Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1027: News, item, and a warning...

"Mwnn, that's nice..."

"Ara, you're so precocious despite your young age..."

"Ah... that's my..."

"Fufu, let's enjoy ourselves..."


Listening to Yukari's laughter and Lana's verbal undulations, it's easy to hear the shady business going on inside the tent. The other girls weren't looking but they are so embarrassed they could explode spontaneously. Wu Yan's heart is also racing.

Just when Wu Yan's about to get a major turn-on, a small hand tugged on Wu Yan's shirt. Flan's innocent and crystal-like eyes met Wu Yan's eyes. Her eyes were filled with childish curiosity.

"Hey, Onii-chan..."

Flan asked Wu Yan with a hopeful and curious look.

"Flan's been wandering what game that sister of unknown origin's playing for a while now. It looks fun..."

Wu Yan's face twitched and he wryly laughed.

"Y-yeah, no... that's a game for bad girls, Flan can never imitate them, okay?..."


Flan is wrestling with her disbelief.

"Why is nee-san playing that game then?"


Wu Yan scratched his cheek awkwardly. He had an idea and he acted on it.

"After that weird sister's arrival, our nee-sans were all corrupted by her. Flan, like a good girl, you need to stay away from her or it's going to be bad for you..."

"I see, it's all because of that weird sister! She taught everyone the wrong thing!"

Flan hammered her palm, her eyes lit up in a sinister shade of red.

"Then let Flan toy her to death, she won't be able to lead our nee-sans astray if she's broken."

Wu Yan almost jumped in astonishment. Flan isn't kidding around, he hurriedly put a stop to her.

"Flan's a good girl, just watch on the sidelines, I have a method that's perfect against that weird girl..."


Flan gave him a bright innocent smile and she glomped Wu Yan. She rubbed her face on his chest.

"Onii-chan's the best! He can take care of any villain!"

Wu Yan patted Flan's back while sweating profusely. He slowly put her back down on the ground. He ran over to Yukari's side and he pulled her out of Yurisoukyo.

"That's enough, Yukari, Flan and Yoshino are around, and you're setting a bad example!"

Yukari pursed her lips and she looked the other way.

She released Lana's cloth and she slumped down on the ground heaving red like a rose in full bloom.

The other girls also sighed in relief. They stood up grumbling. Hinagiku who sat in the corner stared at Wu Yan.

"Why didn't you save me when she was bullying me? Flan and Yoshino were there, was that your definition of setting a good example?"

Her complaints made it into everyone's ear despite her low volume. Everyone bitterly laughed.

Wu Yan slapped his own cheeks and he forced a serious look onto his face, getting rid of the awkward air at the same time.

"How was it? Did you find something on your excursion?"

The other girls also put on their business hats. They probably wanted to dispel the awkward mood in the tent. It's also possible they wanted to know why Yukari went out on an investigation.

Yukari looked around and she nodded.

"Well, I did discover something..."

She opened up a gap in space. The others looked at the golden cube that she took out.

Inside the golden translucent cube are wriggling black wisps of light that looked like light maggots.


Wu Yan's expression changed.


Yukari narrowed her eyes, she nodded slightly.

"Looks like Yan-kun knows what this is..."

The others gasped and they looked at Wu Yan. The girls who had good memories immediately recalled something.

"That's the..."

Shokuhou Misaki and Kotori exchanged a look.

"That's the black light that flew out of Marcus when you killed him. That's the same black light you tracked down, right?"

Wu Yan didn't answer, his silence is the answer. He frowned as he raised a question.

"Yukari, when you said an ominous vibe, you were referring to this thing?"


Yukari raised the palm holding the four-fold barrier and she looked dead serious.

"I sensed more of these in that forest. Strangely, the black lights dissipated soon after I gathered these wisps..."

"It all disappeared..."

The girls exchanged a look.

"You mean they disappeared at the same time?"

Wu Yan raised an eyebrow.

"Yukari, please give us a recount of what happened in the Giant Beast Forest."

Yukari started talking about how she encountered the bizarre mutated demonic beasts and how she killed them. She also told them how she collected the lights. But, she omitted her meeting with the five native demigods of Silvaria.

Wu Yan & co also talked about why and how Marcus lost a fight, turned himself into a monster, and got executed by them. They also told Yukari the effects these black lights had on its hosts. Everyone stayed silent after the exchange of stories. Everyone had their own thoughts except for two bottomless pits and the two lolis.

"I am afraid there are a lot more of these nasty black lights wandering in the jungle..."

Shokuhou Misaki said with a grave look.

"What are these lights anyway?!"

Mikoto crossed her arms.

"We never encountered it in the forest before. We also never heard about any historical accounts of these things, why did it make a sudden appearance?!"

Wu Yan is also scratching his head in confusion. He looked at Yukari who is grinning at him.

"Yukari, what do you think?"

"I think it has something to do with that Marcus incident."

Yukari opened her face and she covered the lower half of her face. Her eyes brimmed with brilliance. She momentarily charmed the girls with her classy move.

"You're saying this has something to do with Marcus?"

Wu Yan squinted.

"Most likely."

Yukari gave her assessment.

"He's the first one who turned into a monster and he's the first one to use it in combat. At least, I believe he is deeply connected to this event..."

"You have a point..."

Wu Yan rubbed his temples.

"What do we do now?"


Yukari closed her fan with a snap. She touched Wu Yan's forehead with the tip of her fan. She also gave him an enchanting smile.

"There are other people who are more vested in this incident than us, I say we let them rake their brains out for us."


They flinched in shock.

"What do you mean?"

Yukari chuckled. She didn't say anything. Instead, she took out a bunch of items from her chest pocket.

She took out five differently-colored rocks.

She tossed them over to Wu Yan.

"You can have these."

Wu Yan received it in a panic. He was just as puzzled as the girls around him.

"What are these gems? Do they have a use or something?"

"Saa, I don't know..."

Yukari continued with a teasing giggle.

"When you guys get into a pinch fighting other people, I am guessing these stones might send them packing if you show it to them..."

The others exchanged a look, they wished Yukari would stop speaking in such a cryptic manner. She changed her tone.

"Right, there might still be more of those black lights lurking around, make sure to keep the sisters safe, tell them to stay away from the deep regions of the forest..."

The others froze up.

Wu Yan clenched down on the five gems in his palm. He looked at the ceiling of the tent while musing out loud.

"Looks like I have to investigate the Giant Beast Forest thoroughly..."

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