Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1031: Discovery, movement, and weird phenomenon

In the Giant Beast Forest, deep region...

In a remote area, black lights were flying all over the place.

The concentrated trees couldn't stop the invasion of the black lights. They traced multiple trails in the air as they zipped towards a certain direction. These lights can avoid obstacles, they went around the trees and they continued flying towards said direction.

The Giant Beast Forest seemed like a weird phenomenon is taking place. The black lights were zipping towards a source like bees returning to their hives. It filled the sky like meteors in the night sky. It's eerily beautiful despite the insidious nature of the black lights.

There weren't these many wisps of black lights in the first place.

The black lights behaved like Yukari's theory. They had basic survival instincts and they knew how to avoid harmful stimuli. They can also change the host's nature.

The black lights inhabited demonic beasts and some even found their ways into humans. The black lights laid dormant inside the transformed monsters.

After Ikaros eliminated their hosts with her Artemis, the black lights were forced to look for their next targets.

At least, that was supposed to happen. However, the black lights all flew back in a certain direction. Something's not right here. They are not looking for their next hosts.

Ikaros and Astrea noticed this and they decided to hold off on the elimination of the black lights. They started tracking the black lights.

As for why there are so many black lights. Ikaros fired at any poor monsters that they came across so the unfortunate black lights-afflicted monsters got exterminated in droves. It's a form of salvation for the corrupted beings. As time went on, the black lights grew in numbers.

Wu Yan & co would have been shocked at the sheer number of victims the black lights brought about, this was on an unprecedented scale.

It is precisely because of this unknown scale that they decided the best course of action was to begin a probe.

Ikaros and Astrea tagged behind the black lights in a safe distance. They didn't want to get possessed by the black lights so they opened up their radars while following the black lights. They were focused on flying while Ikaros fired pink missiles that eliminated more monsters on the way.

The two Angeloids flew while a few feathers descended to the ground. They followed the black lights all the way near the deepest region from the fringe of the inner region. Ikaros and Astrea's eyes tensed up, they had their guards up.

They were tense because they detected tier 9 monsters on their radar.

If the black lights possessed these monsters then the resulting monstrosity would be hard to combat.

If tier 9 monsters are possessed and enhanced then what would be the natural outcome?

In any case, Ikaros and Astrea will not like the outcome.

The black lights zipped past the tier 9 monsters despite the angels' apprehension. The angels also sighed in relief although they were still baffled by the black lights' trajectories.

Where are the black lights going?

Swish swish swish

The black lights accelerated into the forest. The demonic beasts were wailing and howling after being spooked by the lights. Some demonic beasts ran away while others growled menacingly.

Astrea and Ikaros didn't stop just because the monsters are running away.



Astrea turned back towards Ikaros after spotting something on her radar. She looked at the target with a bored look when she suddenly ground to a halt in midair, she also held Ikaros back.

"What's wrong?"

Ikaros maintained her Uranus-mode. She swept her emotionless gaze over Astrea. She didn't mind Ikaros' nonchalant response. Instead, she pointed at something in front.

"Look! Over there!"

Puzzled, Ikaros looked in that direction and her pupils shrank.

There's a tall cliff in front that's covered in a dense dark mist.

The dark mist rolled around like a storm cloud at ground level. They can hear whirling winds suggesting movement inside that unnatural cloud of darkness. There are countless black lights wiggling and flying around in the dark cloud. Right now, the black lights formed an oceanic body rather than wisps that can be individually counted.

The black lights Ikaros and Astrea tracked here joined the rolling black cloud of black lights, becoming one with the legion of anomalous dark lights. They couldn't tell which ones came first and which ones came last, it was just a swirling dark mass of dark lights.

Even Ikaros and Astrea were shocked by the scale of this problem.

This is just too scary.

If one were to describe the dark mass as a beehive then the black lights are the bees that are buzzing around the beehive. It looked like the cliff is hiding something terrible within it. A claustrophobic person might feel terrified being so close to something packed so tightly.

There are too many wisps of black light flying around.

If the black lights here start spreading in the Giant Beast Forest then it won't be long before all the living things in the forest fall prey to the transmogrification of the black lights. The Giant Beast Forest will become a forest of abominable monsters.

The disaster might even jeopardize the bases situated outside the forest.

Just thinking about monsters like Marcus running around outside the forest terrified Astrea although Ikaros isn't particularly affected.

"Hey, Ikaros-senpai..."

Astrea shifted her gaze away from the towering monstrosity. Her voice quivered.

"Wh-what's that?"

"I don't know..."

Ikaros shook her head.

"The core of the black lights is probably there."

"You're saying..."

Astrea tilted her head.

"That's the source of the black lights?"

"That appears to be the case given the evidence we have."

Ikaros analyzed the tall cliff with her enhanced senses.

"There's a high chance the hypothesis is correct."


Astrea looked at the tall cliff.

"Do we tell Master about this so he can come over?"

Ikaros flinched slightly, she looked at the cliff.

"We should confirm it before we report back..."

Ikaros flapped her wings and she flew towards the cliff.

"Wait... Ikaros-senpai!"

Astrea called after Ikaros. However, she is already very close to the cliff.

Astrea also flew towards the cliff despite her anxiety. She silently mumbled: "Master." before flying over as if she's praying for safety.

The incoming black lights stopped after a short while. The black lights all merged with the tall cliff. Ikaros can see the black mist and black lights from this distance, she magnified her vision to zoom in on the odd cliff.

Suddenly, something happened.

The black lights exploded outwards, cascading Ikaros in black lights.


Astrea cried out...

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