Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1018: A mysterious young lady? A trade?

Jarl, Linya, Mu La, and Markelnob aren't watching their volumes so the two demigods on the ground can hear them clearly.


"Yakumo Yukari?"

The two mumbled and they started looking at one another with curious looks.

Yukari didn't think she would see a demigod so young she looked like she's not even in her 20s. Silvaria isn't a world like Gensoukyo, you can't find a vampire, youkai, spirit, divine beings, and other beings that lived as long as Heaven had been around.

In this world, humans are the apex life form but they are fragile and short-lived.

The young lady is a human too.

Can a human even reach demigod-level power in less than 20 years?

Definitely not!

Yet, she's looking at an example right now. She's not sure what circumstances gave rise to Cecilia but she's eager to find out.

Also, she evaded Yukari's senses, she had to use the System's scanning function to pick her up on the interface.

The Youkai Sage is intrigued by the existence known as Cecilia.

Cecilia is even more curious than Yukari.

Why is this young lady (Yukari) who looked like she's in the same age group as her so perceptive?

She never got found out like this before.

The tool she's using to hide her presence isn't a trashy tool.

The two equally elegant and beautiful ladies got forgotten by the four demigods. They looked at each other with intrigued expressions.

Cecilia is the first to lose to her curiosity.

"I am Cecilia."

Yukari beamed slightly with a nod.

"Yakumo Yukari."

"That's a weird name..."

Cecilia asked her.

"How did you discover my presence?"

Yukari gave her a sly grin.

"Why don't you tell me how you hid first?"


Cecilia blinked.

"I used a tool to hide..."

"Ara, that's funny..."

Yukari chuckled.

"I used a tool to detect you..."

Cecilia tilted her head in curiosity.

"What's that item?"

Yukari leaned forward.

"Why don't you tell me what you used to hide first?"


Cecilia rolled her eyes.

"Am I the one asking the questions or are you the interviewer?"

Yukari smiled and said nothing.

Yukari suspected Cecilia might be an undying monster with a young lady's appearance. She suspected Cecilia used an item to hide her true age.

Yukari ruled that theory out.

Unlike monsters who lived ridiculously long, nobody can fake their speech and personality patterns for long.

Cecilia totally behaved like a girl of her outwards appearance. Yukari couldn't detect fluctuations in her aura due to the item she's using. But, based on her current psychoanalysis, Cecilia should be someone younger than 20.

Yukari narrowed her eyes.

She didn't think a mortal can touch the realm of demigods in two decades. There are no examples in Silvaria. Only someone like Wu Yan and his summons can pull off a feat like this.

This means Cecilia got her power through unconventional means.

The four demigods landed near them.

Jarl, Mu La, and Markelnob were shocked to see the new demigod. She's prettier and younger than they imagined.

Yukari is still grinning. Jarl got briefly charmed by her grin despite being in his 80s.

Linya is also shocked followed by disbelief.

Cecilia is a young demigod. The other demigods also know about this from common knowledge and years of association. Yukari confirmed her theory through her boundless experience.

They didn't think there was another young demigod like Cecilia in Silvaria.

Cecilia used unconventional means to get her current powers, she didn't get here through cultivation alone.

Yukari, on the other hand...

Maybe she looks young and that's it?

Perhaps, she shares similar circumstances with Cecilia?

The four demigods wondered about Yukari's origin but they didn't probe further. Instead, they shifted their attention to the black lights sealed within her four-fold barrier.

The four demigods were instantly excited. Mu La is the first one to make a rude appearance.

"You're Yakumo Yukari?!"

Mu La asked without proper etiquette or tone.

"That dark qi you have there is it the same dark qi that can turn someone into a monster?!"

Linya, Jarl, and Markelnob gave Yukari the same curious looks.

"Turn someone into a monster?"

Yukari looked at the dark qi in her hand. She shook her head with a giggle.

"I don't know about a human subject. However, I did get these from a bunch of disgusting monsters."

"Then, it's true!"

Mu La laughed out loud. The other demigods were pleased with her answer.

"Young lady Yukari..."

Jarl stepped up first. He gave her a simple bow.

"We are looking for these things too. You found it first but may I trouble you to give us some of that?"


Markelnob nodded vigorously.

"Yukari came here for the same aim, right? Those things are very important to use, I can't stress its importance enough."

"We can trade for those things in your hand..."

Linya reined in her excitement better than the other demigods.

"I am sure Young lady Yukari will fancy the items we have brought..."

The four demigods stared at Yukari after making their offers. Yukari looked at the dark qi in her hands while listening and she looked at Cecilia.

"You're here for these too?"

Cecilia flinched. She didn't think Yukari would shift the topic over to her. She nodded with an earnest look.

"Yes, I need it. I can also buy it from you..."

Yukari smiled radiantly.

Wu Yan and others who are familiar with Yukari's antics like Yakumo Ran would sweat cold bullets if they saw this grin.

Yukari is a Youkai through and through, she's sly and mischievous in nature. Anyone who knows her can attest to this.

Whenever she's beaming sweetly like this, it's usually because she's thinking about devilish plans.

The sweeter her grin, the more nefarious her intention.

The demigods are in for it now. She's got them wrapped in her slender fingers.

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