Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1054: A complete wipeout, 9th tier practitioner makes his appearance

Purple flashes and metallic clangs reverberated throughout the edge of Emperor Island.

Ding ding ding ding

The chains threatened to cover the sky as a cascade of spells rained down on the Chain of Commandment. The chains held strong as the spells hit it.

The knights who were the primary targets of the chain couldn't react in time. They yelled in horror as the chains strung them up and suspended them in the air.


"Damn it! Where did these chains come from?!"

"Hurry, break free!"

"What the heck? I can't break free!"

"What are these chains made of? It's so tough!"

"I am using my Douqi and I still can't break free, is this an Armament?!"

The knights roared in anger as they furiously struggled against the chains holding them in place.

Alas, these chains were purported made by the gods, well, gods in Strike the Blood's universe anyway, not God-tier beings. Even so, these chains weren't something tier 7 or tier 8 fighters can break.

If one were to classify the chains using the Armament scale then these chains would be Gold Armament.

Forget tier 7-8 cultivators, even a tier 9 fighter will have trouble unbridling once caught.

The Chains of Commandment is a classic move Natsuki used other than her Guardian and spatial manipulation spells. This is how she got her title as the demon killer.


The squad captain saw his bound subordinates and he yelled hoarsely at the magicians behind him.

But, purple magic formations appeared around his magician squad. Like purple vipers, the chains immediately tangled the magicians. Just like their warrior comrades, the magicians were strung up like ham in the air.

The squad captain couldn't believe his eyes.

His subordinates were all tier 7 and above fighters.

How did one person take down an entire squadron in such a short span of time?

No way, that youth is actually a ninth-tier cultivator?

That flash of thought came at the same time as a flash of light.

He subconsciously backed away when the tier 9 youth grinned at him after seemingly teleporting in front of him.


Bracing himself, the captain channeled all his Douqi and used his strongest technique with his Armament, he wanted to lop off Wu Yan's head.

He used his strongest attack. The peak tier 8 captain unleashed his strongest attack in an instant.

Even a similar peak tier 8 practitioner would be dead if he got hit by a technique at this level.

Wu Yan glanced at the attack and raised his lightning-clad fist.

With his crackling fist, he met the cold hard blade!


His hand didn't get cut despite the Douqi-enhanced sword attack hitting him straight on his knuckles.


Much to the captain's horror, his Armament got blown away by the lightning fist attack. His hands also got electrocuted into a mess of charred skin and burnt flesh. The sword flew into the distance!


He was stunned.

He got disarmed in a single attack?


Before he can readjust his stance, a force tightened around his neck as someone lifted him off the ground.

Wu Yan's eyes were flashing with killing intent even as he choked the squad captain despite his feeble attempts to squirm around. Wu Yan had a dangerous smile on his face.

"That was a killing move, yes?"


The captain couldn't reply because of his immense strength. He flailed his legs around to no avail. Slowly, the impending scenario of suffocation dawned upon him. The knight captain still couldn't believe what happened.

How did a peak tier 8 fighter like him become so powerless in front of this 20-something youngster? He held him by the neck and lifted him like he's just a punk.

The knight captain couldn't accept reality. He is someone who stood on the same level as the patriarchs of the three Great Nobles in this empire.

In a single bout, this youngster defeated his 1000-men strong battalion with tier 7 and tier 8 soldiers making up its ranks. Not only did Wu Yan capture his battalion, but even the captain himself fell prey to Wu Yan's might.

How is a knight captain like him ever going to accept something like this?

The grip on his neck only tightened despite the captain's weakening senses. The knight captain can feel death beckoning him as his consciousness slowly faded away.

Wu Yan tightened his grip further. The knight captain signed his death warrant when he chose to use his strongest move, that move pissed Wu Yan off.

Seconds before choking out the knight captain, a stern voice interrupted him.


A figure burst out from the nearby city gates.

Wielding claw-like beam projections of a deep red shade, the new entrant rippled with a greater energy signature than the knight captain.

The newcomer tried to claw Wu Yan's chest.

This person is definitely stronger than the knight captain.

A tier 9 fighter.

Wu Yan unleashed another Lightning Flash Fist at the incoming claw beams.


The explosive clash between the powerful claw beams and the mighty lightning fist fissured the ground dozens of meters wide. The ground gave way to a crater as dust and rubble flew into the air. The knight captain got thrown into the distance with this collision.

He can feel a surge of power coming up his arms, the echoes of power transmitted into his arm is enough to severely injure any peak tier 8 individual. Wu Yan turned serious and raised his lightning to another notch.


The lightning fist overpowered the claw beams, shattering the attack and staggering the attacker who emitted the claw beams.

Bam bam bam

The figure tried to steady himself by planting his foot in the ground, dragging out a long trail some 20 meters long. The figure finally stopped as he looked rather astonished with this exchange. The attacker didn't expect this outcome.

Wu Yan finally got a good look at the attacker.

Draped in luxurious robes, the guy wearing a regal crown looked like he's in his mid-forties. He was also built like a fortress with a bear-like build. His eyes flashed with savagery and intelligence at the same time. This told everyone that he's not your run-of-the-mill fighter.

The stout man channeled his Douqi while a faint image of a beast floated behind like a Stand.

That's... Beast Battle Technique?!

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