Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1043: The battle between angels, Ikaros vs Astrea

Astrea felt a chill running up her spine when the other girls grinned.

"Uuu, master..."

Astrea turned towards Wu Yan for comfort when he coldly shot her down.

"That's a great idea!"

Astrea froze up in mid-glomp.

"Hey hey, Ikaros, what do you think? Isn't this idea awesome?"

Hinagiku psyched Ikaros up like she hasn't had enough.

Ikaros quietly looked at Astrea. Astrea felt hollow and betrayed.


Astrea weakly raised her arms.

"You aren't planning on fighting me, right?..."

Ikaros lowered her head. Then, she looked up again.

"If master wants to see this..."

Astrea almost cried.

"No way... Do we really have to fight?"

While Astrea is facing the day of reckoning, Wu Yan & co looked on with amusement.

They know she's not into fighting but a friendly brawl is something she normally wouldn't shy away from.

She's behaving like this because the opponent is Ikaros.

Astrea looked up to Ikaros as much as she feared her.

Hanging out together is fine. Fighting her is something Astrea never wanted to try.

Astrea wanted to avoid this fight at all costs.

"It's just a friendly duel, it will be fine..."

Wu Yan rubbed Astrea's blonde head.

"Look at it this way, we can better assess your abilities through this duel. You can use your full power but make sure not to use deadly skills, okay?"

"I-I see..."

Astrea pursed her lips in a slightly dissatisfied manner.

"If master says so..."

"Good girl..."

Wu Yan praised her. Next, he looked at Ikaros.



Ikaros emitted a bright pillar of light.

The pillar of light covered Ikaros. The light swirled into Ikaros' body like she somehow absorbed the light. She entered her Pandora mode in front of everyone.

Her feather dress made it look like she's wearing two wings. She also wore white shorts and had two pairs of pinkish-white wings. Her halo floated above her head while two pieces of armor floated next to her. She emitted pink wisps of starlight while standing there.

What a beautiful sight.

This isn't the first time they saw this mode. Even Yukari nodded with a satisfied smile. The others were still temporarily mesmerized by her. For a being like Yukari who lived millennia and has just about seen it all, to elicit a reaction from the Youkai Sage means top praise.

"Are you done with the preparations?"

Wu Yan waved his hand.

"Alright, begin. Remember, don't go overboard..."

"Yes, master!"

The two angels got into their positions after initiating their Pandora modes. They flew into the air by slapping their wings. They stared at each other.

"Now that we have reached this stage..."

Astrea tensed up while holding her photon sword.

"I can only fight!"

Compared to Astrea who looked rather grave, Ikaros started the fight with a nonchalant look. She slowly mumbled.


Astrea's pupils shrunk. She raised her shield to attempt a block.

A flurry of pink missiles filled the sky as it threatened to outnumber the stars in the sky. The missiles drew beautiful trajectories in the air before landing on Astrea's lithe figure.

Boom boom boom boom boom

Astrea's tiny figure got covered in the ensuing explosions. Deafening explosions overtook everything as plumes of dust rose into the air.

On the ground, everyone can see the stunning firepower exhibit performed by Ikaros.

"I know this isn't the first time I've seen this but..."

Shokuhou Misaki rubbed the back of her head while sighing.

"I just can't help but marvel at Ikaros' attack range..."

"She's not called a multi-purpose battle Angeloid for nothing..."

Wu Yan said while appraising the dust storm in the sky.

"Keep watching, there's more to come..."

The ladies nodded. They looked up because they are sure this duel is far from over.

Astrea's barrier survived the onslaught of missiles.

Her protective shield covered her!

Astrea possesses the most powerful sword and shield among her peers. Although her shield can only block attacks from one direction, she makes up for this with an overwhelming defense that's hard to pierce through.

At least, her barrier hasn't been broken up till now.

A flash of seriousness ran through her gallant face. She looked up from the shield and her wings unfurled into several times her normal wingspan. Her wings morphed into wings of light.

"Photon wings, restriction removed."

Astrea disappeared in a flash.

She appeared in front of Ikaros in an instant.

She swung her photon sword down at Ikaros.


A pink barrier emerged this time. It is a spherical barrier this time.

Astrea hesitated for a moment when she saw the barrier.

Astrea respected and feared Ikaros, she has good reasons to do so.

She blocked because she knew the ferocity of her Artemis bombardment. She also tried to use speed to circumvent her Aegis. Astrea knew her cards.

Her enhanced barrier provided Ikaros with all-around defense while giving her the ability to reflect attacks almost 100% of the time.

That is an exaggeration because there are other people who are stronger than Ikaros. For instance, Yukari can destroy Ikaros' Aegis with a flick of her wrist.

Astrea isn't one of these OP individuals.

She isn't sure if her attacks will rebound on her.

Astrea wasn't sure if she should attack.

Her hesitation lasted only a second. She dispelled her doubts.

So what if her attacks rebound on her. She's already here, worrying about the opponent's defense isn't productive.

She's a close-quarters expert.

Even Ikaros-senpai is inferior in this regard.

Her Chrysaor can tear Ikaros' Aegis under normal situations. Since they are both in their Pandora mode, her enhanced sword should be able to pierce Ikaros' Aegis.

She must go through with this attack.


Her photon sword made an impact with the translucent barrier. The collision sent shockwaves through the air.

The shockwave expanded outwards rapidly.

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