Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1036: The best fighters for PvPs and AoEs

Wu Yan watched as the angels went into their Pandora modes, spotting pink and white feathers. When the transformation finished, there's only the sound of rumbling dark mist. He is still stunned.

They are just too beautiful...

He already saw Ikaros' Pandora mode once. That was a while back, seeing it again still mesmerized him. Her divine, elegant, beautiful, and paradoxically fragile look entranced Wu Yan.

If Ikaros' Pandora mode made Wu Yan freeze up then Astrea's Pandora level II truly shocked Wu Yan.

Astrea is just an innocent girl. Ditzy, playful, good at eating, and good at making trouble for adults. She has incredible powers but her personality made her something similar to the younger sister among the other ladies. They did their best to care for her like elder siblings.

Right now, Astrea's...

Her blue battle robes fluttered slightly, two simple hairbands tied her twin ponytails together into one ponytail that split into two ends. She looked gallant and sharp.

She also lost her light armor.

She only had two plates of metal for tassets. She looked like she's getting ready for a ball dance with her regal outfit. The overall colors resembled that of the boundless ocean. Indeed, the color of her robe suited her.

In no way was she inferior to Ikaros in elegance and beauty. However, her aura differed from Ikaros' divinity, she had an air of a capable martial goddess.

The two angelic beauties gave off different airs that dimmed the surrounding light and the rumbling dark mist around them.

At least, that's what it looked like in Wu Yan's eyes.

One would be gravely mistaken if they thought the two angels are only mystifying in appearance.

Wu Yan was so caught up with the two Angeloids' appearance that he didn't see the giant sword in Astrea's hands.

It was a greatsword that rivaled Tohka's Sandalphon if not bigger. The sword easily went over 10 meters from the pommel to the tip of the blade.

The sword had a golden-purplish sheen that coursed throughout the futuristic blade. Astrea can feel a power that far surpassed her normal mode.

This level II is stronger than when she still had her enhanced shield in Pandora mode.

This is the result of abandoning all defense for greatly enhanced offensive powers.

Even with two hands on the grip, she still couldn't cover 10% of the swords' total length. Astrea's confidence increased with her newfound power.

She felt like she can split the earth and sunder the sky.

It's hyperbole for sure. As for splitting that tall cliff...

She shifted her gaze downwards. She locked onto the rumbling dark mist and the dancing black lights. She raised her great sword up high.


Astrea swung her mighty sword at the dark cliff ahead.


She emitted a giant sword beam that swept up everything in its path. It went past the cliff.

When the sword beam reached the cliff, everything's silent for 2-3 seconds.

The dark lights and the rumbling dark mist started wriggling around as if they were mocking Astrea for her pride.

However, if the dark lights could laugh then they would be stopped in their tracks in the next instance.

The dark mist and dancing black lights stopped for a brief second.

A light breeze blew past the dark mist and dark lights, brushing the cliff like the final straw that broke the camel's back.

The tall cliff cracked open.

A part of the cliff cleanly broke away. The cliff that was corrupted by black mist and dark lights started crumbling.

Alas, nobody gave the cliff the luxury of toppling completely. Astrea started brandishing her swords, sending waves upon waves of sword beams that reached the cliff.

It didn't take long for the tall cliff to be chopped into chunks of stones. The dark mist and black lights finally reacted, albeit too late.


Ikaros' halo expanded outwards.

She opened her cold eyes and two pairs of her wings started spreading open in a pink flash.

Then, a rain of pink meteors struck the corrupted chunks of rock, black lights, and dark mist.

Boom boom boom

Deafening explosions echoed into the distance as a bombardment of missiles that is several dozens of times stronger than the fireworks at the biggest festival rained down on their targets.

The sky wa overtook by flames and smoke.

"This is..."

Wu Yan watched Ikaros and Astrea start a storm of fire and explosions.

He is watching two angels in combat. One of them had overwhelming AoE attacks, the other had superhuman speed and CQC abilities.

They are the best fighters for PvPs or team fights.

Daedalus is without a doubt, the greatest and most brilliant scientist who designed the two Angeloids.

Wu Yan watched with a helpless look while silently chuckling.

"Well, if I ever get a chance to visit [Sora No Otoshimono] then I should properly thank Daedalus..."


Astrea and Ikaros flew back to Wu Yan's side.

"That should do it, right?"

"Yeah, we pretty much demolished the whole thing..."

Wu Yan beamed at Ikaros and Astrea.

"Thanks, you girls worked hard..."

Ikaros lowered her head bashfully while Astrea nodded vigorously while keeping her hands on her waist in a smug manner.

"Well? That was amazing, right?!"


Wu Yan started playing with her wing-esque hair accessories.

"I thought the second upgrade would make you grow up. Turns out you're only impressive from the outside, you're still a brat inside."


Astrea started resisting Wu Yan's hair rustling. She started octo-slapping his hands away.

"Stop that!"

"You dummy, you dare defy me?"

"Master's an idiot! Idjit!"

"Oh, my... It seems like you're more than just defiant, your mouth's also a bit loose. Looks like I need to properly educate you tonight!"


Astrea started blushing.

"Master! You're lewd!"

Ikaros looked with a hint of admiration and envy when Wu Yan started messing with Astrea.


Something erupted within the flames and brimstone.

Wu Yan, Ikaros, and Astrea looked back at the same time only to see a tidal wave of dark mist rolling towards them. In an instant, they got swept up in it.

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