Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1022: The reason? A nonsensical justification



With a dull thud, Lana who was still bound by the Black Magical Ring landed after tracing a beautiful parabola in the air. Wu Yan threw her onto the bed.

The bed is soft but the force with which she was thrown couldn't be mitigated by the soft bed. She wasn't hurt but she's slightly dizzy from the experience.

This wasn't important.

She focused on her current location.

She's inside a hotel room with a male she hated very much.

She retreated to the corner while putting up a defense.

"Why did you bring me here? What are you planning on doing?!"

Wu Yan closed the door with a bam. Lana jolted in shock. Her teary eyes almost jumped out of their sockets.

Wu Yan's lip twitched when he saw Lana's frightened lamb's looks. He walked over to her.

"Stand there, that's an order!"

Lana shrieked.

"If you touch this princess then I am going to get the imperial emperor to dismember you!"

Wu Yan couldn't deal with her antics.

"Princess my butt, you're surprisingly sinister for one. You think every male is going to touch you when they lay their eyes on you?"

Lana is visibly incensed by Wu Yan's remark. She secretly sighed in relief. She shot him an annoyed look.

"Why did you bring me to a dirty place like this?!"

"A dirty place..."

Wu Yan almost rolled his eyes and he sat on the bed.

"I told you, we are going to sit down for a little chat..."


Lana turned her head the other way in a huff.

"I don't have anything to say to you."

"Oh, really?"

Wu Yan grinned and he rubbed his chin while eyeing Lana intently.

Lana's well-developed. She has all the right curves in the right places and the smooth legs that weren't hidden by her skirt were certainly tantalizing. She had mighty cans too, although her jugs weren't on the same level as Ikaros or Astrea who were walking bombshells. She's superior compared to Kurumi in this regard and in the same class as Shokuhou Misaki.

Her big round eyes and flowing black hair convinced Wu Yan that this girl is very beautiful beneath her mask.

Lana said she's 17, right?

So young and she's already so voluptuous, she's basically Lulu Ver.2

Wu Yan's judging look didn't escape Lana. She blushed deep red.

"Don't use your dirty eyes to look at me like that!"

Wu Yan winked at her.

"You can't stand something like this? There is still more to come..."

"Wh-what do you mean by that..."

Lana started feeling a deep sense of dread.

"I-if you mess around then you're going to die a horrible death. The imperial emperor will never forgive you..."

"The emperor..."

Wu Yan's eyes lit up.

"You're the daughter of the emperor?"


Lana started gaining a bit of courage after talking about her status.

"This princess is the daughter of the Feya Emperor, I am the sole daughter so my father dotes on me very much. It would be in your best interest to let this princess go or the other princes will be after you. My brother also dotes on me very much so he's going to beat your ass into the ground!"

"Your brother, you say?"

Wu Yan ignored Lana's weak death threats.

"Who's your brother again?"

"My brother's the crown prince of Feya Empire, Kaya Feya!"


Wu Yan gasped. He looked at Lana who is weirdly smug despite her status.

"You're Kaya's sister?"

"Got a problem with that?!"

Lana started acting all tall and haughty after revealing her identity.

Wu Yan ignored her attitude and he frowned.

"You're aiming me because I whooped your brother in Silvaria World Institute?"

"Who cares about him!"

Lana wanted to leverage her brother's authority but she stopped after hearing Wu Yan's comment.

"You defeated my brother?!"

"You didn't know?"

Wu Yan was amused by her reaction.

"I assumed you would have known since you should be a student in Silvaria World Institute given your abilities. Could it be? You haven't heard about me?"

"Why should I?"

Lana pursed her lips.

"To be fair, I am a student there but I asked for a 3-months leave..."

Wu Yan understood why this wild brat hasn't heard about him. She missed a lot of events since she's not in school.

Considering the timeline, he did spend less than 3 months in Silvaria World Institute.

In other words, the brat went on leave about the same time as he enrolled. That means she returned to school when Wu Yan graduated.

Talk about coincidence...

Wu Yan sighed with a helpless look.

"Look, if you're not angry because I kicked Kaya's ass, why are you after me then?"

"You still don't know?"

Lana recalled her reason for coming here. Her eyes burned with wrathful flames and her face turned dark. She started struggling against her binding.

"How dare you ask me what you did wrong. You bastard! Release me! I am going to teach you a lesson!"

"You're the one who needs to be taught a lesson."

Lana stopped short of answering him. Wu Yan is officially annoyed.

"You better tell me the reason now or I am going to throw you out on the streets.

"You dare?!"

"Try me."

Wu Yan growled.

"Right, I am not going to release your restrictions. If you want the spell to be undone through time then you're going to have to wait for more than a week. I am sure a lot ~of people are going to be interested in your powerless~ state during this period..."


Lana can see Wu Yan's not joking around. She gulped while anger remained in her eyes.

"Damn! How did someone like you become Sister Sylph's fiancee?"


Wu Yan is surprised she took out her name during this juncture.

"So... you attacked me because you think Sylph's out of my league..."


Lana huffed.

"Sylph's beautiful, elegant, powerful, and she's like a saintess. You're worthless and even your clothes are cheap. You have no business tangled up with her!"

Wu Yan almost choked on his anger. His expression twisted and his lips shivered. His eyebrows also did a wavy dance as he received a full serving of Lana's hateful leer.

"You don't even know me. Why do you feel like I can't get with her?"

"Are you insane?!"

Lana started going on a rant with a fervent look.

"Sister Sylph is like a distant lotus growing on a snowy mountain. Her beauty makes everything around her look pale in comparison. Her gaze can make all the living things around her cheer in unison. Her voice can seize a person's soul. Even her stature is followed by the brilliance of the sun. She's the strongest, most beautiful ice queen in Silvaria..."

Lana started growling.

"Men are unworthy of someone like Sister Sylph!"

Wu Yan pressed down his heaving chest, he almost coughed up blood from the pent-up stress.

"You, are you a Yuri girl?"

"You're Yuri! Your whole family's Yuri!"

Lana snapped.

"I just don't want to leave Sister Sylph's side, I am not a Yuri girl!"

That's a major symptom!

Wu Yan roared in anger.

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