Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1064: Calm yet tumultuous days

In the following days, Wu Yan stayed in his room to diligently train and cultivate. He never went out...

The scenery here is to die for. Going for a stroll in the Emperor Island city would be nice.

Many members of the imperial families did just that.

Wu Yan wanted to tour the island but Sylph advised him otherwise.

While the city is pretty, it's also the Guardian's turf. Given the tense relations between Wu Yan and the Guardians, it's not hard to imagine trouble brewing over his appearance in town.

Wu Yan feels like it is beneath him to squabble with the Guardians but since Sylph advised him to lay low then it's best to listen to the imperial princess. Discretion is the better part of valor.

Moreover, he's not here to pick a fight with the Guardians, he's here on official business.

Wu Yan stayed in his room and did nothing but train, eat, and sleep. He also spent a bit of time with Sylph.

Maybe Sylph pulled some strings or maybe because they are both engaged, in any case, Wu Yan and Sylph stayed in the same house.

Perhaps due to the kiss or her advice to stay in the house, Sylph also confined herself to the house. She spent her time cultivating in her own room. She used her free time to chat with Wu Yan.

Although Wu Yan spent his time indoors, his life is rather productive. Besides improving his relationship with Sylph, the two even went beyond the awkward phase of the start of a relationship, they are now chummy with each other like proper fiancées.

On the surface, Sylph is still talking to Wu Yan with her cold voice. However, a closer inspection would reveal small changse in Sylph's behavior.

For instance, when with Wu Yan, Sylph would frequently maintain eye contact with Wu Yan.

Another example, Sylph kept her distance from Wu Yan at the start despite their engagement. Now, they are close enough where they can rub shoulders without any issue.

These are subtle moves that are normal for everyone else but Sylph.

Why? Because her close friends and family members know that Sylph wouldn't react in such a manner to just anyone.

This is proof that Wu Yan's position in her heart is elevating day by day in a special manner.

Kate and Lana are not pleased with this development.

One of them is a doting parent who treated Sylph like a jewel, he never raised her voice with his precious daughter. Another one is a Yuri girl who wants to make Sylph her bride, she is stuck to Sylph like a gum on one's sole.

Kate and Lana are also the ones who could determine this change in behavior.

Granted, they are still very much displeased with this development.

They are worried that the two young lovebirds might end up bumping uglies in bed since they are living under the same roof.

Kate and Lana were anxious.

The doting parent and the one with questionable sexual orientation came knocking every few days to check if they are still okay. They made up all sorts of excuses to barge into their lives. If Wu Yan even talks more than a few minutes with Sylph, the two intruders would be the first ones to speak up in an attempt to disrupt them.

Especially Lana, she would stop at nothing to destroy Wu Yan's image in Sylph's heart.

She tried to sneak into Wu Yan's bed and then yell out loud that he's molesting her. Or, she would charge into Wu Yan's bath with just a single towel. She made slanderous remarks like how Wu Yan peeked at her while she's showering. She also tried to seduce Wu Yan in front of Sylph, she stopped just short of sacrificing her first kiss.

Sylph already expected as much from Lana. She also understood Wu Yan isn't like that. Given the libel Wu Yan has to face on a daily basis, if Sylph didn't back Wu Yan up then she might have to find ways to stop Wu Yan from committing suicide.

Because that annoying lady's interruption also brought melodic chaos to their lives, Wu Yan and Sylph got spared from boredom. It's iron how Lana's attempt to drive them apart only brought them closer.

Apparently, she's planning on staying the course, the various setbacks are nothing to her.

Wu Yan and Sylph felt helpless. They allowed her to do as she pleased, she's good at dispelling their weariness.

Although they fooled around, they didn't forget what really mattered.

Sylph's efficiency should be praised in this regard. She reported everything Wu Yan told her to the three emperors: Kate, Gurda, and Weya.

Naturally, the emperors were astonished to find out about this prophecy.

At first, they doubted the accuracy of her recount.

They trusted Wu Yan, however, the news is just too far-fetched to believe. Sylph is special because she believed Wu Yan without a shred of doubt.

They personally visited Wu Yan to listen from the horse's mouth. They also confirmed the Ring of Power's existence which rivaled the Ring of Authority in importance. With the veracity of this prophecy more or less confirmed, the three emperors started laying down the cables.

The three emperors didn't tell Wu Yan about their plans but it's highly likely they returned to make emergency reports to the demigods in their empires.

If it's a calamity prophesized by a God-tier being then it's not something they can handle on their own.

At least, the mobilization of demigods seemed like a wise move.

As for what the demigods had to say, Wu Yan wasn't sure. He already told them everything he knew. He just needed them to help him with his own tasks and objectives. Other than that, he also made time to enjoy his current life.

What Wu Yan didn't expect was the arrival of the demigods a few days later.

The three demigods are here to attempt breakthroughs in the Domain of Gods, that's what Sylph told him anyway.

Even demigods are itching to enter the Domain of Gods to strengthen themselves. Perhaps the Domain of Gods really lived up to its name. Maybe, Wu Yan underestimated the place.

This also roused the curiosity within Wu Yan.

What wondrous items did the Domain of Gods have that even demigods wanted to enter and try their luck.

Wu Yan is here for the key to open the Ring of Power. Now, he wants to see what's inside the Domain of Gods.

Just like that, a week went by where Wu Yan and Sylph lived in the same house.

Three more days until the Domain of Gods open up...

The noise of the busy city died down as the night grew older. Most of the households here also extinguished their magic lamps. They went into the sweet embrace of sleep.

The soft glow seeping through the foliage of the Guardian Tree gave the imperial families compound area a quiet aura. It appears most of the imperial members here are also asleep.

Wu Yan ended his magic power cultivation. He stretched his back as he made preparations to go to sleep. He stopped all of a sudden as a light flashed in his eyes.

Wu Yan looked out the window and he disappeared in a flash.

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