Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1035: The angels' transformations

"You can use Pandora again?"

Even Ikaros is surprised by what Astrea said.

Wu Yan, Ikaros, and Astrea don't know much about Pandora.

They only know it's something installed on the three first-generation Angeloids designed by Daedalus. The System is designed to evolve the Angeloids beyond their current stages. As for the final stages of transformation and what they can do, it's anyone's guess. At least, they don't know.

Ikaros can already enter Pandora mode. Astrea also went through a Pandora upgrade once. They didn't think an Angeloid can upgrade twice through the Pandora System.

Astrea certainly didn't expect this.

She feels like she can upgrade herself one more time using Pandora.

Astrea said she might be able to do so, her tone sounded confident enough that Wu Yan and Ikaros didn't think she's joking.

Can Pandora allow the Angeloids to go through multiple upgrades?

Wu Yan chuckled after musing with the implications.


Wu Yan waved his hands, he encouraged Astrea to try.

"Go and give it a shot, Astrea!"

Astrea laughed with confidence.

"Yes, master!"



A brilliant light lit up the earth.

A surge of power accompanied the radiant light. It was like a nuclear explosion, a shockwave swept outwards.

Weirdly enough, the brilliant light affected the air itself. Space started shivering like it's foretelling the coming of something great. Everyone was mesmerized by the dazzling light.

There was only light...

At the source of the light, two angels stood side by side. One of the angels had pink wings and the other one had white wings.

Wu Yan was the one closest to the angels so he had to narrow his eyes or risk getting blinded by the intense light they were giving off. He raised his arms to shield himself from the light. However, he didn't move away from the angels.

They were too eye-catching!

He must see this. He felt like hugging them, he wanted to caress their beautiful feathers.

His heart resonated. Ikaros and Astrea turned around at the same time.

Regardless if it's Ikaros who didn't know how to express her feelings well or Astrea who is too innocent for her own good, they both smiled brightly.

Their smiles were filled to the brim with warmth.

Wu Yan almost melted in their sublime warmth.


Ikaros clasped her hands together. She tried her best to suppress the overflowing affection within her heart. Guided by the whispers of her racing heart, Ikaros voiced her earnest thoughts.

"I love you..."

Her affections flooded out like the light pillar she's emitting.

Astrea also clasped her hands together. She's not suppressing her affections like her rival. She's making up her mind to do something.

Astrea glanced at Wu Yan before looking at her shield.

Astrea doesn't like to fight. Fighting just isn't her cup of tea.

Disliking fights is one thing, avoiding it is another matter. This is the reason why she suppressed her own Pandora evolution despite her innate advantage in the form of advanced mental and emotional faculties.

Pandora System operates on strong emotional ripples. Astrea should have evolved a long time ago.

Her emotions were so strong that she even suppressed her own Pandora evolution.

Maybe it's because Astrea subconsciously didn't want to fight, maybe it's because Pandora System listened to its master's true thoughts. Either way, Astrea's pacifist nature kept her from evolution.

Astrea made up her mind.

"I don't like fighting. I don't like hurting other people and I don't like getting hurt..."

Astrea said while looking at her shield.

"I like eating, I like playing with my friends, I also like, no, love master..."

"I don't like fighting but I am the close-combat specialized Angeloid, fighting is the reason why I was created. Isn't it odd that I don't like fighting?"

"Fortunately, Master doesn't force me to fight. He also keeps me well-fed with good food and I have so many friends around me. This is the life I always wanted..."

"But, the time where I must fight will come..."

"For master, for my friends, I might hate fighting but..."

"This life, I am very happy with it..."

"Master dreams of a better, cleaner, more peaceful home with everyone. A home where everyone can stay together forever and live every day in bliss..."

"Isn't that life perfect?"

"I want that too..."

Astrea clenched down on her shield.

She laughed by herself for a short while. Then, she steeled herself up as she stored away her smile.

"Therefore, I cannot keep running away from fights. I cannot keep avoiding battles because this is how I can protect master! I will protect master until he stands at the top!"

"For master, for the perfect future, I've made up my mind!"

"Before master stands at the peak, I will remove all obstacles blocking master's way with my sword!"

Astrea threw her shield away without a shred of remorse. She doubled down on her only sword.

"That's right! I must use my sword to remove all the obstacles in master's way! I only need my sword, I don't need my shield!"

"Didn't I resolve myself to this already?!"

Astrea's roar reverberated with the pillar of light she emitted.

Two pillars of light shot into the sky like pillars that held up the skies. The light suffused the area, even the dark mist and black lights weren't spared.

The light pillars dissipated after a while.

Ikaros and Astrea appeared with new looks.

With glistening pink light orbs around her, the angel draped in divine light had a feather dress that parted to the sides. Despite her revealing dress that only reached her thighs, the angel still felt pure and holy to any observer. Her halo had expanded beyond its normal state. Ikaros' pauldrons and tasset floated away from the angel with pink feathers and two pairs of wings.

Astrea glistened with golden lights. She wore a princess dress with her bare shoulders exposed despite the light armor covering her forearms and legs. She had three pairs of white wings and her free-flowing blonde hair got tied up with a single hairband at the right side of her head. Her blonde ponytail danced with the wind. Her elegant dress-armor fluttered too...

Ikaros and Astrea entered their Pandora modes!

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