Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1028: Chaos. Chaos descends again...

Giant Beast Forest...

In a remote corner of the inner region, a 10-members squad equipped with armor and Armament is currently engaged in a fight with a giant demonic beast. Actually, the squad is lynching the demonic beast with superior numbers.

Only soldiers or personnel affiliated with the three empires can enter the Giant Beast Forest. Unless the independent hunters commit trespass or have a special status like Wu Yan & co, nobody can enter. This means most of the humans in the Giant Beast Forest are soldiers of the three empires.

This squad is an elite squad belonging to the Ailu empire.

They are here for one reason...

Hunt demonic beasts according to the orders given by the forward operating base.

They are currently wrestling with a growing dumpster fire.


6 warrior used their Dou qi at the same time. They also used their battle techniques on the demonic beast several times bigger than them. They whacked the beast with their Dou qi-enhanced Armaments.


The bear-torso, lion-head demonic beast with three legs lashed around in anguish. Its red eyes are red with madness and desperation. It stomped the ground with its massive legs. With a mighty stomp, the ground fissured and a magically-summoned swamp replaced the ground.

"Retreat now!"

A veteran soldier issued the order to his squad.

"That demonic beast is using magic. Warriors fall back! Magicians focus fire!"

The veteran is worthy of his position. He issued succinct and accurate orders. The soldiers also trusted the team leader. The 6 warriors immediately drew a distance.

The demonic beast didn't agree to this battle plan.


Its wrathful roar echoed and the magical swamp responded to the demonic beast's bestial cry. It sprang to life and expanded outwards like a dark fishing net. The magic swamp net was aimed at the retreating warriors.

If they are caught then the magical ripples on the net will probably put them out of commission, permanently!

Things just took a drastic turn.

The veteran leader didn't falter. He waved his hand.

"Do it!"

Magical lights lit up behind the squad leader. The magical energy took the form of flame rings conjured by three magicians with staves. They shot the spell like a wave of missiles that landed in the magical swamp net.


The dark swamp net collided explosively with the flame rings. A shockwave spread out as the two opposing spells canceled each other out.


The squad leader led the charge with his arming sword ready. With a blurry figure, the leader slashed towards the beast's neck with his Dou qi-empowered sword.


The armament connected with the beast's neck. The sword tore through the beast's tough skin like scissors through paper. Deep red liquid burst out from the beast's wound. That wasn't the end, the arming sword took an entire second to cleave through the beast's thick neck.

The beast stopped growling as the demonic beast's decapitated head fell to the ground. The beast died a frustrating death as it didn't close its eyes despite getting decapitated.

The headless body fell to the floor, gushing out a copious amount of blood that dyed the ground in an eerie shade of red. This fight is over...

"We won!"

"Haha! The big guy's down!"

"Glory to our leader!"

"Yeah, nice job leader! The tier 8 monster got decapitated by the leader. We can all boast about this when we return to the base..."

"Jeez, guys, we are still on duty here, stop messing around!"

The leader returned to the squad with the beast's head in tow.

"If you guys didn't help then this victory would have been impossible. I am only peak tier 7 cultivation so there's some distance between myself and the tier 8 power..."

"Don't be so modest capt,  power is one thing and wits is another..."

The soldier continued.

"You seized the chance at the right time. If you acted too soon or too late we would have to resolve ourselves for a long fight..."


Another soldier chimed in while the leader rubbed his nose in pride.

The tier 7 squad would have needed more guts and skills to bring down the newly minted tier 8 if the leader didn't strike at the appropriate time. They used superior numbers and cunning tactics to bring down the tier 8 monster.

If the beast was a little bit stronger, the outcome would be up to chance. Most likely, the leader would have issued a command to retreat.

While the squad's celebrating their victory, a few malicious glints appeared in the bush nearby.

The leader holding the beast's head sensed something amiss and he turned around in an instant.


Demonic wails and shrieks came from the bush. The lurking monster pounced on the leader.


The others cried out while the leader quickly threw the dead beast's head at the incoming foe, knocking it to the ground.

The squad can finally see the ambush attacker.

It's a monster with black scales all over it and disgusting tentacle claws, it also had seven irises in its abnormally large eye.

The squad didn't expect to see something so grotesque here.

"What is that monster?!"

The others took a step back.


The beast came dashing once more after bellowing once.


The squad leader endured his fear but some of his squad members succumbed to fear. One of them had the guts to confront the monster with his armament.

They wanted to tell that daredevil to retreat but the monster got cut in twain by the bold soldier. Even when inflicted with a grievous wound, the monster still stepped forward two steps before dying.

The other soldiers gasped.

They had pale looks, the bold soldier also looked at his trembling hand in disbelief. He laughed out loud in a cracked voice.

"Wh-what the heck, it looks more threatening than it really was..."

The other squad members also sighed in relief. The leader still had a bad feeling, he continued gazing at the dead beast on the floor.


A black wisp of light shot out from the monster and it merged with the bold soldier...


They were shocked to see something that came out of their nightmares.

Their trusty comrade got turned into an abomination in front of their eyes.


A cruel battle begins once more...

Wu Yan & co wasn't aware that the black lights claimed more than the lives of just demonic beasts...

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