Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1062: Rumbling Emperor Island, a visitor at night

Emperor Island city...

When night slowly fell, the Emperor Island city experienced waves of unrest.

The reason behind it is simple: Wu Yan wiped the floor with the Guardians, twice.

In the span of one day, the Guardians and the elite members that made up its ranks got whacked by the fiancée of the imperial princess.

It certainly didn't help their reputation when news of knights being strung up like ham and frozen solid started spreading. Everyone already knows about this by now.

Including the members of the imperial families.

There are people who felt joy just as there are people who felt troubled over the news.

Naturally, the imperial family members are over the moon happy when they heard about this.

There are other imperial family members on the island, including distant relatives of the imperial families.

These lesser-known imperial members had a harder time on the island.

The Guardians bullied them with various excuses.

These haughty imperial members weren't used to being on the receiving end of harassment from others.

The Guardians had a field day messing with these imperial blue blood. The Guardians also played by the book, they used rules and regulations to stop short of outright attacking the imperial family members. Because the Guardians didn't do anything that would warrant a counter-attack, the imperial members can only endure their treatment.

Imagine the smiles on their faces when they heard about a certain someone kicking the Guardians six ways from Sunday.

The Ailu empire's guests almost started praising Wu Yan as their Lord and Savior.

Didn't the legendary bloke beat up the douche Guardians?

Just as well, the Guardians aren't pleased with today's outcome.

Stuck on the island with no venue to use their powers, the Guardians can only get rid of their eternal boredom through bullying the imperial members once every decade.

The long-awaited Domain of Gods opening finally came. This is their chance to vent their frustration on the imperial family members but they got their asses handed to them. Why wouldn't they be pissed off when someone rained on their parade?

You betcha they want to pick a fight with Wu Yan. But, an entire company of tier 7 knights and even elite peak tier 7 soldiers got wrecked. Ensi the captain with a peak eighth tier cultivation couldn't do anything, who else can help them? By the way, Ensi mopped around with a face as dark as coal after the chilling air ordeal.

There are those who still doubted the veracity of a 20-something youngster defeating a squad of elite peak tier 7 cultivators after beating down a company of tier 7 soldiers.

There are still Guardians wriggling around in chains outside the city. There are also elite Guardians who are in need of emergency rescue after being turned into ice sculptures. With overwhelming evidence in front of them, disbelief is out of the question.

The Guardians can complain but none of them are brave enough to do anything about it. They are waiting for stronger Guardians to rise to the call, the low-level Guardians wouldn't mind tagging along to help out if that's the case.

Hence, the city became rowdy...

At night...

With the bright moon hanging high up in the sky, the icy luster rained down upon the beautiful sea, creating sparkles in an otherwise humdrum ocean.

Under the Guardian Tree, within the Guardians' compound. There is an area established for imperial family members to stay before the gate for the Domain of Gods opens.

Inside the building allocated to the Ailu Empire, in a certain room, Wu Yan sat crossed-leg on his bed with his eyes shut. Magic power coursed through him, the intense magical force coiled around him. With every second, Wu Yan's magic power grew slightly stronger.

Magical energy wafted around Wu Yan, the magic power permeated Wu Yan, integrating with his nigh-infinite magic power, slowly but surely growing his magic power reserve.

After cultivating his magic power for nearly three hours, Wu Yan slowly opened his eyes as all the magic power around him returned. The room slowly returned to its peaceful state.

Wu Yan confirmed the growth of his magic power. He released a satisfied sigh. He also sported a satiated look.

Wu Yan had his True Ancestor Bloodline that synchronized well with his top-grade magic power cultivation technique. The quality and quantity of his magic power is peerless. He can't run out of magic power if he cast normal spells. But, Wu Yan won't stop at this.

There are countless spells among his Index Librorum Prohibitorum, included among his 103,000 grimoires are spells that are so terrifyingly potent that the requisite mana would drain Wu Yan's magic power steadily despite his nigh-finite magic power pool.

Only by constant improvement will he one day achieve a state where he can throw around high-powered magic spells like throwing stars.

At that point, Wu Yan will have established himself as a true magic expert.

Stripping away his grimoires will also not weaken him because there are vassal beasts within Wu Yan.

Vassal Beasts are sentient magical beings made of pure magical power. High-level vampires are superior to low-level vampires because they have better bloodlines that gave them a higher mana pool. This greater magic power reserve served to make their familiars stronger. This is also why high-level vampires have stronger familiars than low-level bloodsuckers.

In other words, if the host grows his magic power reserve, the familiars will also enjoy growth in power.

In this fashion, vassal beasts grew with their hosts...

Wu Yan indirectly powered-up his vassal beasts by cultivating his magical power. His dragons, Natsuki, Kanon, Nagisa, and Avrora will all benefit from his training.

"Wouldn't hurt to increase my magic power further..."

Concluding his brief pontification, Wu Yan wanted to continue training when he sensed movement from the direction of his door. He grinned.

"Ah, come in if you're already there..."

Wu Yan's voice echoed only to be met with silence. After a short while, his door slowly opened as a figure in blue entered...

The soft glow of magical lamps gave the icy lady an exquisite air of beauty. Wu Yan couldn't help but nod and praise her.

"As expected of an imperial princess, you are very enchanting..."

Sylph slowed down. Her eyes flashed before she recovered. She approached Wu Yan while ignoring his praise. Her blue eyes settled on Wu Yan. She stared at Wu Yan like this.

Scratching his cheek, he tried to dispel this awkwardness with a question.

"It's already late, why aren't you asleep yet?"

Sylph nodded lightly. It's like she's struggling with her own thoughts. Wu Yan laughed.

"Well, I assume you have something to ask me?"

He shifted to the side, making space for the guest.

"Sit, I am all ears..."

Sylph hesitated before sitting down next to Wu Yan.

"Lana visited me just a while ago..."

Wu Yan blinked.

"Huh, did she ravage you or something? Is that why you're here? To cancel the engagement?!"

Sylph turned dark as she raised her glowing hand. Wu Yan immediately surrendered.

"Joking! I was joking!"

"Please refrain from jokes of this nature in the future..."

Sylph voiced her annoyance with a frown.

"I don't like that kid's hobby..."

Wu Yan almost laughed out loud. He knew Sylph wasn't kidding so he did his best to endure his amusement. Coughing, he put on a serious face.

"So? You came here to ask me to tie her up again?"

Sylph shook her head. She opened her mouth to ask something that made Wu Yan's smile go away.

"Lana told me that you saw a projection left by the founder god, Ailu. Something about calamity and..."

Wu Yan rubbed his temples, he stored his smile away as he looked eye-to-eye with Sylph.

"That brat, I can't believe how loose her mouth is..."

"It seems she's telling the truth..."

Sylph sported a grim look.

"Can you tell me more?"

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