Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1053: Emperor Island

Wu Yan grinned when he saw the island.

"Finally, the Domain of Gods..."

Lana also approached Wu Yan, she looked at Wu Yan like he's a joke. She started teasing him.

"Who told you that's the Domain of Gods?!"

Wu Yan took out the map and he confirmed they were at the right place.

"We are at the cross marked on the map, this is the island!"

"It's just a relay station..."

Lana replied nonchalantly.

"The Domain of Gods opens up once every 10 years. Before that time, it will not appear."

Lana pointed at the island displayed on the screen.

"That's the Emperor Island, an island jointly owned by the three imperial families ruling the three empires. It's common practice for the imperials to gather here while they wait for the Domain of Gods to open up."

"Right now we are still roughly three days away from the opening time. The Domain of Gods naturally won't appear before then."

"I see..."

Wu Yan nodded. He flailed the map around.

"In other words, this map shows the location of the Emperor Island, not the Domain of Gods itself?!"

"Wrong again!"

Lana curled her lips.

"The Domain of Gods is near the Emperor Island. Specifically, it's on another island. The map you hold in your hands shows the location of both the Emperor Island and the Domain of Gods!"


Wu Yan raised an eyebrow. He took another look at the Emperor Island.

"Interesting, let's go down there then!"

Wu Yan ordered Fraxinus to descend on that island."

Lana recalled something and she started grinning like a mischievous girl. It's like she's enjoying the tragedy that's about to happen.

Wu Yan didn't notice this because he was focused on landing Fraxinus.

Whipping up a minor storm, Fraxinus slowly landed on a vacant field. The ship stopped a few meters away from ground level, hovering in the air without completing its descent.

A pillar of light appeared beneath Fraxinus. The laser pillar isn't offensive, the ground didn't get gouged as two figures emerged from within the beam.

"This is the Emperor Island?"

Wu Yan shook his head while chortling. The island looked more like a city than an island.

"A city on an island? Just like Itogami Island..."

Wu Yan waved his hand and Fraxinus slowly returned to his Gate of Babylon. When the portal closed, nobody can believe an airship landed somewhere near here as there were no traces left.

Wu Yan glanced at the city.

"Where do we go from here?"

Wu Yan didn't get the answer he expected from Lana. Instead, when he looked to his side, she was gone.

"That smelly brat..."

Wu Yan started looking around for the royal-pain-in-the-butt princess.

"Where did she go?"

Another unexpected encounter happened.

Tap tap tap

He can hear clear and organized footsteps coming towards him. He looked in that direction only to see a company of knights 100-men strong storming towards him with blazing Douqi. They were led by a peak tier 8 captain.

"What the..."

The knights were dressed to kill, they readied their Douqi and mana. They dashed over to Wu Yan without giving him any chance to react.

What's going on?

Wu Yan couldn't understand why the knights circled him. He looked at the captain leading the company. He was interrupted before he can ask anything.

The captain passed down an order that shocked Wu Yan.

With his blade pointed at Wu Yan, the captain roared.

"Capture him!"

"Yes, sir!"

The tier 7 knights around him started channeling magic power and Douqi. They took out their armament before charging over like tanks.

They were obviously aiming to seriously injure or outright kill Wu Yan.

With the knights basically aiming to stab him, Wu Yan decided it was time to fight back.

He didn't use any flashy move or anything. He allowed the warriors to reach him before raising his head to meet the cold blades raining down on him.


A surge of magic power exploded outwards with Wu Yan as the center. The magic shockwave hit the knights with tier 7 cultivation.



The tier 7 knights got smashed away like they rammed into an indomitable steel wall.

The knights collapsed in front of the captain while bleeding all over.

It took Wu Yan only an instant to disarm the tier 7 knights.

Wu Yan only unleashed his immense magic power to send the tier 7 knights flying in their own bodily fluid and blood.

The other knights were stupefied. They lost control of their Douqi and magic power for a second. They lost their dangerous looks, replaced with shock and awe, even the captain looked grim.

He's a peak tier 8 cultivator.

Even someone at his level reckons it's impossible to take down 10 tier 7 knights without moving a muscle.

In other words, the youngster who looked like he's only a bit over 20 years old is stronger than him!

Wait, stronger than peak of tier 8 power?

He's a tier 9 practitioner?

"He's in the tier 9 realm?!"

The captain clenched down on his armament. He scoffed out loud.

"Impossible, there's no way a 20-year-old tier 9 cultivator can exist. The youngest recorded tier 9 cultivators are around 38-years-old. This guy must have used a technique or something?"

The captain said that to assure himself, it also served as a morale boost to the other knights around him.

He ordered another round of attacks.

"All warriors, attack! Magicians, ready your spells! No more holding back, use your full power!"

The knights unleashed all their Douqi while the magicians prepared spells behind the warriors.

A scene unfolded where a company of knights charged at a defenseless youngster while a plethora of magic spells rained down from above.

Wu Yan sighed.

"I don't know what's happening but it looks like words won't work on these guys..."

Wu Yan snapped his finger.


Space around Wu Yan distorted. A purple magic formation appeared out of thin air. Chains started flying out of the purple portals Wu Yan made. The chains immediately engulfed the knights.

That is Minamiya Natsuki's weapon.

The chains said to be forged by gods, Commandment Chains.

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