Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1046: Are all Angeloids this simple?


The deafening explosion was like a supernatural fission bomb, the shockwave from the explosion expanded outwards, anything standing in its path got devastated.

The mountain peak closest to the point of impact started cracking until even the mountain's very foundation got sundered with gnarly gorges that spread beyond the mountain. A spiderweb-patterned crack appeared in the area, the cracks were kilometers long!

The tall and haughty trees stood no chance against the mighty explosion. The winds generated from this collision easily went beyond F12 on the Fujita scale. Trees were toppled and mini-tornadoes started tearing up the place.

The demonic beast living near this place got sent packing and/or flying. They can hear the whimpers and anguished moans of demonic beasts. Soon, they too, were buried in the sound of the whipping gale. Together with the expanding shockwave, the monsters got swept into the horizon. Nobody knows if they are still alive.

At the center of the collision, there's a terrible wall of fire.

The flames cascaded down onto the ground. Any moisture in the air got evaporated, trees were burnt, rocks got melted down into a puddle of magma. The area below became a sea of flames in short order. The mountain was transformed into a raging volcano that spewed toxic gas and magma.

The clouds were also blown far away by the collision of immense powers. Any onlooker here would find it hard to spot even a tiny cloud after the terrifying shockwave sent them all into kingdom come.

This level of power output is undoubtedly hard to replicate in Silvaria. The residents of this world would be hard-pressed to find five people who can wreak havoc on this level, excluding the five native demigods of Silvaria.

This is already beyond what a tier 9 cultivator should theoretically be able to do.

However, this scene of absolute calamity came as the result of a collision between two ladies who only entered the tier 9 realm a short while ago.

If news of this ever got out, Ikaros and Astrea would become renowned in Silvaria in no time at all.

Given this level of damage, it's hard to imagine the safety of the two fighters.

The storm slowly died out, the flames also slowly tapered out of existence. Yet, everything has already changed.

The mountain, trees, and ground burn still...

Giant cracks appeared in the ground.

Licked by the sea of flames, one could still see traces of a great fire that engulfed everything for miles.

Fortunately, this devastation was limited to the Giant Beast Forest. Had this fight occurred in a city, the casualties would be heart-rending.

Even a tier 7 practitioner would be dead if they got hit by the blowout of something on this level.

At the top of the burned mountain peak...

The girls opened their eyes to see a transparent barrier covering them. The ground they stood on is fine as well, the same can't be said of the situation outside the barrier.

The outside scenery looked like a scene from hell. The girls exchanged a look as they inhaled in awe. Flan is the only one who seemed excited. If she's not hugging Yoshino then the rascal that used to be the embodiment of destruction might be cheering and clapping her hands in giddy joy after seeing something like this.

Yukari was the one who erected the barrier. She shooked her head while sighing.

"What a waste of a perfectly good forest... It's a shame to see the environment destroyed like this..."

The ladies rolled their eyes at Yukari whereas Shokuhou Misaki retorted.

"I think the forest is the least of our concern right now. There are demonic beasts that can accelerate the growth of trees, the damage will probably recover in a year or two..."

"I see..."

Yukari nodded with a giggle.

"Then we shall forget about it..."


The girls finally asked the important question.

"Are Ikaros and Astrea okay? Where are they?"

Yukari smiled as she pointed her fan in the direction immediately behind the girls. They turned around to see a ripple in space from which Wu Yan appeared with two angelic beauties near him.

They sighed in relief. However, the sight of Ikaros and Astrea caused them to gasp at the same time.

They were dusty and charred black. They lost most of their clothes and the remaining fabric held on long enough to cover their immaculate figures.

They might look okay but that's only because Wu Yan saved them before any real damage was done. Had Wu Yan not intervened, the girls would be severely injured at the very least.

"Ikaros! Astrea!"

Hinagiku started berating the two with a seriously annoyed look.

"You girls went too far..."

The Angeloids lowered their heads at the same time, they couldn't look the other girls in the eyes after what they did.

"We are sorry..."

"Come on, guys..."

Mikoto is also a bit peeved. She grumbled.

"It's just a friendly match, why did you girls have to duke it out like that?"

Ikaros stayed silent whereas Astrea tilted her head in confusion. She started chuckling awkwardly.

"I just... did it without conscious thought..."

"You mean you fought seriously out of a subconscious whim?"

Shokuhou Misaki started poking holes in her answer.

"Anyway, I get why Astrea fought like that. How about Ikaros?"

Ikaros is calm and analytical, other than when Wu Yan got injured by the Beast King, she never lost her temper once, forget about fighting seriously.

Indeed, Ikaros didn't fight seriously because of anger, rather...

"If I hadn't fought seriously..."

Ikaros started explaining.

"Without my strongest form, I would have lost to Astrea..."

"It's just a duel..."

Hinagiku grabbed her aching head.

"You two didn't have to do that, don't you get it? It's just a friendly duel if you two didn't take out your big guns..."

Ikaros flinched, her Ahoge flailed back and forth before she asked.

"Is that so?"

The ladies fell to their knees.


Yukari sighed in frustration.

"Are all Angeloids so simple? I want the mystical gods and spirits back in Touhou to take a page from your books..."

"Just these two..."

Wu Yan said while touching Astrea's charred skin. His hand glowed with a warm light. Soon, Astrea's injuries healed at an astonishing rate. In seconds, she is as good as new.

He used the Divine Angel's other aspect alongside the power of purification, namely, the power of healing.

He didn't manifest Kanon. He just used a portion of her powers to heal Astrea. Moreover, given Astrea's level of injuries, summoning Kanon would be overkill.

Ikaros also had a built-in recovery system so she can heal at the same rate as Kanon's healing powers. Wu Yan treated Astrea without breaking a sweat.

"Among Angeloids, Ikaros and Astrea have the purest hearts, as for the others..."

Wu Yan recalled the other Angeloids: Nymph & Chaos. His expression turned bitter.

"I mean, they are not bad, their personalities though... Let's just say Ikaros and Astrea beat them hands down in cuteness..."

Ikaros and Astrea blushed when Wu Yan praised them. Wu Yan snorted once.

"Of course, recent events caused me to question this impression. You girls were naughty so I should mete out punishment!"

"Punish us?"

Ikaros and Astrea flinched.

Wu Yan started grinning in an insidious manner that scared the two Angeloids.

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