Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1045: Full power! Trump cards.

Smoking and heaving, Astrea looked at her shaking hand. She looked at Ikaros who had Astrea in her sights. She tightened her grip on her shield and sword.

As an Angeloid specialized for close-quarters combat, she can pierce Ikaros' Aegis, block her Artemis, and even her speed is at light speed. She's a very powerful fighter.

However, her weaknesses are apparent. When there's a distance between the opponent and her, she can't do anything even if she can defend herself.

Her Pandora mode gave her ranged attacks but her opponent just had to be Ikaros.

Ranged attacks against the one Angeloid specialized in long-ranged attacks? The Uranus, the Queen of the Sky?

Astrea's ranged attack is nothing against Ikaros' overwhelming firepower. Her ranged attack is like a pea shooter in front of a trained marksman.

This is the difference between designs. They are around the same level and their equipment is also close in potency parity. However, Ikaros had the advantage.

This advantage was derived from Ikaros' ability to counter Astrea.

Moreover, Astrea is also very cognizant of one fact.

Equipment parity is only a reasonable assumption when Ikaros isn't using that...

She finally saw the scene she wanted to see the least...

"Establishing connection..."

Her pink hair started dancing when she uttered those cold lines. Her pink wings split into ribbons of light. The lustrous ribbons seeped into the fabric of space behind Ikaros.

Then, a mechanical noise echoed into the distance. Translucent circuits started manifesting behind Ikaros. Like a giant futuristic door that got opened, the space behind her rippled.

Then, a large object poked out from the void in space.

Astrea was stunned by the flying fortress-esque structure. She mumbled the name of the dreadful construct...

"Uranus System..."

"Ara ara..."

Yukari sighed when she saw the Uranus System.

"Why are they escalating this? They even brought out a fighter jet..."


Wu Yan & co couldn't help but sigh in helplessness. They decided to watch the fight and stop it when it gets out of hand.

"Ikaros-senpai is scary as I expected..."

Astrea said as a droplet of cold sweat rolled down the side of her cheek. She had a grim look.

"I am not afraid of you. I can get angry too!"

Astrea threw away her shield as a bright radiant shrouded her.

Ikaros took out Uranus System that was enhanced by Pandora. She's not playing around here.

Uranus System is one of the reasons why Ikaros had such a high status back in Synapse.

Uranus System is the single determinant factor that divided Ikaros and Astrea into two classes of power. She had absolute superiority against Astrea when she uses Uranus System.

Astrea can only stare at Ikaros when she did this in the past.

Now, she has her trump card too.

Pandora Level II

If Astrea held back then defeat would be all but certain.

As for what Wu Yan told her, let's just say she forgot all about it...


Bursting out from her cocoon of light, Astrea arrived with a literal blast of shockwaves and wind blades.

She lost her agile battle armor. Instead, she had a battle dress that looked like she can kick butts on the dance floor and on the battlefield alike. Her blonde locks were tied with a large wing-shaped hairclip into a ponytail. She only had two flimsy-looking plates covering her waist. She also had an oversized greatsword of light. Astrea stared back at Ikaros with serious eyes.

Astrea transformed herself into a martial goddess. Those who hadn't seen her in this form were petrified with awe. Even Yukari flinched in surprise when she saw her transformation.

Is that Astrea?

Nobody voiced that doubt out loud. They were focused on the scene that unfolded next.

It's like Ikaros waited for Astrea to enter her Pandora level II. The four connection pillars behind her started responding to her outstretched arms. The pillars were pointed at Astrea.

The tips of the pillars were shining with bright lights. The four lights merged into a light circle.

Then, Uranus System started charging up as a terrifying power of destruction gathered within the light circle.

Astrea saw this and she raised her greatsword. Her sword started shining as she coated it with her power. Sharp winds whirled around the blade. She started emitting an aura of power that was on par with Ikaros.

They are going to unleash their strongest attacks.



The opposing forces collided as they charged up their attacks. One angel is firing up her light circle while another prepared for a mighty sword strike. It looked like the two angels were trying to vie for control over the world's energy. It was a surreal scene painted by beauty and awe.

The opposing energies created sparks in the air.


It sounded like something melted away. The sparks merged with the swirling energies. Like an iceberg falling into a hot volcano, the sparks became wisps of smoke that joined the swirling energies.

Buzz buzz

At the center of this vortex of energy, flames and plasma got jumbled into something scary. Wu Yan and Yukari started taking things seriously. They exchanged a look before nodding.

Next, the earth and the sky stood still.

Ikaros and Astrea lifted their heads at the same time.

The light circle with Ikaros vibrated. Immediately afterward, a gigantic pillar of laser shot out, devastating anything in its path. The space trembled from her sheer power output. She directed the blast at Astrea.

Astrea greeted the attack with her greatsword that expanded many times, she swiped at the laser pillar.

With that, a pillar of laser and a greatsword of light crashed into one another.


The grand explosion reminded one of a giant meteor crashing down from the sky. A giant shockwave swept everything up.

Mountains crumbled, ancient trees fell, it was a scene reminiscent of the Apocalypse.

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