Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1058: Enforcing the agreement? Badass Sylph

Ensi is glad to see Weya, Gurda, Kate, Jaafar, Kaya, and Sylph tongue-tied despite their reluctant looks.

Ensi is one of the members of the Guardian Clan.

The Guardian clan is the descendant of the chosen guardian, the very retainer appointed by the three founding gods to guard the Emperor Island.

They are also given the authority to supervise the imperial families prior to the opening of the Domain of Gods.

This might make them look like a badass clan but only the Guardians know how redundant they are.

As guardians guarding the Domain of Gods, they are also granted permission to enter the Domain of Gods.

This is the reason why this clan developed to a state where they can surpass the nine great noble factions despite their isolated location.

Granted, Guardians are subject to a fixed quota so they don't follow the same rules as the imperial families where anyone above tier 6 can enter.

This special exemption gave them power on par with the twelve ruling factions in Silvaria.

This proves how precious an entry ticket into the Domain of Gods can be, it also shed light on the authority the Guardians wielded on the Emperor Island.

Even so, the nine factions will never consider them a threat because they must abide to another rule.

A Guardian may never leave the Emperor Island under any circumstances at all.

In other words, all Guardian clan members must stay on the Island.

Chained to the Emperor Island, who would take them seriously?

This is why Guardians are in a very peculiar situation.

They wield almost unrivaled authority on the Emperor Island. Outside the time of Domain of Gods' opening, they can't wave this authority around.

During this time, their statuses are on par with the three empires, surpassing even the nine noble factions.

This awkward status made a lot of the Guardians rather annoyed. Not all Guardians are unhappy with this outcome. However, a majority of Guardians hated this.

Ensi is one of the haters.

Ensi did what he could, using rules and regulations to annoy the imperial families during this special time, the only time he can arguably wave his authority card around.

Ensi is very proud of his actions.

He let the power get to his head and that's why he sent his knights after Wu Yan when he landed. It's also the true reason why he got his butt whooped.

Yes, Wu Yan is only at the wrong place at the wrong time, Ensi is the true antagonist for wanting to abuse his power.

Had Wu Yan been just another intruder then Wu Yan would have most likely fell prey to Ensi's ploys. But, Ensi picked on the wrong foe.

Ensi is royally pissed that a peak tier 8 cultivator Guardian like him got his ass whipped by a youngster. He's frustrated so he tried to find another way to get his revenge.

His journey of revenge dragged in the three emperors.

Smug with the apparent speechlessness from the emperors, he silently snickered inside his heart. He is only a small fry who picked on smaller imperial family members. He's not bold enough to take on direct imperial family members.

Now, with the emperors dragged into this affair, why wouldn't he be proud of his own doing?

Take away Ensi's Guardian identity, one would find a pitiful soul within.

He used his Guardian duties as excuses to butt heads with the emperor. If this was another time, even his Guardian status would not stop the emperors from flooring this jerk.

Just when Ensi counted his winning eggs, Wu Yan finally spoke up.

"You said there is no rule granting a fiancee like me access to the Emperor Island City, right?"

Ensi viciously shot a glare at Wu Yan. However, he hid his malice before making his reply.

"Yes! Only imperial family members can enter the city and join the Domain of Gods. This is a rule passed down from olden times. Even the nine great factions are aware of this rule."

"I see..."

Wu Yan grinned while nodding.

"Then, tell me, is there a rule explicitly stating an imperial princess' fiancée can't enter the city?!"

Ensi got petrified.

Sylph & co dispelled their dark looks.


Kaya stepped forward.

"I haven't heard of a rule denying a fiancee's access to the city. Similarly, there is no rule granting such access. Given this ambiguity, Wu Yan should be well within his rights to enter the city."

"Do you know what your words imply? Prince Kaya..."

Ensi growled.

"It's true there is no explicit law for this. However, this is an unspoken rule to prevent a bad actor from scamming the imperial families to steal precious resources from the Domain of Gods, even subverting the imperial families. I hope you understand this point..."


Kaya got stopped.

"Don't worry."

Sylph coldly replied.

"He's not a bad agent..."

"Oh, I don't know about that."

Ensi coldly laughed.

"Even Princess Sylph with all her intelligence might still be deceived by this guy. It would be all but too late for remorse when something happens..."

Sylph glanced at Ensi.

"I think there is a misunderstanding here..."

Ensi furrowed his brows.

"What do you mean?"

Sylph said something that blew Ensi's mind.

"If he wanted to harm the imperial family, no one among the imperial families can stop him.

"I repeat, nobody."

Silence fell as Kate, Gurda, Weya, Kaya, and Jaafar exchanged bitter smiles.

"Pr-princess Sylph..."

Ensi's back felt as cold as ice while he tried to force a smile onto his face.

"A-are you joking with me?"

"I don't joke."

Sylph snapped.

"He has no less than five tier 9 followers in his faction. Furthermore, he has the backing of one demigod."

"You tell me, which imperial family can defend against a threat like this?"


Ensi couldn't believe his ears.

He has five tier 9 supporters?

He even has the support of a demigod?

"How is that possible?!"

Ensi roared in disbelief.

"The three empires only have one demigod protecting each empire. I have never heard of an era where there are more than three ninth tier cultivators and a demigod belonging to one single faction among the three great empires or the nine noble factions. How did he?..."

"It's something I hate to admit."

Gurda interrupted.

"However, that is the truth."


Ensi lost his mind.

Seeing as Ensi still couldn't accept this outcome, Sylph dropped another bomb on everyone.

"If you're still going to use this ambiguity to deny him access then I will immediately enforce the engagement between us and become his wife in name and capacity!"

Even Wu Yan didn't see this coming. Sylph pulled Wu Yan's hand as they went for the Emperor Island city. She left Ensi with another line.

"Hence, if anything happens then I will accept any and all responsibilities on his behalf!"

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