Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1057: Creating a mess out of nothing, the Guardian Clan

"Your Majesty Kate, this is not fair!"

The knight captain shocked everyone with his protest.

Wu Yan also narrowed his eyes while looking at the knight captain. Just as well, the captain also stared back. However, he looked away instantly.

It took Wu Yan one look to determine the captain's true feelings.

Envy... hatred... and malice...

Wu Yan flashed a playful grin as a cold light appeared in his eyes.

It's fair to say the guy isn't going on a picnic with Wu Yan anytime soon. Wu Yan can anticipate what's going to happen next.

Kate, Gurda, and Weya also exchanged a look. They figured out the captain's thought, they frowned at the same time.

"Ensi, what's the matter?"

"With all due respect, three emperors..."

The captain grumbled while lacking the respectful tone he should be using.

"I don't know about the relationship between Your Majesties and this intruder. But, the rule of Emperor Island clearly states that an airship without an imperial insignia cannot land on the island. The intruder trespassed on Emperor Island and even beat up the knights guarding the island. I don't understand why Your Majesties are letting this slide..."

Ensi grinned sneakily. He made sure Wu Yan can see his vicious look.

"The knights erred by attacking without warning. Ensi is willing to accept punishment as head of the nights for this transgression. However, let it be known that the intruder is the one who threw the first stone by landing without authorization. Ensi cannot accept this outcome where the intruder gets away scot-free while getting an invitation into the Emperor Island!"

Gurda, Weya, and Kate aren't pleased with this. Ensi disgraced them in front of everyone.

They are the emperors ruling Silvaria, where does this guy get off telling them what to do? Only protector demigods are above the emperors in status.

Weya got verbally slapped by his daughter but even that didn't make his expression as bitter as now.

He can forgive her daughter, after all, that's what a doting parent would do. However, getting told off by a stranger is something an emperor cannot take sitting down.

Yet, Ensi stood on the side of logic and reason. He placed the emperors in a difficult situation.

Moreover, Ensi also held a special status.

He is not an imperial member nor is he a stranger from a random faction. He is one of the guardians of Emperor Island.

When the three founding gods made the Domain of Gods, they asked a confidant to come and stay as the island's guardian.

That loyal follower developed the island guardian force into what it is today. Its force is no weaker than any one of the nine great factions. In fact, its composite strength is on par with the three imperial families.

Because they are tasked with defending the Emperor Island, they are called the Guardian clan.

The Guardian clan is the true owner of the Emperor Island although the empires technically owned the island.

The three founding gods gave them more than just a guardian role. They are also supervisors to make sure no one from the imperial families steps out of line. The Guardian clan is the one in charge of the check and balances on Emperor Island.

In front of the Guardian clan, the empires must respect their authority as the guardians and loyal retainers of the founding gods. In other words, even the three emperors can't pick a fight with the guardians just because they felt like it.

Ensi is one of the clan members.

Kate, Gurda, and Weya can't ignore Ensi's trifle tantrum. Had Ensi been just a bit rash, the three emperors would have enough reason to put him down.

Ensi did well by using logic and tradition on the three emperors. He used proper justification to get the three emperors to make a ruling.

Kate is the first one to open his mouth.

"I can understand why you would think that. Firstly, though he came here while boarding an unauthorized ship, this youngster here is family, that should dispel any objections regarding his right to be here, correct?"

"An imperial member?"

Ensi flinched.

"Forgive my rudeness, Your Majesty, I haven't heard of a person like him among the roster of the Ailu empire though?!"

Kate is even more annoyed that Ensi still talked back. Just when the emperor is about to lay down his edict, Sylph suddenly voiced out.

"He's my fiancée."

Ensi's stunned.

Kate chuckled.

"Yes, this youngster became Sylph's fiancee some time ago. Currently, he is engaged to Princess Sylph!"

"As someone betrothed to the imperial princess, he is in all capacity, a member of the imperial family. Now, Ensi, do you have any more objections?"

Wu Yan grinned as if he just enjoyed a good show. He made sure to savor Ensi's frustrated and dark look.

"Since he is Princess Sylph's fiancee then he has the right to land on the Emperor Island..."

"But, there is no law permitting the entry of someone merely betrothed to an Imperial Princess. As such, I must ask this royal consort-to-be to leave the Emperor Island..."

The air froze.

Gurda, Weya, and Kate are already beyond the point of tolerance. Even Kaya and Jaafar are starting to take this matter with a serious look. Sylph also frowned in disapproval.

They invited Wu Yan into the Emperor Island City, to chase him away now would reflect poorly on themselves.

The rule holds that only Guardian Clan members and imperial members entering the Domain of Gods may enter the city.

In other words, if Wu Yan stepped into the city then he will obtain the right to participate in the Domain of Gods too.

If a precedent where one without imperial blood enters the Domain of Gods through an engagement then it would set a dangerous precedent.

Who among the three imperial families wouldn't want their families to become stronger?

If a fiancée like him enters the Domain of Gods then what's stopping the other families from engaging their own princesses and princes to outsiders, granting them access to the treasures within the Domain of Gods? This way, they can quickly increase their overall strength with the addition of commoners who are just engaged to imperial princes and princesses.

The three founding gods would like to see this. However, it would defeat the purpose if a bad actor gained miraculous encounters through this loophole and subsequently create a crisis in the imperial households.

That is a worst-case scenario nobody wants to see.

Although there is no explicit law preventing a fiancée from entering the Domain of Gods. It's also true that no outsiders betrothed to an imperial family member entered before this point.

Wu Yan is the first one to land on the island despite his commoner background.

Ensi wants to use this grey area to his advantage. This is his way of getting back at Wu Yan.

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