Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1055: The three empires! The appearance of the key imperial members.

Beast Battle Technique, a signature battle technique of the Baruba empire.

Wu Yan is a novice when it came to Beast Battle Technique. With that said, he got a closer look at the skill when he fought the Baruba crown prince, Jaafar who was rather adept at this skill. It's rumored that this skill was designed with beast mimicry in mind, only Baruba residents are skilled at this skill.

In other words, the crowned and stout man in a luxurious robe is someone from the Baruba empire.

His strength and clothes hinted at his high social status.

Wu Yan scanned the stout man with his System.

Gurda Baruba: Level 84

Wu Yan frowned slightly when he read the information.

Level 84 and donning the surname of Baruba?...

Wu Yan grinned when he sized up the guy known as Gurda.

He can more or less guess who Gurda is.

Gurda didn't pay Wu Yan any attention, he focused on the panting knight captain, his booming voice rang.

"Are you okay?"


The knight captain sucked in the slightly ionized air as he thanked Gurda.

"Thank you for saving me, your majesty Gurda..."

Wu Yan spotted a happy look when he heard that.

The stout man is the reigning emperor of the Baruba Empire.

In other words, he's Jaafar's dad.

Wu Yan's eyes flashed.

If the emperor himself attended the opening of the Domain of Gods, the credibility of the Domain's ability to rear demigods increased.

There are only five demigods in Silvaria. It just so happens that each empire had a demigod protecting it. It's also weird how there's always a demigod to take the torch from the previous protector demigod. Aside from the Domain of Gods, there's pretty much no other explanation for this uncanny coincidence.

With the Baruba emperor here, the other two emperors should be here too, right?

The sound of people zipping through the air came at the same time he had this thought. A few figures landed near Gurda.

Wu Yan glanced at them before smiling.

He can call out their names, most of them anyway.

The emperor of the Ailu empire, Kate.

The crown princess of the Ailu empire, Sylph.

The crown prince of the Baruba empire, Jaafar.

The crown prince of the Feya Empire, Kaya.

In addition, there is another guy dressed as regal as Gurda and Kate. He looked more refined and cultured than Gurda. By extrapolation, this guy must be the emperor of the Feya empire.

Wu Yan confirmed his suspicion with a quick scan.

Weya Feya: Level 86

Level 86, he's definitely the strongest among the arrivals.

He is also dressed like an emperor so it's not exactly rocket science for Wu Yan to figure out Weya's identity.

The new arrivals saw the strung-up knights and they furrowed their eyebrows in malice. When they saw Wu Yan's smug grin, they all cried out at the same time.

"It's you?!"


Gurda is the first one to raise an eyebrow.

"You guys know him?"

Weya and Kate exchanged bitter smiles.

"Gurda, surely you aren't this forgetful? He's Wu Yan!"

"Wu Yan?"

Gurda finally got the message as he eyed Wu Yan.

It's not the first time Gurda heard Wu Yan's name.

However, it's not like Gurda took special note of Wu Yan. He remembered because Wu Yan's name kept coming up during board meetings.

Gurda also saw Wu Yan before. Back then, Wu Yan just enrolled in Silvaria World Institute when the twelve board members met Wu Yan through projections on top of the Arena Tower, Gurda is one of the twelve directors presiding over Silvaria World Institute's board of directors.

Gurda reacted in shock for a good reason.

He narrowed his eyes while scrutinizing Wu Yan. Slowly, he mumbled.

"This Wu Yan, he actually withstood one claw from me..."

While thinking about what happened the last time they met, Gurda couldn't help but link Wu Yan's achievement with his current status. His eyes started turning sharp with consternation.

It's understandable too.

When they first met, Wu Yan was at the peak of tier 7 power, an existence that Gurda can delete from the universe with a wave of his hand.

After that, he heard tales about Wu Yan's achievements.

Including killing peak tier 8 practitioners like Marcus and Andrew.

This is the second time they have met. The young man he could once kill at the drop of the hat had grown rapidly to become someone who can block his attack.

Even if Gurda used only 70% of his available power, it's still not something a peak tier 8 can handle. Moreover, Wu Yan even staggered him!

"Ninth tier?"

Gurda inhaled as he tried to suppress his own astonishment.

Nobody can blame him for this shameful display.

The last time they met was only months ago!

This guy grew from peak tier 7 power to the ninth tier in just a few short months?

If Gurda told anyone about this then he would be laughed out of the door even if he's the emperor!

Yet, reality speaks for itself.

Gurda felt rather complex.

Kate and Weya also had weird looks on their faces.

Lei Wang briefed them about this but the emperors still didn't truly believe what Lei Wang said until they saw Wu Yan with their own eyes.

Indeed, they had no excuses to dismiss the current sight in front of them.

"Wu Yan..."

Kaya and Jaafar gasped.

"Why are you here?!"

Sylph said nothing. Her confused gaze silently asked Wu Yan for an answer.

Wu Yan scratched his cheek before shrugging.

"Well, something happened and I came here. In any case, I got attacked the moment I landed..."

Jaafar and Kaya turned into statues while Kate bitterly laughed.

"Ignoring your purpose here, the Emperor Island is jointly owned by the three empires. Only members of the imperial families are allowed here. Also, only airships bearing the insignia of the imperial families are allowed to land here. I am guessing you landed with your airship, that would explain why you got attacked, no?"

Wu Yan wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry after hearing Kate's explanation.

"Hold up, I can't land without an imperial insignia? Lana, that brat, she didn't tell me about this. Oh, I am so going to get her for this..."


The three emperors, two princes, and princess flinched at the sound of her name.

"Sylph Onee-sama!"

A sweet but eerie noise came from behind them. A lithe figure dashed at an impossible speed towards them. The figure finished her dash with a quick jump, glomping Sylph when she landed.

"Sylph Onee-sama! Sylph Onee-sama!"

Like a koala bear, she dangled on Sylph's body while rubbing her face all over Sylph's mammary glands. She certainly looked like she enjoyed her current situation.


Everyone's lips started twitching...

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