Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1026: The top became the bottom?

"Guhehehe... Fufufu..."

Lana is giggling like she went bonkers. Being around her will make goosebumps appear on your skin.

Lana is currently lying on a table in the tent with her mouth agape. Her laughter is like that of a kid who got away with stealing candies. Her flushed look cannot be hidden by her silk mask. Her distant eyes also meant she's thinking about something else.

Meanwhile, Hinagiku sat in another corner with her bangs covering her face. The sad aura around her gave everyone an indication of her current mood.

Wu Yan and the other girls looked at Lana who is shackled with a black power-absorbing ring. She's still laughing though, the other girls weren't sure how to deal with her.

"Reporting an incredible scandal fresh from the oven! Misaka 13674 said as she puffed out her chest."

"Your report is old news, said Misaka 17788 in a sarcastic tone..."

"Misaka heard about one of our onee-sans getting pushed over by a newcomer. Misaka 12979 retrieved the latest information while sharing it with the other sisters."

"Why wasn't Misaka there? Misaka 10414 grumbled as she requested more information from Misakas who are in the loop..."

"Misaka was there and she made ample records of the crime scene, Misaka 5392 smugly took out her notebook while gloating over the other Misakas..."

"Misaka 5392 is so sly! Misaka 9987 rebuked while thinking about how to get Misaka 5392's notebook..."

"Misaka 7747 requests to temporarily borrow Misaka 5392's notebook!"

"Misaka 17377 echoes that request!"

"Misaka 9919 presents the same request!"

"Misaka 10032 presents the same request!"

The sisters were loud so everyone can hear them. They wanted nothing more than to rip off the clothes on those sisters and make them run laps around their tent area.

Since Wu Yan & co can hear them, Hinagiku can hear them too. Her body trembled and her head sank lower. The gloomy aura around her deepened further.

The other girls wanted to say something but they ran out on her so she's probably going to blow her top if they tried to console her.

Mikoto whispered to Wu Yan who stood next to her.

"Don't let this continue, do something about it!"

"Oh, now you want me to come up with a solution?" He chuckled.

"Why didn't you girls help her? I am sure Hinagiku would not have gone through that if you girls stepped up..."

"Ara, Yan-kun..."

Misaki pursed her lips, she stood by Wu Yan's side and she started talking in a suspicious tone.

"I remember a certain someone enjoying the show..."

Wu Yan's expression froze for a second, but he recovered, he had a thick face.

"I wasn't the one who abandoned Hinagiku and ran away... You girls ran away..."

"Only a pathetic man will find excuses for his own shortcomings..."

Misaki continued.

"Hinagiku is your lover, don't you feel like you should be the one who cheers her up?"

"I want to!"

Wu Yan pursed his lips.

"I am afraid Hinagiku will vent her anger on me. Don't say she won't do it, we all know she can..."

Mikoto and Misaki weren't sure what to say, Kurumi chimed in.

"Ara ara, hubby-sama, you're the one who brought the girl who swung that way, are you trying to shirk your responsibilities?"

"Say no more..."

Wu Yan waved his hand.

"I already regret doing so."

"Really?!" Misaki read his mind.

"Why do I feel like you're secretly happy?"

Wu Yan paused.

Mikoto snuck in for a verbal punch.

"So degenerate."

"Hey hey!"

Wu Yan started sweating.

"Don't make this out like it's all my fault, okay?"

The other girls shut him down.



Hinagiku looked at everyone with her expressionless face.

"Can you guys keep it down? I would like some silence..."

They all shut their traps.


As it looked like the tent would revert to silence, a sweet but confused voice echoed in the tent.

"I come back and I see a weird and shocking scene, did I miss out on something?"

Dressed in a pinkish-white dress and equipped with a parasol, a figure that can only be described as an angelic beauty appeared. Everyone's eyes lit up.

"Yukari! You're back?!"

"Yeah, I am back..."

Yukari giggled.

"More than that, can anyone fill me in on the current situation? Also, who is that girl over there?"


Wu Yan and the other girls started laughing awkwardly.

"Yukari, you're just in time!"

Wu Yan diverted the question and he pointed his lips at Hinagiku who is still sulking in the corner.

"We are still troubled by this situation, help us console Hinagiku!"

"Console her?"

Yukari gave her a glance and she advised Wu Yan.

"I don't know what transpired but I caution against talking to her right now, unless you want to die..."

As expected of the Youkai Sage, she can read the mood despite little to no information provided to her.


Lana's eyes lit up like bright bulbs when she heard the divine voice. Her eyes went wide and she started shrieking. Wu Yan & co fell to the ground due to shock.

Who is the brat going to harm next?!

Lana jumped up from the table like she's been reinvigorated by an alternate energy source. It took her no time to scramble in front of Yukari.

"What a beautiful woman! She's just as pretty as Sylph-neesama and Ikaros-neesama!"

Lana's eyes brimmed with excitement. She used puppy eyes while rubbing her face over Yukari's chest.

"Onee-sama! Lana loves you very much! Please marry Lana! Lana will always treat you right!"

Wu Yan & co got up after much hardship. Their legs went limp again after hearing the crazy girl. Even Hinagiku's shoulder twitched when she heard her, she recalled how that Yuri girl gave her the time of her life and her dark aura deepened.

Everyone thought Yukari would panic in front of this monstrous Yuri girl. Instead, Yukari beamed widely after stepping back in slight shock.

"Ara ara, I didn't think this cute girl's into teasing too..."


The others gasped.


Lana started getting really excited.

"Could Onee-sama possibly be a..."

Yukari used her fan to lift the girl's chin. She peeled away her silk mask to reveal Lana's blushing, youthful, and super cute expression...

"Oh? You're quite the cutie yourself, I would say you're almost as cute as Reimu..."

Yukari licked her lips. She let go of her parasol, with a devilish grin, her hand slowly crept into Lana's cloth.


The other girls watched with red faces. They were stuck in a contradictory state where they aren't sure if they should be watching. Finally, they decided to look at the ground and pretend nothing's happening. That leaves Wu Yan as the only spectator to another Yuri play. He silently gave his appraisal.

Damn, Yukari's a top...

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