started looking at Sylph in envy.

Lana is the only one who couldn't handle this with grace, she continued grumbling by herself near her corner.

In any case, regardless of what the others on the ground platform had to say. It's already established that Wu Yan is on par with the emperors and the Guardian Clan's master.

Wu Yan's name will once again become a common topic all over Silvaria once the Domain of the Gods closes once more.

Wu Yan's face turned dark. He doesn't want to stand out like this. The fattest pig is not the luckiest pig in the pen. He already experienced what it's like to be the top player in SAO.

He wanted to be spared from that kind of life.

Wu Yan kept up his poker face. He exchanged pleasantries with the emperors and Entel.

Wu Yan asked about general details of the Domain of Gods.

"Is the portal to the Domain of Gods opening here on this platform?"

Wu Yan asked in confusion. Unlike the natives of this world, Wu Yan had a poor understanding of how the place worked.

Kate smiled as he replied.

"In terms of area, the Domain of Gods is wider than the entire Emperor Island, why would it open here?"

"Why are we gathered here then?"

Wu Yan was even more puzzled.

"Aren't we supposed to gather at the Domain of Gods? Or are airships coming to pick us up?"


Kate, Weya, Gurda, and Entel exchanged looks.

"Well, it's hard to explain. Just stick with us and see for yourself. I guarantee you're going to be shocked."


Wu Yan sighed.

At this point...


A giant gust blew, this storm came out of nowhere as it descended from the sky like a giant tornado.

Many shrieked when the storm hit. Entel, Kate, Gurda, and Weya took this sudden storm in stride. They stood up as they looked at the higher VIP platform.

Wu Yan also narrowed his eyes as he stood up. The updraft of the storm converged near the higher VIP platform.

Three individuals appeared on top of that platform.

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