Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1019: Discovery, bad situation

Far away, in the deep region of the Giant Beast Forest, in a ravine with a complex design...

The ravine is only wide enough for a human or a similarly sized demon beast to traverse. The cliffs were at least dozens of meters tall and had vines growing all over them. This place has been devoid of life for a long time now.

There's a gentle stream flowing into the deepest recess of the ravine. The stream fed into a lake. There's also a waterfall feeding into the lake.

This ravine has complex geography. If someone planted fruits here then this place can become a home to a settlement of a relatively small size given its isolation and water source.

The Giant Beast Forest is not a suitable place to build human settlements. There are people who set up special bases to extract resources but settling here is another matter altogether.

This deep ravine is very isolated and this made it a very good place to set up a camp. There are no fruits or edible plants here so it's not good to stay here in the long term. But, this place had potential.

Alas, this ravine is already claimed.

On a stone outcrop outside the waterfall, a person is sitting here with crossed legs.

He wore a coat made of beast skin. His expression is sickly pale, it's not hurt to see that he has been badly hurt and he's still suffering from that weakness.

His right side had been decimated. He lost an arm and a leg. He only had most of his torso, an arm, a head, and a leg to hold himself together. Anyone crippled to this stage would surely consider suicide.

This man is the Beast King who Wu Yan beat within an inch of his life.

The Beast King is still in a bad shape.

He gnawed on the bloody meat he's holding with his only hand.

He didn't cook or season the meat, it's completely raw. The meat had a resemblance to a human's ripped-out chest.

That meat was harvested from a human!

A closer inspection would reveal bones piled up around the Beast King's stone bed.

Human bones, remains of the humans who fell to the Beast King's savage predation.

Fortunately, it seems the victim count is low.

Everyone already knows about the Beast King's ability to heal faster through consuming the meat and flesh of cultivators. If he went out and captured more cultivators then someone would discover him sooner or later.

The Beast King can only restrain himself to one or two unlucky humans a day. If he did that then he can hide his actions. The Giant Beast Forest is the home of demonic beasts, humans can hunt here but they should always be ready to get hunted when the table turns on them. The Beast King can hide his casualties as victims of other demonic beasts.

The Beast King continued absorbing the essence from the meat in his hand to heal his injuries. He is severely injured but he's the king of demonic beasts and he had incredible vitality and endurance. Secondly, he's a demigod so if he kept this up, sooner or later, he can heal himself up.

As for whether or not he can restore his arm and leg. That is another case altogether...

Other than daily hunts, the Beast King also searched the forest for treasures that might restore his lost limbs.

This is also the reason why Beast King endured the ongoing manhunt while keeping a low profile. His pride would have driven him mad otherwise.


The Beast King stopped his movements. He looked at the ravine passageway with a frown.

There are a few figures drawing closer, judging from the shapes, the incoming intruders should be demonic beasts.

The Beast King is visibly angry.

He already sent out an aura only demonic beasts can detect earlier. He told the demonic beasts to stay away from this place. It seems these demonic beasts ignored his command and encroached upon his domicile.

The Beast King is outraged.

How dare demonic beasts ignore his order. When his subordinates disobey him, it's a direct challenge to his authority.

Demonic beasts are not meek animals. They abide by the rule of the jungle. The Beast King treats other demonic beasts like his soldiers. Anyone who steps out of their line will be cut down.

He was about to move when he sensed something wrong with the demonic beasts.

They were covered in black scales. They had disgusting tentacles for limbs and a large eye with seven irises in it.

Are these demonic beasts?!

The Beast King is confused by what he's seeing.

"Why don't I know about these species? A new species? No, even a new species can't ignore my aura..."

"Something smells fishy here!"

The Beast King waved his arm towards the twitching demonic beasts.

Splurt Splish Sploosh

Multiple bone spikes pierced the demonic beasts from below, skewering them from multiple angles.


The demonic beasts didn't even see the visage of their killer before they drew their last breath. Their heads slumped to the side.

The Beast King thought this was the end when black lights flew into the sky after the demonic beasts died.

He manifested a giant bone claw to grab the black lights.

Then, something shocking happened...

The black lights seeped into his body through his skin. His invaded arm emitted dark qi and a patch of black scales grew on his arm.


The Beast King turned stern.

"I don't know what the hell you guys are but if you're thinking about rampaging in my body..."

The Beast King closed his eyes and he started channeling his magic power.

After a long time, the sky darkened and the Beast King opened his eyes that gleamed with a dark light.

"I see..."

The Beast King started grinning with hatred, viciousness, and pure evil. His tyrannical aura got replaced with a demonic aura. His smile widened and he started laughing out loud.

"Hahaha! Good! This is great!"

The Beast King floated up and he started flying towards a certain direction of the Giant Beast Forest...

The Giant Beast Forest, a certain tall cliff...

The Beast King arrived to see a scene straight out from hell.

Dark qi engulfed the cliff, there are black lights flying around the cliff like wriggling worms inside a can. It was a frightening sight to behold.

A few demonic beasts came after seeing this weird scene and the dark lights immediately transformed the demonic beasts into grotesque monsters.

The Beast King as a dark light flashed in his eyes. He flew into the dark qi mass.

The black lights shot into the Beast King like they were about to have a buffet. The Beast King didn't stop the dark lights. He landed on top of the cliff to see the platform oozing dark qi and black lights. He smashed the platform apart.

That revealed a dark hole filled with dark qi and black lights.

The Beast King started chuckling.

"Wu Yan... Yakumo Yukari... humans..."

"I will endure this for now, when I come out..."

The Beast King charged into the hole.

The dark qi and black lights covering the cliff slowly decreased over time as they receded into the dark hole.

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