Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1040: Accept her and I will be fine

Giant Beast Forest, Forward operating base...


The ladies stared at Kanon without missing a beat. They didn't do much else aside from staring at Kanon. The whole tent is awkwardly silent.

Kanon isn't a bold girl to begin with. Getting stared like this quickly diminished her mental stamina. She started panicking while throwing flustered gazes in Wu Yan's direction, she wanted Wu Yan to save her. She almost teared up from stress...

Wu Yan wants to help her. However, the stern gazes from the other ladies stopped him. He started looking around for a helper.

Alas, Astrea made her way over to the dining table the moment they returned from their mission. She started chowing down along with her best pal, Tohka...

As for Ikaros...

Well, unless Pandora can work on her emotional quotient, she's probably not going to be much help...

Wu Yan sighed and looked at another corner, the corner where Yukari's sitting on her chair with a cup of tea enjoying the scene in front of her.

Yukari met Wu Yan's puppy eyes.

She blinked a few times and she started grinning. She made sure Wu Yan's watching before she started sipping her tea.

She ignored him.

Wu Yan shed manly tears. He looked at the girls who were leering at Kanon and he decided to bite the bullet. He mustered his courage and he walked to the front.



The other girls drilled holes into his body with their eyes. Hinagiku, Mikoto, Kotori, and Shokuhou Misaki were staring daggers into him. Wu Yan started sweating in a panic.

What did I do wrong?

Wu Yan froze up and he swallowed the words he rehearsed in his mind.

Kanon sensed the attention moving away from herself. She sighed in relief. Her turquoise eyes roamed over everyone.

Are these ladies Sensei's important partners?

She looked at the stunning beauties in front of her who had different traits going for them. She placed her hand on her chest, she's half stunned and half troubled.

If they are all important to Wu Yan then she must make sure she gets along with them or it's going to deeply trouble Wu Yan.

But, the ladies aren't very welcoming of her.

Kanon felt a bit worried. She lost her determination and she turned her head the other way only to see a face that got way too close to hers. She jumped back in shock.


Lana mumbled as if she's thinking long and hard about something, her eyes scanned Kanon top to bottom, she made sure to imprint Kanon's figure in her mind like a crazed person.

Kanon felt discomfort, she's not used to being stared at like this. She fidgeted while feebly asking Lana.

"E-erm, can I help you?"


Lana set her eyes on Kanon. Then, she smirked.

That's a grin that belongs to a beggar who hasn't eaten for days. She started drooling while laughing out loud.

Next, she jumped.

"What a cute girl we have here?!"

Lana pounced on Kanon.


Kanon wasn't anticipating this. She can see there's little she can do against the hungry Lana so she resigned to her fate and closed her eyes.

A big hand grabbed Lana by her face.

"Give it a rest! This is the first time you two met, hold yourself together!"

Wu Yan threw her on the ground in a huff.


Lana kissed the ground with her legs twitching in the air. Then, she slumped sideways and she went silent. She got knocked out.

Wu Yan dusted his palms although he silently thanked Lana for her outburst.

Lana's action broke the ice and he introduced Kanon to the ladies around him.

"She's Kanon..."

He pushed her into the spotlight.

"She's family and she lived together with us during our time in the other world. You girls are family too so let's start by exchanging names..."

Kanon heard family and she slightly blushed. She steeled herself up and bowed down.

"I am Kanase Kanon, nice to meet you!"

The other ladies exchanged looks. They stayed silent for a short while before they sighed and laughed at the same time.

"You're Yan's familiar, right?"

Hinagiku approached Kanon and she helped Kanon get up from her bow.

"Kanase Kanon, was it? That's a beautiful name, you can call me Hinagiku!"

"Misaka Mikoto here, can I just call you Kanon?"

Mikoto got rid of her scary aura while greeting Kanon in a very affable manner.


Kanon stuttered.

"Just Kanon's fine."

"You're quite the looker, aren't you?..."

Shokuhou Misaki tossed her hair back.

"You feel similar to Ikaros, you also have the same shade of hair color as Fei Fei, are you a foreigner?"

"N-nn, my grandfather and father are foreigners..."


Kotori started teasing her.

"That's rare. You're the first foreigner to join if we ignore the Angeloids from Synapse and the fairies..."

"Ara, is that so?"

Kurumi touched her lower lip while giggling.

"Yoshino feels like a girl from overseas to me..."


Yoshino didn't expect to get dragged into the conversation like this. Yoshino certainly looked like a delicate western doll. They all nodded in unison.

"You're a super foreigner! Yoshino!"

Kinuhata Saiai added.

"Hey, aren't you guys forgetting about me?"

Frenda lowered her head in dejection.

"I am a foreigner too, I am as foreign as foreigners get..."

Takitsubou Rikou nodded towards Kanon who lost track of the conversation.

"She's a great person..."

"Let Flan play with her!"

Flan jumped into the conversation with a lethal proposal. Her eyes are not brimming with animosity so she must mean it in a good way.

The other girls started chatting up a storm with Kanon in the center. Kanon's tense expression loosened up. Wu Yan also felt relieved she's hitting it off with the other girls. He nodded with satisfaction.


Mikoto snorted when she saw Wu Yan nodding his head.

"Don't misunderstand, buster! We only like Kanon! That doesn't mean you're off the hook!"

"Well, whatever..."

Wu Yan gave Mikoto an excrement-eating grin as he shrugged her off.

"As long as you girls accept Kanon, I couldn't care less about what happens to me..."

Kanon was touched by Wu Yan's words. The other ladies weren't amused but the corners of their lips did edge slightly upwards...

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