Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1016: 5 humans, the 5 individuals who flew here

There are about a dozen of these black wisps of light floating around. They looked like oversized earthworms that wriggled with weird movements. Although they danced around in the sky, none of the wisps of light are dumb enough to fly in Yukari's direction.

She started looking at the black lights with a curious look.

Although she's not sure what those lights were, she saw the behavior the black lights exhibited and she can confirm one thing.

The lights are either sentient or capable of acting on basic survival instincts like staying away from harmful stimuli.

Black lights that had instincts or consciousness? It can even attach itself to other lifeforms?

Yukari has seen many wonderful and fantastic events. Weird stuff is the norm in Gensoukyo. Even so, she's still intrigued by what she's seeing right now.

"The demons became those abominations because of you guys, right?"

She grinned and she stretched out her hand.

"Fine, the disgusting monsters can go but I am taking you guys back with me for research purposes..."

The black lights twitched when Yukari said that. The moment she stretched out her hand, the black lights started scattering in all directions.

That speed is already beyond an average tier 9's top speed.

"Running away?"

Yukari is glad to see the black lights running away.

The black lights ran away when she attacked. They didn't run away when the environment isn't favorable to them. This rules out the instinct hypothesis suggesting some levels of intelligence.

Perhaps they only have basic capabilities like flight based on a scenario.

"Ara, now this is interesting..."

Yukari spread her palm and a cube with golden surfaces appeared.

Yukari isn't just skilled in boundary manipulation, she's also a master at constructing barriers.

The golden cube is a barrier she's adept at setting up: a fourfold barrier.

If there are other people here then they would see three other smaller cubes stacked inside the barrier.

She used her barrier powers with the intent to catch all the black lights.

The cube expanded as it soared through the air like a shooting star. It's still expanding even when it already caught up with the black lights.


The cube expanded from palm-size to a size that can envelop the stone formations here.

The black lights are fast but not faster than the expanding cube. The cube expanded so largely it engulfed the stone formations and the black lights that didn't make it out in time.

When the cube caught all the black lights, the four-fold barrier steadied and it shrunk back down into a size that can fit in Yukari's palm.

She looked at the black lights that rammed the insides of the barrier in an attempt to bust out of their confinement. Yukari grinned.

"I guess I won't be bored any time soon..."

She tapped the cube holding the black lights as she chuckled.

"It seems I am not the only one interested in you..."

Yukari increased her volume, making sure anyone in that area can hear her.

Yukari didn't do that because she's paranoid.


A lightning bolt split the clouds above, its brilliance lit up the stone formations here.

Yukari grinned at the lightning bolt. No, she was looking at the person who created that lightning bolt.

It's an old man who looked like he's in his 50s. He had a long beard.

He's wearing a white robe with lightning insignia on it. It's apparent he's very high leveled considering he came here while riding a lightning bolt.

Yet, shocking as his arrival might be, the aura he's emanating is faint. He looked like a regular old man in a white robe.

However, can a mortal float in the air?

Anyone who can fly in the air in Silvaria is either practicing advanced wind magic, flight-related magic, or skills or...

A demigod.

He must be a demigod.


A sonic boom crashed near them. The one who created this phenomenon is an unassuming elder with a grey robe.

This old man can also hover in the air.

Then, another elder came from a far in a black blur. He stood near the elder in a white robe.

This elder wore a black robe.

In a short span of time, three demigod cultivators appeared in the deep region of the Giant Beast Forest.

That's not the end of this.


Another cultivator arrived in a storm.

She had long hair and she looked like she's in her 30s, younger than the men near her. The wrinkles near the corners of her eyes suggested that she's older than she looks.

She's an elegant and beautiful woman.

She's also floating in the air.

The four demigods stood in the sky in a square formation. They reined in their auras so they appeared like normal humans except they are hovering in the sky.

Yukari smiled radiantly when she saw the four cultivators, she's glad to see someone...

Not the four flying humans.

Instead, Yukari looked at the stone formations in front of her. The four flying demigods also looked in that direction.

There's a figure standing near a stone pillar when there was no one there before.

It's a beauty with a charm that can only be described as divine despite her demonic figure that couldn't be hidden by her blue silk dress. Her lustrous silver hair was especially eye-catching.

That girl is in the prime of her youth, she looked like she's in the same age group as Yukari.

However, Yukari is way more interested in this lady than the four demigods in the sky.

Although she can see the four demigods are trying to project themselves as normal humans, they couldn't hide their true powers from Yukari's superior perception. However, the young lady escaped her detection, Yukari only detected her because she's testing the System's scan function and she saw her signature on her interface.

It's not because she's stronger than Yukari, it's like something is shrouding the young lady's true identity.

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