Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1049: A request? A tall task?

Pelosi, Bing Ling, and Bishi's arrival didn't come as a surprise to the ladies. They quickly shifted into their business-mode.

Playing around when there are guests around isn't professional. More importantly, they would be embarrassing Wu Yan.

He didn't mind this but his harem thought otherwise. This is how the ladies low-key showed their consideration for Wu Yan.

As for Pelosi, Bing Ling, and Bishi, they stopped once they entered the tent. They looked around the tent and everywhere they looked, beauties were surrounding Wu Yan. Even men of their statuses felt envious of Wu Yan's treatment.

Each one of the ladies here can charm the hearts of millions. They also had the power and talent to back themselves up in a fight. Any member of Wu Yan's harem can achieve imperial princess-level status should they choose to defect to a noble family or imperial family.

Yet, the powerful and beautiful women are all gathered around him. It also looked like Wu Yan's very intimate with all the ladies here. Pelosi & co are straight men, why wouldn't they be jealous?

They also know why they shouldn't be envious of Wu Yan's position.

If Wu Yan is a good-for-nothing then they wouldn't be jealous, instead, they would treat him with disdain.

But, Wu Yan's status is also quite something in Silvaria.

His age is close to Bing Ling and Bishi. In just a short few months of enrollment in Silvaria World Institute, he transformed from a nameless upstart to the champion that can stand on the same level as the crown princess and princes of the three great empires.

His strength also improved from tier 7 power to tier 9 in less than a year. His achievements include killing Ctyo and Jardin clan's second-in-command. He also got away with his crimes despite shaking the pillars and power structure of the Ailu Empire. After the Board convened a special summit they still couldn't do anything against him!

He is someone who came out of nowhere, with no notable background to speak of. However, that didn't stop him from earning the lavish attention of the Ailu Empire and the Lori family. He even got engaged with the crown jewel of the Ailu Empire, Princess Sylph.

More importantly, he had a demigod supporting him from behind. The very same demigod that defeated the Beast King multiple times.

Given his achievements and following, doesn't that make him the most salient individual in Silvaria?

Pelosi, Bing Ling, and Bishi can get jealous all they want but they weren't grumbling about Wu Yan's treatment. He had met all the requirements of such lavish treatment.

Fortunately, Yukari is still sleeping. Otherwise, the trio might really get heart attacks from their accumulated jealousy exploding all at once.

"So you guys came..."

Wu Yan isn't privy as to the exact nature of the visit. However, he grinned when he roamed his gaze over the three captains in charge of the base.

"I've been waiting..."

The captains exchanged a look.

"Did you call us here over the black lights?"

Wu Yan shook his head.

"Nope, I've got a request."

Wu Yan's serious look surprised the three captains.

If even Wu Yan's stumped then the matter must be very grave indeed.

The three captains steeled their expressions.

"What do you need us to do? If we can help then we will undertake the task gladly..."


Wu Yan's serious look was gone. He looked at the three captains like saviors. Before the three captains can ask about the job, Wu Yan took out a tied-up lifeform from under the table. He tossed the lifeform over to the three captains.

"Please deliver this annoying fellow back.'

The three captains were astonished.

The tied-up lifeform started grumbling and squirming around. She thrashed around on the table, the sounds she made called the three captains back into reality.

Alas, when the three captains finally identified the tied-up lifeform, their eyes widened in disbelief.


Bing Ling's mouth widened. He shrieked in horror.

"Princess Lana?!"

Bishi's too stunned to react. He had to rub his eyes because he wasn't sure if his eyes were playing tricks on him. Lana's gagged but that didn't stop her from staring daggers into Wu Yan.

"Is that really Princess Lana? Why is she here?"

Pelosi couldn't stay calm.

"Why is she in such a state..."

"As expected of big shots from notable clans, you guys know about her..."

Wu Yan chuckled before dumping his job on the three captains.

"Alright, I will have to trouble you guys to escort her home. Thanks, guys."

Wu Yan is honestly asking them for help. It felt like he would get down on his knees if the captains didn't agree. Pelosi & co didn't expect such a polite and sincere request from Wu Yan.

"You called us here..."

Bishi pointed at Lana who is still trying to get out of her bindings.

"Because you wanted someone to escort Princess Lana back?"

"What did you think it was?"

Wu Yan rolled his eyes.

"If you guys know her then surely you know how annoying she gets?"

Pelosi, Bing Ling, and Bishi exchanged helpless looks.

They expected something more important. Not this...

Lana is infamous in Silvaria World Institute. She is a hardcore fan of Princess Sylph and she loathes the other gender. Although the degree of hate isn't that bad, no one's ever heard her complimenting another guy.

Bing Ling and Bishi can confirm that there are multiple incidents where Lana pinned a poor bloke on the Arena Tower just because some guy blurted out Sylph's name while sleeping at night. It's fair to say she has the reputation of a demoness in school.

Another case in point, when she had to go on an extended leave, the male students in the academy got together for a celebration. Bing Ling and Bishi understood where Wu Yan came from.

But, it's Wu Yan's fate to be disappointed.

"We would like to help you, but..."

Bishi continued with schadenfreude hidden in his rejection.

"Sorry, our hands are tied on this one."

Bing Ling and Pelosi also nodded. Wu Yan's jaw dropped.

"Why?! I am just asking you guys to escort her back, why can't you guys do it?!"

Wu Yan raised his voice.

"Are you guys worried something might happen to the base? Relax, I will protect the base while you guys are gone. It would look like you guys never left!"

"You are overthinking it..."

Pelosi chortled.

"We just can't help you, there are no other reasons..."


Wu Yan's still confused.

Pelosi explained himself.

"I mean, you can't even handle her. What makes you think we can convince her to leave with us?!"

"Wh-what's so hard about that?..."

A drop of cold sweat rolled down Wu Yan's temple. He forced an ugly smile onto his face.

"Look, she's pretty docile now, right? Just toss her on an airship and ship her back to Silvaria World Institute or the Feya empire, is that so hard?"

"We wouldn't dare."

The three bitterly laughed.

"She's a princess. If we treated her like a cargo, ignoring what the emperor would do to us for now, our patriarchs will surely expel us from our families."

Wu Yan asked in frustration.

"Is there no other alternatives?"

Pelosi & co hesitated. Pelosi suddenly had an idea.

"Have you ever heard of the Domain of Gods?"

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