Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1063: The assertive princess? The assertive queen?

Night, the night slowly aged into midnight...

Wu Yan and Sylph sat on the bed while leaning against each other by their shoulders. They looked rather intimate under the soft glow of the magic lamp above them.

Sylph said nothing. She listened as Wu Yan told her about the three rings Wu Yan found during his treasure hunting adventure. He also told her about the encounter with the projection left behind by the founder god of the Ailu empire. After that, she listened intently as Wu Yan told her about the Ring of Power and the prophecy of an impending calamity.

Sylph listened to the shocking stories with a calm look. She's the epitome of unchanging ice, her glacial look didn't change.

Wu Yan finally told her everything. He sighed while taking a breather.

"That is why I am aiming to enter the Domain of Gods, I want to see if the key to the Ring of Power's opening is here..."

Wu Yan bitterly laughed as a thought made him purse his lips.

"If possible, I wish I don't find the key here. This would mean the projection lied about the calamity. That will save so much trouble..."

Sylph's eyes dimmed down.

"I didn't expect you to carry such a heavy secret..."


Wu Yan shook his head with a light chuckle.

"Don't put me on a high pedestal, I am not planning on saving the world or something."

Sylph flinched.

"Then, why?..."

"Why go through the trouble of checking and making preparations for a calamity that might be real or fake?"

Wu Yan shrugged.

"I did so because a God-tier being wouldn't crack such a joke on his descendants. As for me, I just don't want to lose a rather nice planet to live on..."

He shifted his gaze in the direction of the window. He gazed out the window to see a starry sky. His voice sounded like he's thinking about something distant.

"Since... I, no, we still have a reason to stay..."

Sylph had multiple questions but she chose to stay mum.

Wu Yan divulged great secrets like the Ring of Power and the calamity. Yet, Wu Yan is still holding onto secrets. Surely, those secrets must be incredibly important or Wu Yan simply chose not to tell her.

Since he's not going to say it then asking about it will only be a waste of time.

Despite her cold exterior, Sylph is rather attentive and astute.

Sylph raised her chin, she also looked out the window.

"It won't be easy to get into the Domain of Gods, I am afraid..."

"I know..."

Wu Yan nodded.

"The imperial families might not mind but the Guardians will surely not sit idly by as the Domain of Gods open up."

"The trouble doesn't stop there."

Sylph closed her eyes.

"You are, in the end, just the fiancee to an imperial princess. You have the right to enter the Domain of Gods. But, without imperial blood flowing through you, many will doubt your intentions. Your engagement will only look like a thinly-veiled attempt to sneak into the Domain of Gods."

"The Guardians will most likely gaslight the other imperial members to get them on their side."

Wu Yan turned towards Sylph.


"I will tell my father about this. I will also inform Emperor Gurda and Emperor Weya."

Sylph voiced her plan without hiding it.

"With the three emperors backing you, the imperial families will not waver."

"How about the Guardians? Are you going to tell them about this?"

Wu Yan doubted the practicality of her action.

"They will just say this is another excuse to enter the Domain of Gods, no?"

"Don't worry about it..."

Sylph said.

"The Guardians are not all foolish, there are people who can listen to reason. I believe the emperors will leverage on this..."

"That would be tremendously helpful..."

Wu Yan placed his hands behind his head. He started teasing Sylph.

"As expected, behind every great man there stands a great woman. Sylph, you're going to become a fine woman one day!"

Sylph glanced at Wu Yan. She said something that froze Wu Yan's smile.

"There are already so many excellent women supporting you..."

"Well, I know that much..."

Wu Yan chuckled.

"I was only making a comment on your ability to properly support a man."

Sylph didn't reply.

Indeed, Sylph gave off the air of a strong independent woman.

She is an imperial member born with outstanding talent even among the elites of the imperial families. Her gender didn't stop her from achieving feats other men couldn't fathom. Even among the monstrous talents in Silvaria World Institute, she climbed up the rankings to become the strongest student in Silvaria World Institute.

If Wu Yan & co didn't enroll, she would no doubt still be the most salient student in the academy.

Her cool vibe, beauty, power, background, and attitude probably made her a target in the eyes of those with impure attentions.

Who wouldn't to subjugate a woman as tough as her?

This lady who looked cold and tough, who would have imagined she would silently support another man like a modest wife?

Perhaps, getting her support is harder than just conquering her, right?

Sylph herself is aware of this. On this, she has only one answer.

"I might be cold but I am still a woman..."

Wu Yan flinched, he didn't think Sylph would nonchalantly say something like that.

Sylph's eyes wavered, she leaked out that thought without conscious restraints. Meanwhile, Wu Yan laughed in amusement.

Their short exchange shortened the distance between them.

True, she is still a lady despite her exterior.

Wu Yan laughed once more.

"You might be right there..."

Wu Yan grinned.

"You're not a woman, you're still a girl..."

Sylph slowly turned towards Wu Yan.

"Are you saying I am not matured enough?"

"That's not what I mean..."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"Maturity isn't the exact divider between womanhood and childhood. That's cute of you, Sylph, I didn't think you would say something like that."

Sylph ignored Wu Yan's cute comment.

"Then what is your definition of a woman?"

"Hmm, I am not exactly sure about that..."

Wu Yan scratched his cheek. He chortled out loud the next second.

"I mean, you still have your first kiss, right? I don't think you can call yourself a woman like that?"

Wu Yan was stunned by what Sylph did next.

Slowly, her icy face expanded in his field of vision. Finally, her blue eyes were mere millimeters away from Wu Yan's face.

He also felt the unmistakable touch of something soft on his lips.

Wu Yan's mind went blank, this happened so fast and suddenly he just zoned out.

Seconds later, the cold lips departed Wu Yan's warm lips. Sylph added.

"With that, I believe I am a woman by your definition, right?"

Sylph got up and she exited the room, leaving a stunned Wu Yan on his bed.

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