Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1039: Settled, the newcomer angel

Sizzle sizzle sizzle

It sounded like somebody's putting out a fire.

The dark mist covering the sky is gone. There is a faint sheen of white mist lingering over the forest.

The white mist is just water vapor. It's not filled with the evil power that suffused the dark mist anymore. Moreover, the water vapor felt warm and rejuvenating to the touch, there's a holy vibe coming from it.

The power of purification.

That's one of the two abilities possessed by Kanon the Divine Angel.

She's not built to harm others. Her attributes are all healing and purification, against curse attributes and dark elements, her powers are the best counters!

Since the dark mist and black lights can turn normal creatures into grotesque monsters that attacked anything in sight, it's fair to say the black lights are definitely not in the healing and pure category. In this case, using Kanon's purification power is the best choice.

It took Wu Yan, Ikaros, and Astrea ages to fight the dark mist and dark lights to a standstill. When Kanon showed up, she cleared the whole mess up in less than a minute.

Kanon hovered within her veil of divine vapor. She looked around to confirm there are no more dark lights in the area before she sighed in relief.

Kanon slowly reined in her divine aura. Soon, she returned to her docile and meek self. She felt like an angel that fell down to earth despite still having her wings. She looked a lot more human now.

Her turquoise eyes fell on Wu Yan and those beautiful eyes lit up in joy. Her master also smiled back.

For Kanon who had been in a dormant state of sleep, it's been less than a few seconds since she last saw Wu Yan.

Between the moment before she slept and the moment she woke up, it's not even an hour yet.

In [Strike the Blood], Wu Yan and Kanon lived together and the time they spent together is more than enough for an unbreakable bond to form between the two. After becoming Wu Yan's familiar, this bond became even stronger.

Despite the transient time spent apart, Kanon's still very happy to see Wu Yan.

That's just how much Wu Yan means to her.

Nagisa also likes Wu Yan very much. She's still 15 so she's still heavily influenced by her own feelings. Even Avrora got dragged along and she chose to stay by Wu Yan's side.

Only Natsuki's still like... well, that...

Of course, she's just putting on an air...


Kanon greeted Wu Yan while descending down towards Wu Yan with her three pairs of pure white wings flapping behind her. Her bright eyes met with Wu Yan's gaze and she turned shy. She quickly lowered her head.

"Thanks, Kanon. You really helped us out there..."

Wu Yan watched how she snuffed the dark mist out. He sighed in relief while also not forgetting to give Kanon her much-deserved head rubs.

"Those annoying things were bugging us, Kanon's so great she didn't even need too long to purify them all..."

Kanon started blushing while giggling.

"I am sensei's familiar, my power is sensei's power..."

"Well, lucky me..."

Astrea and Ikaros also came over. They used their red eyes on Kanon, scanning her up and down with curious gazes.

Astrea is the first one to break the ice.

"Hey... Master..."

Astrea tugged Wu Yan's sleeve.

"Who's that girl?"

Astrea didn't wait for Wu Yan to answer her. She flew behind Kanon and she started playing with her white wings.

"Woah! She's got wings too! It's the same color as mine! Is this girl an Angeloid too? What's her design model? Why haven't I heard of her before?!"


Astrea's touch felt ticklish to Kanon. She's also not used to Astrea's friendliness so she stuttered as she's unsure how to respond. She cast a gaze in Wu Yan's direction, silently asking Wu Yan to stop Astrea's inappropriate actions.

"Hey, cut that out, can't you see you're troubling her?"

Wu Yan shook his head with a bitter laugh. He pulled Astrea off Kanon and he knocked her on the head.

"You look so mature on the outside, if only you can do something about that childish personality of yours..."

"I was just curious..."

Astrea puffed her cheeks like she's not even trying to prove Wu Yan wrong.

"Kanon's not an Angeloid. However, she's an angel..."

He introduced the shy Kanon to Astrea and Ikaros. He rubbed Kanon's head while beaming at Ikaros and Astrea.

"She's your younger sister so you girls must take good care of her, got that?"


Ikaros flinched, she started looking at Kanon with a warm and mellow look.

"Understood, master..."

"Yeah! A sister! I have a sister!"

Astrea cheered out loud before grabbing Kanon's hand. She patted her devilish knockers with pride.

"Relax, master! I am going to look after my younger sister for sure!"


Wu Yan chortled.

"I will be very thankful if you can just keep yourself out of trouble."

Kanon was stunned by the gorgeous blonde lady holding her hands. She warmed up to the angelic beauty in front of her. She held onto Astrea's hand while giving her a courteous bow.

"I am Kanase Kanon, I will be in your care from now on..."

"I'm Astrea, you should call me Astrea-nee..."

Astrea started grinning. She emphasized the sister part so she probably wished for this day to come for a long while now.

Astrea is the last of the first generation Angeloids made by Daedalus. She's the youngest among the Angeloids.

With her carefree personality, she certainly fit the younger sister archetype well. Hinagiku and Mikoto took care of her because she's just adorable. Yukari also cared deeply about Astrea.

Hence, Astrea wants a younger sister.

No, not like Flan and Yoshino who were closer to Wu Yan. She wants something closer to a real younger sister.

Alas, before her summoning, Daedalus never made another Angeloid. Synapse also hasn't got around to making 2nd-generation Angeloids. So, Astrea got stuck with her youngest sister title.

With Kanon's advent, Astrea couldn't be happier. Although Kanon isn't an Angeloid, Wu Yan did say she's an angel and she has wings just like Astrea. Kanon felt like the younger sister Astrea never got. Naturally, she felt over the moon.

Astrea pointed at Ikaros with elation.

"Right, this girl's Ikaros-senpai!"

Ikaros nodded while Kanon curtly smiled. They were chatting like this place wasn't a battlefield.

"Alright, now that we are done with the introductions, I think it's time we leave..."

Wu Yan called out to the three angels.

"Hinagiku and the others are still waiting for us..."


The three angels flapped their wings as they flew behind Wu Yan. They disappeared beyond the horizon.

When all returned to silence, a nonchalant voice rang in the area.

"Looks like we have one more score to settle now... Wu Yan..."

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