Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1067: The thrill of the hunt? Asking for forgiveness?

The area went silent...

The two casters who just threw deadly spells at one another stood there staring at the other foe.

Wu Yan went silent.

Entel was the one who technically won that round.

Although the two magicians got out without any harm, the two casters saw what happened.

Entel's Falling Sun met Wu Yan's Resurrected Titan's Arm on equal footing at first...

Then, the Falling Sun slowly suppressed the Titan's Arm.

The magical arm slowly got disintegrated while the Sun inched forward. The arm lost its hand, wrist, and it would have been destroyed by the Falling Sun given enough time.

Wu Yan saw this and he decided to self-detonate the arm to negate the Falling Sun.

This prevented the outcome where Wu Yan would get hit by the Falling Sun when the Titan's Arm got pierced.

Wu Yan had tricks up his sleeves. He can still defend against the Falling Sun even if his spell got destroyed.

What shocked Wu Yan was Entel's power.

Level 88, one more level and he would be at the peak of tier 9 power. He would be one of the few people lucky enough to attempt the breakthrough into the demigod tier.

A magician like him can fight anyone below the demigod tier and become victorious. Excluding Wu Yan & co, he would be invincible.

With the freaking monsters known as Wu Yan & co included in this analysis, only Flandre had a solid chance to win. Ikaros and Astrea would find a worthy foe in a 1v1 fight.

As for the others, well, they are out of luck.

Even if it's Wu Yan who fought Entel.

The Resurrected Titan's Arm is a spell that replicated the power of the mythological titans. It might be a poor mimicry but it's still a faux divine spell that outranked the magic in Silvaria.

Entel can defeat a legendary spell with Silvaria's inferior magic spell for a simple reason: He's stronger than Wu Yan.

Significantly stronger.

Wu Yan is sure he needs to use spells several ranks higher than the Titan's Arm to beat Entel in a straightforward caster fight.

The time and restrictions needed to cast such spells made such spells ineffective in this duel.

Entel can throw spells at him while Wu Yan is still busy channeling.

This simple comparison excluded Wu Yan's Red Jade Mode and his vassal beasts.

If he used vassal beasts then the victor would be hard to determine.

Using Red Jade Mode will guarantee victory. He didn't even need to use Yukari's power, he can activate Flan's Red Jade and curb stomp Entel in 5 minutes.

From his POV, Wu Yan will need either his vassal beasts or active his Red Jade Mode to win.

Wu Yan went through his options while relaxing his tense face. His golden eyes flashed as he raised his arm.

Wu Yan wanted to use his vassal beast when Entel interrupted.

"My attack is something only those in the middle stages of the ninth-tier or stronger can block."

Entel sighed.

"A ninth-tier beginner like you can put up resistance on par with a middle-stage tier 9 fighter. I am impressed by your strength, you have far exceeded my expectations. I can see why my disappointing reason for a son got defeated multiple times at your hands..."

Wu Yan stopped while frowning.

Why is he talking about this now?

A light chuckled reverberated.

"Entel, are you satisfied with this now?"

A few figures landed next to Wu Yan and Entel.

The three emperors arrived.

Wu Yan is slightly surprised to see the emperors here. Only Entel seemed like he was expecting this. He even chuckled like everything before this was an act.

"Satisfied or not, I feel like my age is catching up to me, youngsters these days..."

"Hey, you're similar to us in age!"

Kate called him out.

"If you're old then what about us?!"

"I don't feel old at all!"

Gurda snorted while crossing his arms.

"I will advance soon enough, that youngster won't find it easy to beat me!"

"Gurda, didn't you hear Entel?"

Weya started teasing Gurda.

"This young guy just entered tier 9 but he's already as strong as a mid-stage ninth-tier fighter, you are around that stage, right?"

Gurda choked as the other two emperors laughed at his expense. Even Entel giggled along with them.

Wu Yan was puzzled by the emperor trio's appearance and their apparent relations with Entel.

"Y-you guys..."

"Wu Yan, my little friend, please forgive my previous rudeness..."

Entel apologized while bowing down to Wu Yan.

"I heard rumors of a very strong tier 9 youngster coming to this island and teaching my insolent brat of a son a lesson. Intrigued by the arrival of someone worthwhile, I couldn't help but let the thrill of the hunt take over. Please don't hold it against me..."

Wu Yan blinked his eyes in shock at first. Then, he started bitterly laughing."

"In other words, your attack was a simple test?"

"Of course not!"

Entel turned serious.

"I might be testing you but I did use a good portion of my powers against you. My assessment is honest and fair, there is no fakeness in that."

"Wouldn't I have been in trouble if I couldn't fight on par with a mid-stage tier 9 cultivator?"

"At which point, that would be our cue..."

Weya patted Wu Yan on the shoulders. Kate also chortled out loud.

"We are here for a reason. Although Entel can win against us in 1v1 fights, he can't harm you when all three of us work together."


Wu Yan scratched his cheeks. He tilted his head in confusion.

"You weren't trying to avenge your son?"

"If he is bullying others then he should be prepared to get bullied."

Entel shook his head while sighing.

"The Guardians were always cooped up on this island, they cannot wander out of this place, it's not hard to imagine the frustration building up within their hearts. It's also foreseeable that they have an ax to grind with the imperial families. I just hope time and experience will open their eyes. I hope Young Lord Wu Yan will not fault them..."

"I didn't do anything."

Wu Yan explained himself.

"They came looking for trouble with me first."

"That's why I am asking you for forgiveness..."

Entel sighed.

"I can forcibly stop them but it would only fester their already sour wounds. My hands are tied..."

"Great rulers don't fault mischievous punks for tiny infractions, this is one of those moments."

Kate said something that made Wu Yan's eyes bulge.

"When the three of us first arrived on the Island, Entel also picked on us. Look, aren't we laughing a storm after all the fights we had in the past?"

"When you're young that's when one tends to be the craziest..."

Entel awkwardly shifted the subject after Kate brought up his old laundry.

"Please ignore my clan members..."

"What if they come looking for trouble again?!"

Wu Yan grumbled.

"I should roll over and let them do as they please?"

"Entel is saying that it's fine to knock some sense into them, just go easy on them..."

Weya explained whereas Wu Yan raised an eyebrow.

"Oh? That's fine with me. I am going to teach them a lesson they will never forget..."

Kate, Weya, Gurda, and Entel exchanged looks while helplessly shaking their heads.

"Thank you, young lord."

Entel chuckled.

"If that's the case then it's time I respond with due hospitality. I more or less know why you're here now. When the Domain of Gods opens up, you will have a seat."

Wu Yan nodded with satisfaction.

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